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University Professor Under Criminal Investigation For ‘Insulting Mohammed’ … In Germany

By Cheradenine Zakalwe – “According to the German website Politically Incorrect, Dr. Armin Geus, emeritus professor of medical history at the University of Marburg, who wrote a book exploring the possibility that Mohammed, the supposed founder of Islam, had been suffering from a mental illness, is now under investigation for ‘Incitement to hatred against peoples’ and ‘Insulting faiths, religious communities and philosophical associations’. The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed by the Saudi-controlled Wahhabist centre, the King Fahd Academy.

The professor’s book ‘Die Krankheit des Propheten’ [The Illness of the Prophet] (ISBN 978-3-941365-15-5) came to the conclusion that Mohammed suffered from paranoid-hallucinatory schizophrenia. I haven’t read the book, but Geus is a serious academic, recognised in his field. The question of whether Mohammed suffered from a mental illness should be a legitimate subject for scientific inquiry. But not where Muslims, and their apologists, hold sway. Where Islam spreads, freedom dies.” Source – Islam verses Europe.

Flashback: Downfall Part 2: German Politicians Welcome Introduction Of Sharia Law In Germany, ‘Good For Integration’ – “Most politicians in Germany have gotten the message: The quickest way to spark a career-damaging controversy is to make a facile comment about Nazis or the Holocaust. Media critics and political opponents are quick to pounce. But that isn’t the only way to attract unwanted attention, as Jochen Hartloff, the interior minister of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, found out this week. In an interview with the Berlin tabloid BZ, Hartloff said that Sharia law, in a ‘modern form,’ would be acceptable in Germany.” Read more.

Flashback: Islamist Groups Seeking To Overthrow Democratic Order In Europe, ‘Muslims Will Confront This Cancer Of Man-Made Laws’ – “Sharia4Holland — and its Siamese twin Sharia4Belgium — is a radical Muslim movement that wants to impose Islamic Sharia law in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. Over the past several months, Sharia4Holland and Sharia4Belgium have become increasingly belligerent in their appeals to fellow Muslims to overthrow the democratic order in Europe… According to Abu Qasim, the spokesman for Sharia4Holland: ‘Better times will come as promised. The Muslims will [confront] this cancer of man-made laws called democracy and eradicate it. Destroy it root and branch, as far as Islam allows us, or Islam orders us to. Sharia is by far the only solution, it is the only rival left to topple democracy…’” Read more.

  1. 09/08/2012 at 11:37 AM

    If insulting Allah, Muhammud, or the unholy Koran, is a crime here in America, then I’m in big trouble. I just can’t seem to sleep good at night if I haven’t “blasphemed” Allah, insulted the “prophet,” or verbally spit on the unholy Koran.

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  2. 09/08/2012 at 11:40 AM

    PS, if insulting Mohummad is a crime in Germany, then it will probably soon become a crime here in America.


  3. 09/09/2012 at 7:53 PM

    Check out the work by Ali Sina who provides compelling evidence as to the disturbing mental state of Mohammad and the voices in his head that have become the quran..
    on a site call faithfreedom.org Ali Sina has had a $50,000 usd standing challneg to Islamic scholars to defend mohammad from war crimes.. the most note worthy of these debates are on His site called http://www.AliSina.org.

    As Ali Sina says.. True thinkers and enlightened people who learn the truth about Islam .. Leave Islam.. So Help spread the truth so that Muslims are educated and leave this stone age cult where it belongs

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  4. 02/27/2013 at 2:22 PM

    The greatest of ALL time is the perpetuation of the absurd lies that permeat ‘Religion”!

    When will the rational World denounce the thieving rapists, and pedophiles who propegate
    the lying garbage about a “Ghostly Apparition”, and corrupt the minds and bodies of little innocent children and some Fools with their mind-controlling schemes to control the entire World with a Theocratic form of government?

    WAKE UP!


  5. 02/27/2013 at 7:51 PM

    I’m not really sure what point you are trying make here. But, it sounds to me like you are a man crying out for a Godly world. There is one name that you can call upon and spill your heart out…. His name is Yeshua aka Jesus. Try it! You will not be disappointed.


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