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Israeli Foreign Ministry Officials Say U.S. Ignored Arab Radicalization

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Of course they did. It’s Barack Obama’s official foreign policy! …

By Barak Ravid – “For months before the most recent attacks on U.S. embassies in North African states, Foreign Ministry and U.S. State Department officials had been arguing over developments in these countries. Senior figures in Jerusalem claimed that Washington was burying its head in the sand and ignoring the increasing radicalization in states such as Tunisia and Egypt.

The Obama administration, which since the beginning of the Arab Spring has aided, directly or indirectly, the forces that brought down the dictatorial regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Lybia, now finds itself in a position of helplessness. The attack on the consulate in Benghazi, in which the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was killed, and the storming of the U.S. embassies in Tunis, Sanaa and Cairo, proved the great hostility to the United States and the unwillingness of these country’s new leaders to challenge domestic public opinion.

Senior Foreign Ministry officials say their conversations with their Washington counterparts have focused on what Jerusalem terms ‘radicalizing trends’ against not only Israel but also against the United States and the West in general.

One of the most recent such meetings took place a week ago, during a visit to Jerusalem by the acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, A. Elizabeth Jones.

‘The Americans were constantly trying to supply explanations and excuses for events in the post-revolution Arab states, and simply ignored the problems,’ one senior Israeli official said, adding, ‘In practice the administration’s ability to affect events in the Arab world has decreased immensely.’

The Foreign Ministry official presented the example of Tunisia, which was expected to be moderate despite the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Read more.

Flashback: Barack Obama’s Government Agrees: The Dhimmi (Non-Muslim) is Forbidden to Read the Qur’an – “If you are a student of Islam, then you might have gathered that Islam has a doctrine of eternal hatred of Kafirs and their civilization. A student of Islam might also gather that after a 1400 year history of hostilities, murder, rape and enslavement that Islam was at war with us. But, the White House, the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, FBI and CIA have informed us that this is not the case.” Read more.

Flashback: Obama Administration Silent While Saudi Grand Mufti Targets Christianity, ‘Ignores These Types Of Provocations At Its Peril’ – “If the pope called for the destruction of all the mosques in Europe, the uproar would be cataclysmic. Pundits would lambaste the church, the White House would rush out a statement of deep concern, and rioters in the Middle East would kill each other in their grief. But when the most influential leader in the Muslim world issues a fatwa to destroy Christian churches, the silence is deafening.” Read more.

Flashback: Obama’s Christian Problem – White House Overlooks Christian Persecution While Pandering to Islam – “The Obama administration has been obsessed with Muslim outreach and recently tried to mend fences with the Jewish community. Given the state of the world, however, the White House ought to be focused on helping the world’s oppressed Christians. The United States has been wary to intervene in matters affecting Christians in the Middle East for fear of validating terrorist narratives that the West is engaged in a new crusade against Islam. The result of this passive policy has been to allow Islamic extremists increasingly to dominate the debate, often with tragic consequences.” Read more.

‘Darkness’, ‘Uncivilized’, ‘Misogyny’, ‘Barbarity’: It’s Long Past Time We Had An Honest Conversation About Islam

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Just get ready to be called a bigoted Islamophobic racist by the lobotomised left when you do …

By Rob Taylor, RedState – “For the last few days we’ve seen the blame for the escalating violence in the Middle East assigned to everything from a fake movie trailer that most of the rioters have never seen and will never see to Western powers finally putting a stop to the ongoing Islamist run genocide in the Sudan. No one has yet placed the blame for this round of mayhem where it truly belongs and that is with Islam itself.

I am purposefully not using the made up terms ‘Islamism’ or ‘Islamo-fascism’ or any other word designed to give the impression that Islamic militants are some sort of blasphemous cult working in secret enclaves hidden from the innocent, peaceful Muslims of the world. The truth is that it is the moderate Muslims who wish to live in peace with the rest of the world that must hide themselves in Islamic cultures for their own safety. We have sat back and watched for decades while ‘moderate’ Muslims – those who the West pins the hope of peace upon – have been marginalized and in many cases exterminated while treacherous, barbarous warmongers have taken control of almost every Muslim country in the world and Muslim communities within the Western world.

How does that happen? Only when we accept that there is something fundamentally wrong with mainstream Islamic theology and culture can we understand why ‘radicals’ are empowered by it. Islam has never undergone a Reformation and the Islamic world has never had an Enlightenment, but we continue to interact with the Islamic world as if both those things have happened. We act as if the average Muslim on the streets of Cairo or Tripoli has the same reverence for freedom and individual rights as the rest of us. But this simply isn’t true.

No other religion or cultural group reacts with such uniform and savage violence to even mild criticism. No group demands the right to insult, demean and destroy other cultures without consequence the way the Muslim world does. Let’s pretend for a minute that the Islam apologists are right and that this current madness was all caused by a YouTube video. Why would we accept that kind of behavior from Muslims?

Arab Muslim television and media routinely depict Jews drinking the blood of children and stealing their organs. Have Jews taken to the streets worldwide to besiege the embassies of Muslim countries and murder their diplomats?

In 2002 Muslims fleeing IDF forces shot their way into the Church of the Nativity, where Read more…

Armada Of Naval Power From 25 Nations Massing On The Strait Of Hormuz As Israel Prepares Possible Iranian Strike

09/15/2012 8 comments

By Sean Rayment, The Telegraph – “Battleships, aircraft carriers, minesweepers and submarines from 25 nations are converging on the strategically important Strait of Hormuz in an unprecedented show of force as Israel and Iran move towards the brink of war.

Western leaders are convinced that Iran will retaliate to any attack by attempting to mine or blockade the shipping lane through which passes around 18 million barrels of oil every day, approximately 35 per cent of the world’s petroleum traded by sea.

A blockade would have a catastrophic effect on the fragile economies of Britain, Europe the United States and Japan, all of which rely heavily on oil and gas supplies from the Gulf.

The Strait of Hormuz is one of the world’s most congested international waterways. It is only 21 miles wide at its narrowest point and is bordered by the Iranian coast to the north and the United Arab Emirates to the south.

In preparation for any pre-emptive or retaliatory action by Iran, warships from more than 25 countries, including the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, will today begin an annual 12-day exercise.

The war games are the largest ever undertaken in the region.

They will practise tactics in how to breach an Iranian blockade of the strait and the force will also undertake counter-mining drills.

The multi-national naval force in the Gulf includes three US Nimitz class carrier groups, each of which has more aircraft than the entire complement of the Iranian air force.

The carriers are supported by at least 12 battleships, including ballistic missile cruisers, frigates, destroyers and assault ships carrying thousand of US Marines and special forces.

The British component consists of four British minesweepers and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Cardigan Bay, a logistics vessel. HMS Diamond, a brand-new £1billion Type 45 destroyer, one of the most powerful ships in the British fleet, will also be operating in the region.

In addition, commanders will also simulate destroying Iranian combat jets, ships and coastal missile batteries.

In the event of war, the main threat to the multi-national force will come from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps navy, which is expected to adopt an ‘access-denial’ strategy in the wake of an attack, by directly targeting US warships, attacking merchant shipping and mining vital maritime chokepoints in the Persian Gulf.” Read more.

Virginia: A ‘Deepening Commitment To His Religion’ Leads Muslim Man To Plan Bombing Of US Capitol Building

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Maybe the great Communicator-In-Chief hasn’t done enough to communicate to the Muslim world that he really does understand their point of view …

WTAQ – “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal judge sentenced a Moroccan man to 30 years in prison on Friday after he was caught in an FBI sting operation planning to detonate a bomb in the U.S. Capitol building, prosecutors said.

Amine El Khalifi, 29, an illegal immigrant who lived in Alexandria, Virginia, was sentenced after pleading guilty in June to attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.

He faced a maximum sentence under the law of life in prison, but prosecutors agreed to 25 to 30 years as part of a plea deal.

‘The sentence in this case must be a beacon to those would seek to commit such attacks that, when caught and prosecuted, they will be sentenced to decades,’ prosecutors for the U.S. Justice Department said in court papers before the sentencing.

U.S. District Judge James Cacheris imposed the sentence in federal court in Alexandria…

He moved to the Washington area in 2000 and held a variety of jobs, including retail clothing sales in the upscale Georgetown neighborhood, his lawyers said. A nightclub argument in 2007 resulted in his conviction on misdemeanor criminal charges, an incident that led to a deepening commitment to his religion, Islam, they said.

In conversations with FBI agents who said they were from al Qaeda, El Khalifi talked about wanting to bomb U.S. military targets on behalf of God, prosecutors said. He changed his mind and focused on the Capitol building, seat of the U.S. Congress and a popular tourist attraction.” Read more.

Illinois: Muslim Teen Obsessed With Violent Jihad And Killing Americans Charged With Trying To Blow Up Chicago Bar

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Let’s not be Islamophobic, folks. It was all intended for peaceful purposes

Fox News, AP – “The FBI has charged an 18-year-old man for allegedly trying to detonate a car bomb outside a Chicago bar, federal prosecutors said Saturday.

Investigators have identified the suspect as Adel Daoud, a U.S. citizen from of Hillside, Ill., a Chicago suburb.

Gary S. Shapiro, acting U.S. attorney for the northern district of Illinois, and other officials said Daoud arrested Friday night in an undercover operation in which agents pretending to be extremists gave him with a phony car bomb.

Daoud is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to damage and destroy a building with an explosive, according to court documents.

However, the explosives that Daoud allegedly attempted to detonate posed no threat to the public.

‘They were inert and had been supplied by undercover law enforcement personnel,’ Shapiro said.

A hearing is scheduled for Monday afternoon in a federal court in Chicago.

Federal prosecutors say the FBI began monitoring Daoud after he posted material online about violent jihad and the killing of Americans.” Read more.

Tennessee: Nashville Muslim Woman Makes Terrorist Threats Against Co-Workers, ‘All Unbelievers Should Die’ – “A Nashville woman was charged with attempted terrorism Friday … According to a release from Metro police, Abdullahi told the employee that ‘her people were dying for Allah every day; that she was ready to die for Allah; that this whole country will be Muslim soon; that this country is full of non-believers and that this place (her work place) is full of non-believers; that all unbelievers should die; that her life starts after death; that her life is not here, nobody pays attention to her and she should pick up a gun and shoot all these people.’” Read more.

California: San Jose Imam Arrested With Hezbollah Terror Cell In Mexico – “The SABA Mosque maintains it reaches out to the non-Shiite and non-Muslim community for interfaith dialog but undercover recordings and even the mosque’s own website have shown preaching against Jews and Christians is done within the mosque’s walls. Despite this, the SABA Mosque is still enjoying political assistance from politicians like Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives Mike Honda, who is scheduled to appear at the Mosque for a gathering on September 15 …” Read more.

Coptic Christians Now Under Siege In America

09/15/2012 3 comments

By Daniel Greenfield – “Isn’t it wonderful how Islam bridges nations and cultures. Yesterday Copts were being persecuted in Egypt, today they’re in danger in California. That’s just one of the ways that Islam keeps enriching our lives.

Local law enforcement authorities are stepping up patrols around Coptic Christian houses of worship to deter those who might target them because the producer of an anti-Muslim movie that sparked unrest in the Middle East has ties to the religion.

And unlike Muslims, who whine after every Muslim terrorist attack that they now have to live in fear, American Copts have justifiable reasons to be afraid of violence.

Saad says Coptic migration increased after the 1967 war with Israel, and in the 1970s when Anwar Sadat ruled Egypt. The period saw a rise of fundamentalist Islam, culminating in Sadat’s assassination in 1981. His successor, Hosni Mubarak, clamped down on Islamists, and Egypt’s approximately 8.5 million Copts were relatively safe during the next three decades — though the community did face violence and pressure. But ever since the ouster of Mubarak in 2011, and the subsequent rise of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood as a political force, there has been a steady increase in Coptic emigration to the U.S. and elsewhere.

“Numbers have greatly increased over the past 18 months since the so-called Arab Spring,” Saad said. “We are seeing tens of families in every church every month.”

Jews are also afraid, even though Sam Bacile, who falsely claimed to be Jewish, was not Jewish at all.

The Wiesenthal Center, which regularly denounces anti-Semitic activities around the world as it documents the Holocaust and hunts down Nazi war criminals, urged the media to avoid casting the video as an Israeli or Jewish product.

“We need media to ensure that this film does not become another blood libel against world Jewry,” it said.

Too late.” Source –

US Federal Authorities Tells Muslim World: A Coptic Christian Is Responsible For Anti-Mohammed Film – “This disclosure by federal authorities, even if true, is the epitome of reckless stupidity. To disclose the creator as a ‘Coptic Christian’ during a time in which the Coptic community in Egypt is struggling for their very existence is akin to reinforcing the Nazi conviction in 1939 that the Jews were responsible for all of Germany’s misfortunes. And we all know what then happened to Jews …” Read more.

‘Everything Will Collapse’: 10 Shocking Quotes About What QE3 Is Going To Do To America

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By Michael, The American Dream – “Ready or not, QE3 is here, and the long-term effects of this reckless money printing by the Federal Reserve are going to be absolutely nightmarish.  The Federal Reserve is hoping that buying $40 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities per month will spur more lending and more economic activity.  But that didn’t happen with either QE1 or QE2.  Both times the banks just sat on most of the extra money.  As I pointed out the other day, U.S. banks are already sitting on $1.6 trillion in excess reserves.  So will pumping them up with more cash suddenly make them decide to start lending?  Of course not.  In addition, QE3 is not likely to produce many additional jobs.  As I showed in a previous article, the employment level did not jump up as a result of either QE1 or QE2.  So why will this time be different?  But what did happen under both QE1 and QE2 is that a lot of the money ended up pumping up the financial markets.  So once again we should see stock prices go up (at least in the short-term) and commodities such as gold, silver, food and oil should also rise.  But that also means that average American families will be paying more for the basic necessities that they buy on a regular basis.  The most dangerous aspect of QE3, however, is what it is going to do to the U.S. dollar.  Most of the rest of the world uses the U.S. dollar to conduct international trade, and by choosing to recklessly print money Ben Bernanke is severely damaging international confidence in our currency.  If at some point the rest of the world rejects the dollar and no longer wants to use it as a reserve currency we are going to be facing a crisis unlike anything we have ever seen before.  The real debate about QE3 should not be about whether or not it will help the economy a little bit in the short-term.  Rather, everyone should be talking about the long-term implications and about how QE3 is going to accelerate the destruction of the dollar.

The following are 10 shocking quotes about what QE3 is going to do to America…. Read more…

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Australia: Islamic Protest Sparks Violence In Central Sydney, ‘Behead All Those Who Insult The Prophet’

09/15/2012 3 comments
Luke 17:1-2, "Jesus said to his disciples: 'Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.'"

Luke 17:1-2, “Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.'”

AFP – “EIGHT people are expected to be charged after violent clashes between hundreds of police and protesters erupted in Sydney’s CBD.

Six police were injured and 17 others were treated for the effects of capsicum spray today when a demonstration against an anti-Islamic film got out of hand.

Eight of the protesters were expected to be charged with a range of offences, including affray, assaulting police, resisting arrest and throwing a missile.

Police said they would also begin poring through ‘a significant amount of evidence’ that had been gathered through the media and officers, and that anyone caught committing offences would be ‘vigorously pursued’.

Saturday’s angry scenes began after about 1pm (AEST), when an ‘unannounced and unapproved’ group of people gathered at Town Hall as part of a global protest against an anti-Islamic film.

Police said the group began walking along George Street towards Martin Place, where they attempted to enter the US consulate, which is located in the MLC Centre.

It was here, according to police, that violence between officers and the growing group first broke out.

Tempers flared again when the demonstrators – then about 300-strong – took their rallying cry to Hyde Park.

Capsicum spray was fired, leaving faces red and inflamed, while one man was seen being dragged along the ground with blood dripping down his face.

Superintendent Mark Walton later said he believed some people went to the protest ‘armed’, with a view to cause damage and assault police.

‘The group was unorganised and clearly split into factions, being some there to express their concerns from their community perspective,’ he said.

‘However, there were other elements … who were clearly here with another intent.'” Read more.

The Weekly Standard: The Video Didn’t Do It

09/15/2012 1 comment

In a world that is already permeated by lies, extremism, and the love of death, don’t blame the video tape for the current violence. Take a closer look at the diseased ideology that has contaminated the Muslim world itself …

BY LEE SMITH, The Weekly Standard – “It was bad enough, two years ago, that Defense Secretary Robert Gates called fringe Florida pastor Terry Jones to ask him not to burn copies of the Koran, or last week, that chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey took his turn to call Jones to ask him to stop publicizing a YouTube video, The Innocence of Muslims. But then on Friday, White House spokesman Jay Carney told the world that the violent protests in Cairo and Ben­ghazi and elsewhere were a ‘response not to United States policy, and not obviously the administration or the American people,’ but were ‘in response to a video, a film we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting.’ Carney repeated the point for emphasis: ‘This is not a case of protests directed at the United States at large or at U.S. policy, but in response to a video that is offensive to Muslims.’

Carney’s comments lie outside the range of plausible spin, even by Obama administration standards, and if his bosses believe them—as we fear they do—are simply delusional. But they are not without consequence. Nor are Gates’s and Dempsey’s phone calls. They all send the message to America’s enemies that if you kill our diplomats and lay siege to the our embassies, the first move the American government will make is to denounce .  .  . Americans. Our leaders apparently believe that the way to protect Americans from extremists and terrorists abroad is to tell other Americans to shut up.

What’s next? Where does it go from here? There are more than 300 million ways in which Americans expressing themselves might give offense to those who make it their business to be offended. Maybe it’s some other film, maybe it’s a book or even just a tossed-off phrase that our enemies might seize on to galvanize support for their causes. Is the White House going to put every American crank on speed-dial so it can tell them to shut up whenever a mob gathers outside a U.S. embassy or consulate?

It’s worth noting that virtually every description in our media of the movie that is supposed to have touched off the protests was attended by various aesthetic qualifiers—laughable, crude, amateurish—as if the mobs and their organizers were motivated by considerations of artistic craft. Let’s recall that similar murderous campaigns of terror were waged to protest Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses, at the direction of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Would the editorial boards and newsrooms of our leading media debate the merits of White House officials warning prestige novelists to keep their mouths shut lest they anger extremists?” Read more.

Potentially Dangerous Coyote Tapeworm That Infects Dogs And Humans Is Spreading To Cities

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The Canadian Press – “Animal health researchers are watching what appears to be mounting evidence of the spread of a potentially dangerous parasite in coyotes, foxes and other animals in Canada.

That’s a concern, they suggest, because the parasite, a tapeworm, can on occasion spill over from its wild animal hosts to infect dogs and humans.

And while people aren’t the tapeworm’s preferred hosts, a growing number of human cases are being seen in Europe and parts of the world where the parasite is more established…

The researchers are keen not to incite undue alarm. It would appear, they say, that the risk to Canadians is low. But they say the situation bears continued scrutiny, especially in light of the fact that urban sprawl in cities like Calgary is leading to closer contact between coyotes and domestic animals.

‘It seems like there is a real route for coyotes to bring this into the cities and into dog parks,’ says Emily Jenkins, a professor in the University of Saskatchewan’s department of veterinary microbiology and school of public health.

‘I think there’s a need for a risk assessment. And I think there’s a need for enhanced surveillance — if only to get baselines to say, ‘Oh, yeah, this is the prevalence now’ and ‘Oh, look, it’s not changing’ or ‘Oh, look, it is.’

‘But getting that on the radar of a particular public or animal health agency is challenging.’

The parasite is called Echinococcus multilocularis. Scientists sometimes call it E. multi for short. When it infects people, the parasite causes a condition called alveolar echinococcosis, with tumour-like cysts forming in the liver, lungs or sometimes the brain.

A study published in 2010 in the journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases estimated that about 18,200 human cases occur globally every year, with 90 per cent of them recorded in China…

But the range of the parasite — which is a Northern Hemisphere phenomenon — is expanding.” Read more.

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US Drought Now Officially Among The Worst In American History May Intensify In The Months Ahead

09/15/2012 1 comment

By Doyle Rice, USA TODAY – “The drought scorching the nation has reached a level surpassed only twice before in recorded weather history.

The National Climatic Data Center reported this week that 57.2% of the contiguous USA is ‘moderately to extremely dry,’ a percentage topped only during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and during another drought in the mid-1950s.

We’ve got a long way to go to reach the Dust Bowl, though: At one point, in July 1934, a phenomenal 79.9% of the country was moderately or extremely dry.

Recent rainfall came too late to help the withered U.S. corn crop already being harvested in many parts of the country, but it kept the strongest drought in decades from worsening in several key Midwest and Plains states.

The U.S. is the world’s leading producer of corn, wheat and soybeans, and the drought raised widespread concern about higher food prices.

Unfortunately, the Climate Prediction Center’s U.S. drought outlook issued last week points to drought conditions lingering or intensifying over most of the nation in the months ahead.” Source – USA Today.

Drought of 2012 Conjures Up Dust Bowl Memories, Raises Questions for Tomorrow – “Over 63% of the contiguous United States in early September was suffering moderate to exceptional drought, nearly twice the land affected a year ago, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Using July data, the National Climatic Data Center reported that America is in the midst of its most expansive drought since December 1956. The combination of dry conditions and extreme heat — including hundreds of record-breaking temperatures this summer — has been unbearable for many. The drought’s impact has been seen in ways big and small, from leaves falling early and lawns turning brown to farmers giving up and lakes drying up, exposing hundreds of dead fish.” Read more.

From Dry Rivers to Dead Deer, Drought’s Impact Felt Everywhere – “Well before Hurricane Isaac hit Louisiana and brought localized heavy flooding, the weather story of the summer was not about an abundance of water — it was the lack thereof. And it still is. Farmers and residents in 40 states know this all too well, as this summer’s blend of low rainfall and extreme heat has created a crisis for many. Over a recent six-week stretch, the U.S. Department of Agriculture designated 1,692 counties as disaster areas due to the drought. The department notes about 80% of agricultural land in the country is affected, making this year’s drought more far-reaching than any since the 1950s. The impact has been felt by farmers and ranchers nationwide, but they’re hardly alone.” Read more.

Al-Qaeda Tells All Muslims To Kill US Diplomats, Exploit US ‘Weakness’ To Purify Muslim Countries

09/15/2012 3 comments

And to “purify” every inch of Muslim land doesn’t mean just killing foreign officials. This act of Islamic purification is “a duty incumbent upon all Muslims” to remove, by any means necessary, anything and everything considered “foreign” to Islam — including all Jews and Christians …

By GREG TEPPER, The Times of Israel – “Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on Thursday released an audio recording hailing the ‘blessed’ September 11 terror attacks as ‘the greatest blow’ America had ever suffered. He also asserted an Islamic duty to ‘liberate’ every inch of Muslim lands, and called upon Muslims to ‘purify’ their countries of corrupt leaders during what he termed a period of ‘American weakness.’

Muslims should ‘topple the western proxies’ left in their countries ‘and especially the Saud clan and the gulf sheiks in the Arabian peninsula,’ he declared.

Al-Zawahiri also urged Muslims to capture citizens of countries that fight Muslims in order to hold them as hostages and force the release of Muslim prisoners.

In comments translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), al-Zawahiri commemorated the ‘blessed raids’ in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. He also noted ‘defeats’ suffered by the United States in recent years in Afghanistan, Iraq and through the demise of ‘four of its collaborators in the Arab world’ – references to the fall of leaders during the Arab Spring.

Al-Zawahiri said the 9/11 attacks were launched due to the ‘Zionist-crusader occupation of Muslim lands, and especially of Palestine.’ The attacks were carried out ‘to confront the modern crusader campaign, which aims to make us disintegrate, so it could more easily devour us, one piece after another.’

‘One cannot rely on the governments in the liberation of Palestine and the defense of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, because these governments are incapable of doing so, and in so many cases, they assist Israel in its aggression,’ he said.

He also said the Islamic nation is capable of defeating the ‘Zionist-Crusader enterprise…in the heart of the Islamic world and especially in occupied Palestine, like it defeated this enterprise…in Iraq and Afghanistan, and like it managed to deliver the greatest blow in the history of America, on its own land, changing American history and destroying its economy.’

He said there was a need to establish an Islamic state that will follow a ‘godly path’ and that will renounce secularism and democracy, which believes in brotherhood among Muslims and in the unity of Muslim lands, doing away with borders that were created by colonial powers. This state will consider its duty the ‘liberation’ of ‘every inch of Muslim land, from the Caucuses to Zanzibar, from Afghanistan and Kashmir to East Timor and the Philippines, and from east Turkestan to Andalusia.’ That state will believe that the ‘liberation of Palestine’ is a duty incumbent upon all Muslims…” Read more.

Al Qaeda in Yemen Urges Muslims to Kill U.S. Diplomats Over Film – “The Yemen-based branch of al Qaeda urged Muslims to step up protests and kill more U.S. diplomats in Muslim countries after a U.S.-made film mocking the Prophet Mohammad which it said was another chapter in the ‘crusader wars’ against Islam. ‘Whoever comes across America’s ambassadors or emissaries should follow the example of Omar al-Mukhtar’s descendants (Libyans), who killed the American ambassador,’ the group said …” Read more.

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