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Why Is Obama Skipping More Than Half Of His Daily Intelligence Meetings?

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The Office of the President of the United States is in a sad and sorry state when the one elected by the people and tasked with the responsibility to protect the nation and its citizens seemingly has more important things to worry about than the security of the country. But maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, as a matter of national security, he was simply busy perfecting his own home brew before releasing the recipe to an increasingly fermenting public. Or he could have been busy planning another British-themed party at the White House in an effort to engage the Brits in a very sobering discussion regarding the growing threat of Muslim immigration 

By Marc A. Thiessen, The Washington Post – “President Obama is touting his foreign policy experience on the campaign trail, but startling new statistics suggest that national security has not necessarily been the personal priority the president makes it out to be. It turns out that more than half the time, the commander in chief does not attend his daily intelligence meeting.

The Government Accountability Institute, a new conservative investigative research organization, examined President Obama’s schedule from the day he took office until mid-June 2012, to see how often he attended his Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) — the meeting at which he is briefed on the most critical intelligence threats to the country. During his first 1,225 days in office, Obama attended his PDB just 536 times — or 43.8 percent of the time. During 2011 and the first half of 2012, his attendance became even less frequent — falling to just over 38 percent. By contrast, Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush almost never missed his daily intelligence meeting.

I asked National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor about the findings, and whether there were any instances where the president attended the intelligence meeting that were not on his public schedule. Vietor did not dispute the numbers, but said the fact that the president, during a time of war, does not attend his daily intelligence meeting on a daily basis is ‘not particularly interesting or useful.’ He says that the president reads his PDB every day, and he disagreed with the suggestion that there is any difference whatsoever between simply reading the briefing book and having an interactive discussion of its contents with top national security and intelligence officials where the president can probe assumptions and ask questions. ‘I actually don’t agree at all,’ Vietor told me in an e-mail, ‘The president gets the information he needs from the intelligence community each day.’

Yet Vietor also directed me to a Post story written this year in which Obama officials discuss the importance of the intelligence meeting and extol how brilliantly the president runs it. ‘Obama reads the PDB ahead of time and comes to the morning meeting with questions. Intelligence briefers are there to answer those questions, expand on a point or raise a new issue,’ The Post reported. ‘One regular participant in the roughly 500 Oval Office sessions during Obama’s presidency said the meetings show a president consistently participating in an exploration of foreign policy and intelligence issues.’

Not so consistently, it seems.” Read more.

Israeli Science Website: Obama Birth Certificate Is Forged

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By JEROME R. CORSI – “Israel Science and Technology, the national database and directory of science and technology-related websites in Israel, has published an article asserting the long-form birth certificate released by the White House is a forged document.

The website was created by a former science adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Hanukoglu, Ph.D.

Hanukoglu, an award-winning researcher, is a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology in the Department of Molecular Biology at Ariel University Center of Samaria in Ariel, Israel.

The professor established the first version of his website during his tenure as Netanyahu’s science adviser. The site has evolved into ‘the premier science and technology portal for Israel.’

The website says that the White House’s release of the Obama document in April 2011, after years of controversy, ‘raised in our minds the possibility that there could be something suspicious about the information available on this document.’

The website conducted an independent analysis and cites others who came to the same conclusion.

The website says the publication ‘of such a blatantly fake document about something so basic as the birthplace of Mr. Obama, should raise great concern about the suitability of the person who is holding the reigns on the most powerful country of the World.’

Israel Science and Technology explains why, as a site of science and technology, it dedicated ‘a page to expose forgery about a document related to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.’

‘Mr. Obama is the president of the USA that is currently the leader of the Free World, and the most powerful country in the Western hemisphere,’ the site says. ‘In his position as the President, the policies pursued by Mr. Obama affects the whole world and not just the USA.’

Moreover, inaction by members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, as well as U.S. courts, despite many appeals, also was seen to ‘raise a concern about how the governmental institutions of the reputedly best, and certainly the most important democracy in the Free World have avoided the issue.'” Read more.

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Islamization Of Europe: The Numbers Don’t Lie

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By Bruce Bawer, – “Few readers of this website will be unaware that over the last several years plenty of books, including my own While Europe Slept, have warned about the present and future effects of the rise of Islam in Europe. Some writers, notably Christopher Caldwell and Mark Steyn, have gone into considerable detail about the now widely recognized fact that the low birth rate among ethnic Europeans, the high birth rate among European Muslims, and the steady arrival of new Muslim immigrants on the continent will mean an increasingly Muslim Europe in the decades to come and, ultimately, a majority Muslim population in one country after another.

FrontPage readers will also likely be aware that ever since these books starting coming off the presses, any number of supposedly intelligent and well-informed critics have vehemently dismissed such prognostications as alarmist nonsense, noting that in this or that European country the Muslim percentage of the population is still quite modest, and suggesting that there is no reason to expect the current numbers to climb very drastically in the years to come. The fact that these critics actually appear to buy their own arguments, and that they are able to persuade other reasonably intelligent people to believe them as well, only demonstrates the remarkable level of ignorance of basic math on the part of many individuals with pricey liberal educations.

A few recent news stories out of Europe confirm that concerns about the continent’s skyrocketing Muslim populations are, in fact, anything but alarmist. On August 8, for example, Britain’s Daily Telegraph actually permitted into its pages an article reporting that ‘Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: a recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it.’ According to the Telegraph, Spain’s foreign-born population rose from 3.2% in 1998 to 13.4% in 2007, and in Brussels, ‘the top seven baby boys’ names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.’ The Telegraph cited the highly euphemistic conclusion of a recent report by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life that the rapid introduction of large numbers of Muslims into Europe results in ‘a difficult social fit.'” Read more.

Flashback: Europe Continues to Suffer From Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic – “The brutal gang rape of a British woman by five Afghan refugees has sparked a massive protest against illegal immigrants in a Serbian spa town. The 38-year-old woman – who bravely managed to film the attack on her mobile phone – was repeatedly raped after befriending a group of Afghan men in a park in Banja Koviljaca… ‘These people are always hanging around the parks and streets during the day causing trouble,’ said one mum. ‘They have no respect for us, no respect for women and we want them gone because they have no right to be here.” Read more.

Flashback: ‘Muslims Are The New Nazis Of Europe’ – “Well, we already knew it, but now there’s confirmation: Muslims are the new Nazis of Europe. They are responsible for at least 50% (and probably far more) of the anti-Semitic hate crimes in Europe. Don’t be shocked if that number gets mirrored here (the FBI refuses to keep publicly-released statistics on the heritage of hate-crime perpetrators here–gee, I wonder why; might get in the way of their ‘outreach’ to extremist Muslims)…” Read more.

Flashback: Arutz Sheva Op-Ed: ‘Europe’s Streets Are Very Dark These Days And You Feel Like A Jew In Berlin’ In The 1920s – “Today, fear dominates the heart of the very few writers and journalists who are willing to say the truth [about Islam in Europe]. When many of them are put on trial because of their ideas, I know fear. Because Jews and journalists are like the canary in the coalmine. If Europe fails to protect them, it must be feared that soon nobody will soon feel safe in Europe… Europe’s streets are very dark these days and you feel like a Jew in Berlin in the ‘20s.” Read more.

U.A.E. Official: We Will Launch Strike Against Iran If Iranian Terror Squads Target Gulf States

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By Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz – “In an unusual move, a U.A.E. security official explicitly threatened Iran with military action if the Islamic Republic attacks targets in the Arab Emirates through clandestine terror squads.

Speaking on Sunday to the al-Arabiya network, the chief of Dubai’s police force Dhahi Khalfan Tamim said that the U.A.E. had solid information indicating that Iranian teams have infiltrate into the emirates, saying that ‘the Gulf won’t sit still in the face of Iranian threats.

Adding that he had conveyed the same message to Iranian leaders, Khalfan Tamim said that if Iran ‘operated squads to damage security, well, we well eventually operate squads in its territory, since we won’t allow anyone to harm us while we sit idly by.’

The U.A.E. security official’s comments represent unprecedentedly aggressive remarks in the history of bilateral relations between the emirates and Iran, coming amid increased tensions between Tehran and Dubai over the control of a group of islands in the Persian Gulf.

Further on in his interview to al-Arabiya, Khalfan Tamim make another unusual remark for a Sunni official concerning the ongoing unrest in Syria, saying that he feared that the Muslim Brotherhood will take over the country, and adding that the group’s leaders were sitting in hotels in Turkey waiting to replace Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.” Read more.

The World’s Most Dangerous Terrorist After Bin Laden Is Openly Developing Nuclear Weapons In Iran – “Now that Osama bin Laden is at the bottom of the ocean, a new man has emerged as the world’s most dangerous terrorist: Qassem Suleimani. Although unfamiliar to most in the West, he is responsible for killing many thousands in cold blood – and masterminding the murder of more Americans than any other person on earth. Suleimani heads the Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard – the nerve centre of its global terrorist network. Working with Hizbollah in Lebanon, he has plotted, attempted and executed mass murder in dozens of countries. The centrifuges spinning in Iran are dangerously close to providing these ruthless global terrorists with a nuclear arsenal and protective umbrella.” Read more.

Israeli Home Front Defense Minister: Muslim Brotherhood Rising Up To Create Islamic Caliphate Across The Middle East

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Jerusalem Post – “Home Front Defense Minister Avi Dichter on Sunday warned that the Muslim Brotherhood is co-opting the Arab Spring with the end-goal of creating an Islamic ‘caliphate’ that would span the Middle East.

‘What started in Tunis and continued in Egypt is ongoing in Syria, and will threaten Jordan and other Arab countries,’ Dichter said. ‘The Brotherhood already has an outpost in the Palestinian territories, in the form of Hamas.’

The keynote speaker at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism’s World Summit, Dichter added that the beyond infiltrating Israel’s neighbors, the Brotherhood’s more long-term goal is to gain control of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, where ‘there is already a massive movement of youth devoted to eradicating non-Muslim values from society,’ according to Dichter.

Turning to Syria, Dichter said that so long as President Bashar Assad remains in power, the Brotherhood can not achieve its aims. ‘In Syria, being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood is tantamount to a death sentence,’ he said. However, Dichter warned that if the embattled Syrian leader were to fall, the Brotherhood could in fact take control of the country, which would have deep repercussions on Syria’s neighbors.

‘Who replace the Assad regime?’ Dichter asked. ‘Will it be the Sunnis? Or the Muslim Brotherhood? And if the Brotherhood takes control, how will this affect Jordan and Lebanon to the west?’

Dichter added that these questions were not abstract, and that Assad’s fall was a foregone conclusion. ‘The question is not whether or not Assad will fall, but rather when, and what will the country look like the day after,’ he said.

Dichter also addressed the Palestinian involvement in the Arab Spring. ‘The Palestinian case is special,’ he said. Recalling an anecdote told to him by an unnamed Arab, Dichter hinted that the Palestinian community is often disconnected from the rest of the Arab world. ‘There are three types of Arabs: Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, and Jewish Arabs. The Palestinians are the Jewish Arabs.’

Dichter added: ‘The Palestinians have not yet managed to enjoy the Arab Spring.'” Source – The Jerusalem Post.

West Bank: ‘Arab Spring’ Protest Hits Palestinian Authority – Is The Muslim Brotherhood Poised To Take Over? – “The Muslim Brotherhood, which has risen to power in the most populous country in the Arab world and continues to gain ground in Syria, is the parent organization of Hamas. If protests spread in the West Bank we may once again bear witness to the Muslim Brotherhood uprooting one authority and replacing it with another in its own likeness …” Read more.

Study: Hezbollah Branching Out Drug Trade To Fund Terrorism, Now Selling Fake Medicine In The Middle East

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Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.”

The word for “sorceries” in Revelation 9:21 is the Greek work “pharmakeia”, which is where we get the word “pharmacy” from.  Although I generally understand this word in its metaphorical sense in reference to the blatant idolatry noted in the preceding verse, we should not discount the possibility that it may also be referring to the billions raised each year to fund Islamic terror through illegal drug trafficking …

By Roi Kais, ynet – “A new study reveals that Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah has discovered a new and original way of funding its terror activity – counterfeit medicine.

According to the study, over the past year Hezbollah terrorists have increased the manufacturing of fake Captagon, a drug used for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Although banned in most countries in the 1980s, illegally produced and smuggled Captagon – sometimes containing amphetamine instead of fenethylline – is a common drug of abuse in the Middle East.

Over the past year, several drug labs were uncovered in various mosques in Baalbeck and the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon.

The study suggests that Hezbollah has branched out from manufacturing and distributing drugs, and has begun producing fake medicine as a source of funding.

According to Dr. Boaz Ganor and Miri Halperin, who conducted the study, the change in Hezbollah’s financial focus mainly derives from the fundamentalist aspect of the organization.’As an Islamic organization, drug trafficking is problematic,’ Ganor said.

‘Firstly, the issue of drugs contradicts Islam’s religious commands. Throughout the years, Hezbollah has solved this problem by claiming that the drugs were not intended for internal use but rather for exporting purposes. Thus, the drugs would only hurt the ‘infidels.’ However, the fact that Islamic believers are still involved in the operation is problematic,’ he added.

‘For Hezbollah, counterfeit medicine solves this religious issue,’ Ganor said.

‘An additional explanation for the Lebanese organization’s change of focus is completely financial. The profit to be made from distributing medication is higher than the one made in the drug business,’ Ganor said.

He estimated that ‘the profit was anywhere between 10 million to hundreds of millions of dollars a year.'” Read more.

Flashback: Muslim Drug Mafia Conquering Europe – “Turkish criminal gangs are ruling over the streets in the UK, controlling much of the drug market in Germany, as well as providing political influence in the Netherlands… Turkish mafia is influential especially in Germany and the Netherlands. According to annual report of the German police, Turks as well as migrants from Nigeria and Sierra Leone are playing major role in coordination of crime among the immigrants… Back in 2010 Militant Islam Monitor website wrote that Turkish criminal gangs are controlling the streets of Berlin… Turks are controlling major part of the black drug market in Europe – about 93%… Muslims from African countries are also joining… ” Read more.

Flashback: ‘Worrisome’: The Role of Drug Trafficking in Promoting and Financing Today’s Global Terrorism – “Speaking at a recent conference in Istanbul, ‘The Role of Drug Trafficking in Promoting and Financing Today’s Global Terrorism,’ jointly organized by Turkey, the United States and Colombia, UNODC Senior Terrorism Prevention Officer Irka Kuleshnyk said that ‘While it is difficult to establish how widely terrorist groups are involved in the illicit drug trade, or the breadth and nature of cooperation between these two criminal groups, the magnitude of the numbers involved make the relationship worrisome.’ According to the UNODC’s World Drug Report 2007, the total potential value of Afghanistan’s 2006 opium harvest accruiing to farmers, laboratory owners and Afghan traffickers reached about $US3.1 billion.” Read more.

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