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Egypt: President Morsi Adviser Describes Israel As ‘Occupied Arab Palestine’, Says Peace Treaty Change Is ‘Top National Priority’

By Elhanan Miller, The Times of Israel – “An adviser to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on Sunday said ‘removing the constraints of the Camp David [Peace] Accords’ with Israel is a top national priority, and referred to Israel as ‘occupied Arab Palestine.’

In an interview with Egyptian daily Al-Youm A-Sabi’, Mohammed Saif Al-Dawla, an Arab nationalist and Morsi’s adviser for Arab affairs, said that the Mubarak regime provided Israel with ‘free services’ which will not continue under the new regime.

‘There is land on Egypt’s eastern border called occupied Arab Palestine,’ said Saif Al-Dawla in response to a question on Egypt’s future relations with Israel. ‘This will remain its name till the end of time, and this is a national principle as well as a historic truth.’

Saif Al-Dawla said that in the Camp David peace accords signed with Israel in 1979, Israel’s national security was given precedence over Egypt’s; noting that 150 kilometers of Sinai territory must remain clear of Egyptian military forces under the terms of the treaty, whereas Israel is only obligated to a 3-kilometer demilitarized strip. He added that the Camp David peace accords implicitly overpower the joint Arab defense treaty.” Read more.

Flashback: Egypt: Morsi Adviser Says Israel Peace Treaty Increased Cancer, Hepatitis, Kidney Infections In Egypt, Must Be Amended – “Egypt’s peace accord with Israel is ‘a mark of shame upon the Egyptian people’ and must be amended, a media adviser for Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party, the political movement of Muslim Brotherhood, said Thursday. Ahmed Subei told Al-Alam Iranian TV that Egypt should reexamine ‘everything to do with… sovereignty over its land,’ and claimed that increased instances of hepatitis, cancer and kidney infections in his country were are all results of the Camp David accords.” Read more.

Flashback: ‘Egypt Will Never Be the Friend, Partner or Ally of the Zionist Entity, The First Enemy of Egypt’ – “It’s amazing what ‘freedom’ has brought to Egypt. Rejecting $1 billion in US aid would almost be laughable, if the possible implications were not so serious. Last month the Muslim Brotherhood had apparently come to the conclusion that it was Halal to extort the United States by threatening, for all intents and purposes, to wage war against Israel if America cut off aid to Egypt. Now they’re threatening to reject it all together, and all this while making it loud and clear that Egypt will ‘never be the friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity’ …” Read more.

  1. 10/01/2012 at 5:19 PM

    You know I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Morsi’s advisor tells a story, and morsi immediately say’s oh that’s not true, nothing to see here move on. Trouble is, the same pattern is seen here with the obama administration. His advisor or vice president or susan rice or Hillary clinton say one thing and the president say’s oh well that’s not necessarily true, nothing to see here move on. The same with his stooge the white house press secretary. In other words tell all the lies you can, deny them and then tell another lie and give false reassurance before dropping in for the kill.


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