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Canada: Ministry Of The Environment Investigate Hundreds Of Dead Fish Washing Ashore Lake Erie Beaches

By Alex Weber, London Free Press – “Beach goers looking to take advantage of the last weekend of summer were startled to find hundreds of dead fish washed up along the shore of Lake Erie, Saturday afternoon.

Kate Jordan, spokesperson for the Ministry of the Environment said ministry officials were made aware of the dead and dying fish late Saturday morning and are investigating.

Though Jordan said there was no visible sheen on the water suggesting anything had spilled, ministry officials detected a strange odour and notified the Elgin County Health Unit as a precaution.

‘They’re trying to track the source of the odour,’ Jordan said.

It’s not clear yet whether the fish are dying because of some natural environmental phenomena or something man-made.

Hundreds of dead and dying fish were spotted at the Port Glasgow Marina by a local fisherman taking his boat out for the afternoon. He said he boated about 3 kilometres out into the lake and again saw hundreds of dead fish on the surface of the water. Others he said were still alive, but looked like they were ‘gasping for air,’ and dying.

The fishermen said the fish ranged in size and type.

Dead fish were also seen at Duttona Beach about 20 kilometres southwest of Port Glasgow.

Callers there reported seeing thousands of fish floating dead in the lake and scattered along the stony shore line.

‘The stench is is just disgusting,’ the callers said.” Source – London Free Press.

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