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NYC Subway Bows To Allah, Bans Conservative Ads Against Jihad On The Basis It Will ‘Incite Or Provoke Violence’

New York City’s MTA has decided to ignore the First Amendment, opting instead to now ban any and all ads that they fear may “incite or provoke violence.” This can arguably mean the following: Since ads speaking against Christianity do not incite or provoke violence and ads speaking against Israel do not incite or provoke violence, those ads may be coming soon to a terminal near you. But ads speaking against violent jihad and Islamic extremism will never again see the light of day. Terrorism may be winning this battle, but the war is a whole other story …

Revelation 17:2, “With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

By Billy Hallowell – “The epic battle between American Freedom Defense Initiative executive director and blogger Pamela Geller and The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) culminated with a court decision that forced the transit authority to permit the display of controversial ads about radical Islam. But the story didn’t end there. As TheBlaze reported this morning, Geller’s case caused the MTA to rethink the manner in which it handles First Amendment issues, leading to the adoption of some potentially-controversial measures.

On Friday, TheBlaze spoke with a spokesperson who confirmed some of the details surrounding the case, while clarifying the new changes that passed on Thursday. As noted, one of the emergent provisions that was added into the public company’s advertising standards in the wake of the Geller debate allows the MTA to deny ads it believes could incite violence (this was not mentioned in the press release the agency put out about the changes).

As previously noted, a document, reflecting yesterday’s changes, was provided by the MTA to TheBlaze this morning. It highlights the transit authority’s advertising standards and reads, in part, ‘The licensee (‘advertising contractor’) shall not display or maintain any advertisement that falls within one or more of the following categories.’ One of the category sections reads:

The advertisement, or any information contained in it, is directly adverse to the commercial or administrative interests of the MTA or is harmful to the morale of MTA employees or contains material the display of which the MTA reasonably foresees would incite or provoke violence or other immediate breach of the peace, and so harm, disrupt, or interfere with safe, efficient, and orderly transit operations.

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  1. Mike
    09/29/2012 at 4:12 PM

    A bunch of protesters need to make identical signs, and then go occupy the MTA stations in groups, making the message of the sign eve more visible.


  2. SemperFi 1976
    09/29/2012 at 5:56 PM

    All the large coastal cities are full of, and are run by, liberal hatemongers. They would rather put daisys in the barrels of guns and choose to think that islamics are being “picked-on”, while Christians and Israelis are fair targets. Obviously, they are a bunch of yellow bellies who are afraid of the known terrorists (muslims)…


  3. Anonymous
    11/27/2012 at 1:37 AM

    are we not free to say or do whatever it takes to get the message across our country is more then just a freedom of religion and fre it is the beliefs of our people that is the true America we the people freedom of speeach decide on what is and is not the foreign governments that incite violence and chaos. by allowing these extremists to hide in there countries away from world justice and view everyday another tragedy takes place because of a tiny few misguided followers of god. you believe in a eye for an eye tooth for tooth . then let justice be served stop protecting the murders no matter what the beliefs may be.


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