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France To Ban Anti-US Protests As Film Fallout Spreads

Euronews – “France has moved to ban any further anti-US demonstrations sparked by the film that has caused deadly protests across the Muslim world and beyond.

As many as 150 people have been arrested in Paris after clashes broke out close to the US embassy, three police officers were hurt.

France is home to the largest Islamic community in Europe.

Manuel Valls is the French Interior Minister:

‘I will not allow that fully veiled women, street prayers or hostile slogans against our allies to be heard on our streets, so I will be very firm. Also, these few people shouldn’t be confused with the vast majority of our fellow citizens they are caricaturing Islam as it is practised in our country.’

Muslim leaders in France have condemned the film and called for calm and vigilance.

Elsewhere in Europe the German government has barred notorious US preacher Terry Jones from visiting the country amid public order concerns after a far-right group invited the Florida pastor to Germany.” Read more.

France: 150 Arrested in Paris Film Protest – “MORE than 150 protestors were arrested outside the US embassy in Paris as police broke up a demonstration over an anti-Islam film. Although the majority of the demonstrators were penned in by police at the Tuileries Gardens, groups of youths and women in full veils reached the Champs-Élysées and started prayers on the world-famous avenue. Most of those arrested were released after identity checks. Security at the embassy – and at other US-linked sites in France – has now been stepped up after Interior Minister Manuel Valls warned that Islamic hard-liners were on the sidelines provoking the Paris confrontation and said he feared the possibility of further reaction.” Read more.

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