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German Muslims Offended In Wake Of Muslim Violence

By Daniel Greenfield – “Muslims are offended a lot. Statistics say that 40 percent of Muslims are offended at any given time, but 80 percent of Muslims found that statistic offensive, conclusively proving it wrong. Talking about how offended Muslims are is also offensive which creates a cycle of offensiveness that leads to riots and bombings by people who are not at all Muslim or offended, let alone offended Muslims.

After several Muslim attacks on German Jews, the Muslims are offended because German authorities want to put up posters for family members who want to report a family member who may be going Jihad.

“Muslims are always regarded as a potential threat,” said Aydan Oezoguz, a Turkish-German member of parliament and integration commissioner for the opposition Social Democrats. “This is a very important issue, but it risks alienating an entire religious community.”

And if you alienate the community they become a threat. So the only way to end the threat is by pretending they’re not a threat, even when they’re a threat or they might become a threat. That’s how the Cycle of Appeasement works.

However, four of the six interest groups involved in the confidence-building initiative have since withdrawn their support. “Constantly associating Islam with issues of violence and security policy can only lead to false perceptions,” the groups said in a joint statement.

Yes, best to have the suicide bombers associate Islam inconsistently with issues of violence and security policy.

Erol Puerlue from the Association of Muslim Cultural Centres, one of the groups involved in the initiative, said too much focus was placed on extremism among Muslims rather than in German society as a whole.

“Addressing extremism only among Muslims risks putting them under a general suspicion,” he said, adding that more classes on religion in schools would be a more effective way of combating radicalization among young people.

Yes, if there’s one thing that can solve this it’s Islamic studies in school. Also shop classes on how to build bombs.” Source – FrontPageMag.com.

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