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Gog Of Magog And The Great Earthquake

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By Joel Richardson – “In several previous articles, I’ve set forth various reasons why we should recognize ‘Gog’ of Ezekiel 38,39 to be one and the same with the Antichrist/Beast of other antichristic prophecies. I have also addressed and dispelled some of the most common arguments against this view. In this article, I will detail yet another significant reason why Gog must be the Antichrist and why the Battle of Gog of Magog can only conclude at the return of Jesus.

Among the many events that conclude the Battle of Gog and Magog, one major event is ‘a great earthquake’ in the land of Israel. The earthquake will be so great that all creatures and mankind ‘who are on the face of the earth’ will tremble in fear:

It will come about on that day, when Gog comes against the land of Israel… there will surely be a great earthquake in the land of Israel. The fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens, the beasts of the field, all the creeping things that creep on the earth, and all the men who are on the face of the earth will shake at My presence; the mountains also will be thrown down, the steep pathways will collapse and every wall will fall to the ground. —Ezekiel 38:18-20

Many seem to miss the fact that this earthquake will result in the mountains of Israel being ‘thrown down’. Beyond this, ‘every wall will fall to the ground’. We’ll come back to this issue of the mountains and walls collapsing, but first, let’s briefly consider a few other significant Biblical passages that also speak of:

1.) A massive eschatological invasion of Israel
2.) A divine deliverance
3.) A massive earthquake that brings the invasion to an end

In Isaiah 29, the LORD warns Jerusalem, called here ‘Ariel’, that He will Read more…

Iranian Official: Big War Means The Mahdi Is Coming, ‘Our Nation Is Ready For Jihad … Martyrdom Is The Right Path’

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Proverbs 8:35-36, “For whoever finds me finds life … All those who hate me love death.”

By REZA KAHLILI – “For the first time, Iran’s highest-ranking military official has tied the reappearance of the last Islamic messiah to the regime being prepared to go to a war based on ideology.

‘With having the treasure of the Holy Defense, Valayat (Guardianship of the Jurist) and martyrs, we are ready for a big war,’ Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said, according to Mashregh news, which is run by the Revolutionary Guards.

‘Of course this confrontation has always continued; however, since we are in the era of The Coming, this war will be a significant war.’

Shi’ites believe that at the end of time great wars will take place, and Imam Mahdi, the Shi’ites’ 12th imam, will reappear and kill all the infidels, raising the flag of Islam in all corners of the world.

Vahidi became the Revolutionary Guards intelligence officer after the 1979 Islamic revolution and later was promoted to chief commander of the Quds Forces. He is on the Interpol most-wanted list for the Jewish community center bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994 that killed 85 and injured hundreds.

Vahidi also played a major role in the 1996 Khobar Tower bombing in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 U.S. servicemen.

Speaking at a mosque in remembrance of the martyrs who died in service to Iran, Vahidi stated that, ‘The Islamic republic is going to create a new environment on the world stage, and without a doubt Read more…

Pakistan: Christian Beaten By Police For Drinking Water From Glass Belonging To Muslims

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By Rana Tanveer, The Express Tribune – “LAHORE: A Christian worker at a veterinary dispensary building shared by a police post has accused two police officials of beating and humiliating him for drinking water from a glass used by the policemen.

Nisar Masih, assistant at the Veterinary Dispensary at Jandiala in the Narang Mandi police area, told The Express Tribune that he had filed an application on August 4 to the Sheikhupura regional police officer (RPO) against ASI Rana Raees Ahmed, the police post in charge and constable Muhammad Sarfaraz for beating him up for drinking water from a glass he found in front of the former’s office.

According to the complaint, Sarfaraz took Nisar Masih to the office of Ahmed on seeing him drink water from the office cooler. Ahmed asked Nisar Masih about his religion. When he responded that he was a Christian, Ahmed remarked, ‘How dare you drink from a Muslim’s glass?’ Ahmed then asked Nisar Misih to sit. When he sat in a chair, Ahmed admonished him, ‘How dare you sit on a chair? Sit on the ground.’ Masih said Ahmed also abused and beat him. His ordeal only ended when dispensary incharge Dr Mohsin Farooq Hashmi and two other colleagues pleaded with Ahmed to secure his release. Nisar Masih said, ‘I approached former MPA Chaudhry Wajid Ali on July 29 to request action against the police officials. He informed the concerned DSP and also forwarded a written complaint.’ He said he had stopped going to work since the incident fearing another beating.

ASI Ahmed told The Tribune he had had no objection to Nisar Maseeh sharing their glass when he did not know he was a Christian. ‘On July 28, there was a complaint and I called him to my office and asked him about his religion. He said he was a Christian, I asked, ‘How come he drinks from a glass used by Muslims?… Christians can’t use utensils used by Muslims.’

He denied that he had abused or beaten Nisar Maseeh. Instead, he said he had complained against him to Dr Hashmi. Ahmed said, ‘Dr Hashmi said he had no objection to sharing utensils with Christians… I told him to not let him drink water from our glass.’ He said I have given the glass to Nisar Maseeh and asked him not to use the new glass.

Chaudhry Wajid Ali said he believed that Maseeh had been humiliated and beaten on account of his religious beliefs. He said the DSP had not responded to his complaint.” Read more.

New Jersey Imam: Free Speech Critical Of Islam A ‘National Security Threat’, First Amendment Should Be Replaced With Sharia Law

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If speech critical of Islam is truly a “national security threat” then maybe it’s time to ban Islam, starting with the expulsion of this imam …

By Joe Newby, Examiner – “According to Mohammad Qatanani, Imam of one of the largest mosques in New Jersey, free speech that is critical of Islam poses a national security threat and ‘should be investigated by the Department of Homeland Security,’ The Blaze reported Thursday.

‘We, as Americans, have to put limits and borders [on] freedom of speech,’ he told The Blaze.

‘He explained that while Americans may ‘have the freedom’ to speak their mind, ultimately, they ‘have no right to [talk about Muslim] holy issues’ as it will incite ‘hatred or war among people,” Tiffany Gabbay wrote.

The religious leader also said that speech that denigrates Islam puts Americans at risk both in the United States and abroad. The solution, therefore, is to scrap the First Amendment and replace it with sharia law ‘for the ultimate ‘good’ of society.’

Gabbay noted that Qatanani was ‘nearly deported in 2008 for failing to disclose his former ties to the terrorist organization Hamas on a 1996 Green Card application.’

Stressing the online anti-Islamic video that some claim is behind the riots and protests at U.S. embassies, Qatanani said that Homeland Security needs to prevent artists from producing works that are critical of Islam or the prophet Mohammed.

‘They [Muslims] think our [American] freedoms are too much,’ he said. ‘The freedom of the American people is so different from their [Muslims’] freedoms. We believe freedoms have limits and rules, otherwise we will get people into trouble… Freedom according to Islam must be according to the Quran and Sunnah. You can do [anything] you like within the teachings of these two resources. This is the difference and main reason [for the conflict].’

He also told The Blaze that it is okay, however, for Muslims to mock Jesus or Moses.” Read more.

Pakistan’s ‘Love For The Prophet’ Day Descends Into Deadly Violence, At Least 17 Killed In Riots Across Country

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Religion of Peace's 'Day of Love'

Religion of Peace Celebrates ‘Day of Love’ For Their Prophet

By By RIAZ KHAN, Associated Press – “PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Protests over an anti-Muslim film turned violent Friday across Pakistan, with police firing tear gas and live ammunition at thousands of demonstrators who threw rocks and set fire to buildings. At least 17 people were killed and dozens were injured.

Muslims also marched in at least a half-dozen other countries, with some burning American flags and effigies of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Pakistan has experienced nearly a week of deadly protests over the film, ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ that has sparked anti-American violence around the Islamic world since it attracted attention on the Internet in the past 10 days. The deaths of at least 47 people, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, have been linked to the violence over the film, which was made in California and denigrates the Prophet Muhammad.

The Pakistani government declared Friday to be a national holiday – ‘Love for the Prophet Day’ – and encouraged peaceful protests.

The U.S. Embassy spent $70,000 for advertisements on Pakistani TV that featured Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton denouncing the video. Their comments, from previous public events in Washington, were in English but subtitled in Urdu, the main Pakistani language.

The deadliest violence occurred in the southern port city of Karachi, where 12 people were killed and 82 wounded, according to Seemi Jamali and Aftab Channar, officials at two hospitals.

Armed demonstrators among a crowd of 15,000 in that city fired on police, according to police officer Ahmad Hassan. The crowd also burned two cinemas and a bank, he said.

Five people were killed and 60 wounded in the northwestern city of Peshawar, said police official Bashir Khan. Police fired on rioters who set fire to three movie theaters and the city’s chamber of commerce, and damaged shops and vehicles.” Read more.

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