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Nigeria’s Boko Haram Calls For Attacks Against US Interests ‘Wherever They Are Found’ In Wake Of Anti-Islam Film

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By David Eto – “LAGOS: A spokesman for the militant Boko Haram group in Nigeria has told the group is to call for an increase in attacks against American interests over the anti-Islam film that sparked widespread protests across the Islamic world.

‘We will be firm in our belief that nobody can attack our faith and we hold the US responsible for the film,’ a spokesman said via telephone on Wednesday.

It comes as protests have largely calmed across the Islamic world, including here in Nigeria, after the film allegedly produced by a Coptic Christian man living in California created widespread anger for insulting and defaming Islam and Prophet Mohamed.

‘Muslims should rise up and fight against these attacks against our great faith and the Prophet. We are going to call on our followers to attack American interests wherever they are found, including citizens,’ the spokesman continued.

‘Islam is a faith of strength and if we remain weak and allow these attacks to take place, the west will continue to insult us and call us names,’ he added.

Across the Muslim world, there have been numerous calls for calm and for Muslims not to engage in violence over the film.” Source –

Condell: A Word To Rioting Muslims (And A Religion Demanding Tolerance And Respect That Doesn’t Know The Meaning Of Either)

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Pat Condell: “Well, once again we see multiple violent tantrums from the ‘Religion of Permanent Offense.’ Some thing never change, do they? Once again, we see Islam self-detonate — if you’ll pardon the expression — and show, once again, why it’s about as welcome on this planet as an asteroid. Once again, we see thousands of Islamic nut cases take time out from beating up their wives to show their sensitive side. How? By smashing up the towns they live in egged on by clerical ignoramuses whose motives are even lower than the literacy level of their followers. And, once again, we in the civilized world are being urged to censor ourselves out of respect for a religion that violates the human rights of half the people on the planet and that doubles as a political ideology indistinguishable from Nazism. It would be funny if it wasn’t so obscene. Or should that be the other way around? To call these riots ‘infantile’ and ‘imbecilic’ is to give them a dignity they don’t deserve. They can only be described as ‘Islamic.’

Let me get this straight. We’re suppose to show ‘tolerance’ and ‘respect’ for a religion that doesn’t know the meaning of either word and goes out of its way to prove it every day? We’re suppose to amend our values to accommodate a religion that accommodates nothing and nobody? Dream on, people. It’s not going to happen …” Watch the video below for more.

Benghazi Friday Sermon: Destroy Christians And Jews, ‘The Time Has Come For Us To Adopt A Firm Stance …To Detonate Our Wrath Upon Them’

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Revelation 12:12b, “… Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”

Friday Sermon in Benghazi, Libya: “Oh nation of Islam, I was so overwhelmed with grief that I could not express it. How could I possibly depict the tragedy that had happened? We remained quiet when they butchered the elderly. We remained quiet when they slaughtered the children. We were restrained when they violated the honor of women. All that is left is the mocking of our Prophet. No, a thousand times no… Oh nation of Islam, who will come to the aid of the Messenger of Allah? Who will come to the aid of Muhammad, who sacrificed everything he had, in order to deliver us this religion? Oh, how he suffered for our sake! Oh, how often his honorable face was spat upon for our sake! Oh, how many times he was banished from his land for our sake! After all this, how can we not boycott anyone who attacks our beloved prophet? Indeed, oh Muslims, the time has come for us to adopt a firm stance, and to detonate our wrath upon them, with deeds they will not be able to ignore. Let us stab them in their main artery, the secret behind their power. Let us stab them in their economy. The Prophet Muhammad said: ‘Wage Jihad against the polytheists [Christians], using your wealth, your hands, and your tongues.’ Oh Allah, destroy the rancorous Christians. Oh Allah, destroy the rancorous Christians, and the corrupting Jews. Oh Allah, destroy them for they cannot withstand you.”

Iranian Ayatollah Khatami: Wave Of Muslim Holy Rage Must Turn Into A Hurricane, America Will Pay A Steep Price

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1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami: “This wave of holy rage must turn into a hurricane or a tsunami against the US, so that they will refrain from toying with what is holy to the Muslims. They should learn that toying with Islam and with its most honorable prophet is tantamount to playing with a lion’s tail. They will pay a steep price for this. They have already paid for this, and they will pay more.”

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Demands ‘Firm And Rapid Measures’ From France Against Magazine Mocking Mohammed, Iranians Enraged

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Egypt Independent – “Egypt’s influential Muslim Brotherhood demanded Thursday that France act against cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohamed in the same way as against the topless pictures of Prince William’s wife Catherine.

Its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, called for ‘firm and rapid measures against the (French) magazine’ Charlie Hebdo which printed cartoons mocking the prophet on Wednesday.

The movement, from which President Mohamed Morsy emerged, pointed out that ‘the French judiciary has taken dissuasive measures against a magazine which published the photographs’ of the former Kate Middleton, the British royal.

French authorities on Tuesday banned the magazine Closer from any further publication or resale of the pictures and launched a criminal investigation into how they were obtained.

The FJP also stressed ‘the tough stand (of French authorities) against those who deny the Holocaust’ in France.

France has been bracing for a backlash following the publication of the Mohamed cartoons — two of which portray the founder of Islam naked — by Charlie Hebdo, a satirical weekly.” Read more.

Iran Protesters: Death To France, Down With The US! – “Dozens of Iranian students and clerics have gathered outside the French Embassy in Tehran to protest the publication of caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad by a French satirical weekly. Protesters chanted ‘Death to France’ and ‘Down with the US,’ and burned the flags of both nations Thursday.” Read more.

Pakistan: Military Called In After Thousands Of Protesters ‘Ready To Die’ Riot In Islamabad Against Anti-Mohammed Film

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By Khurram Shahzad – “ISLAMABAD — Thousands of protesters angry at a US-made anti-Islam film clashed with police close to Islamabad’s diplomatic enclave on Thursday in chaotic scenes that left at least 50 people injured.

Officers fired tear gas and live rounds as the demonstrators, many armed with wooden clubs, tried to reach the heavily-guarded enclave, home to most Western embassies, including the US, British and French missions.

The government called in the army to protect the area after protesters broke through a barrier of shipping containers set up by police to block a road leading to the enclave.

The crudely made ‘Innocence of Muslims’, produced by US-based extremist Christians, has triggered protests in at least 20 countries since excerpts were posted online, and more than 30 people have been killed in violence linked to the film.

The US State Department on Thursday warned its citizens to avoid travel to Pakistan and Washington has moved to boost security at its diplomatic missions worldwide.

There have been dozens of demonstrations around Pakistan over the past week and at least two people have been killed, but Thursday was the first time protests in the capital had turned violent.

An initial demonstration of around 1,000 swelled to around 5,000 with the arrival of protesters carrying the flags of hardline Islamist groups Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Jamaat-e-Islami and Sipah-e-Sahaba — which is banned by the Pakistan government.

Police fired tear gas and live rounds as the protesters, chanting ‘we are ready to die to safeguard the Prophet’s honour’ and demanding punishment for those who insult Islam, stormed the container barrier.

The firing scattered the crowd, but they returned to pelt officers with stones and breach the cordon, before torching a police post next to the nearby five-star Serena hotel and fighting officers in chaotic scenes.

The luxury hotel, much used by visiting Westerners, came under attack as a few demonstrators managed to enter the car park and damage vehicles, while others picked up tear gas shells fired by police and threw them into the Serena compound.

Doctor Razia Sultana of the Federal Government Services Hospital said at least 44 police and six civilians were hurt in the clashes, with the majority of injuries caused by stones and tear gas shells.

The Islamabad demonstration dispersed in the early evening, around five hours after it started, as government paramilitary helicopters hovered overhead.

Protester Rehan Ahmad explained the crowd’s fury.

‘Islam is often ridiculed by America and the West and blasphemy is committed against our prophet in the name of freedom of expression,’ he told AFP.” Read more.

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