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Israeli Security Official: Obama ‘Will Make Netanyahu Pay’ After Elections, ‘Relations Between Israel And The US Have Soured’

By Attila Somfalvi, ynet – “Israeli security officials on Saturday tried to downplay the Pentagon’s decision to significantly scale back its participation in a joint military exercise with Israel next month, but some government officials said the decision came as a response to the growing tensions between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office and the Obama administration.

‘This is the Obama administration’s response to the dinner party Netanyahu held in (Mitt) Romney’s honor,’ a senior member of the political-security cabinet told Ynet, while another official said the Pentagon’s decision ‘isn’t boosting deterrence and is not making the Iranians sweat.

‘Regardless of the exercise, the relations between Israel and the US have soured,’ another minister said, while another added cynically that ‘our relationship has never been better.

‘The US elections are in two months, and there is no doubt that President Barack Obama, if he is reelected, will make Netanyahu pay for his behavior,’ said the security cabinet member. ‘It will not pass quietly.’

Other officials in Jerusalem said Washington is trying to send a message that Israel will not drag it into war, certainly not before the elections. The Americans were enraged by Israel’s repeated threats to launch a solo military attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, and top US General Martin Dempsey’s recent statement that he does not ‘want to be complicit’ if Israel chooses to attack was carefully worded.

Officials said that while Jerusalem has received the message, the Americans’ conduct is leading Iran to believe that it is safe at least until the US elections.

‘This is why the Iranians are issuing threatening statements against the US,’ one official argued.” Read more.

Iranian Navy Admiral: Our Warships Will Sail Off American Shores Soon – “The head of Iran’s navy says the country aims to put its warships in international waters off the U.S. coast ‘in the next few years.’ The comments Tuesday from Admiral Habibollah Sayyari on state TV are part of Iran’s response to Washington’s beefed up naval presence in the Persian Gulf… Iran has made similar claims in the past that its ships could soon sail into international waters off the U.S. coast.” Read more.

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