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Tanzania: Muslim Men In Zanzibar Still Beating Their Wives Despite Efforts To Minimize Domestic Violence

BY ISSA YUSSUF, allAfrica – “DESPITE ongoing efforts to minimize domestic violence, promote gender equality and empower women, new study in Zanzibar indicates that many women are still beaten and bullied by men including Muslim clerics!

In its report, the Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) – Zanzibar revealed that although men beat women, but the number of cases being reported to the police remain few, mainly because most women opt to tolerate violence in order to keep her family together. ‘Women have testified to have been bullied and beaten by men, but they think it is improper to report the case.

Some get hurt severely in the domestic violence, but treat themselves silently to save the husband or partner,’ the report says. The report says that women beating in Zanzibar are linked to love jealousy, disputes over wealth and family care, alcohol, neglect in marriage, and men superiority in the family. The report further says that most of the women asked during the survey held in ten districts of Zanzibar, agreed that beating and bullying is common but done under secrecy.

However, with the help from gender activists like the Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association (ZAFELA) and TAMWA through its programme of WEZA, many women in both urban and rural have been transforming gradually and can now at least argue with men and defend their rights. ‘In fact, the awareness about women rights, by TAMWA has helped me and other women. We can now dare to ask men when there is misunderstanding in the family.

We try to educate our husbands to respect our rights,’ Ms Khadija Hassan, 41, from Bumbwini village, North Unguja says. She said that most males are short-tempered and therefore disputes in families end in intimidation and beating. ‘It sometimes ends in divorce and split in family,’ she said. What if my wife is stubborn and intimidates me to either beat her or divorce her when she is angry?

The study has revealed that some husbands/men in Zanzibar, Muslim dominated islands, are violent and say that Islam through the holy book of Quran and Prophet Muhammad allows them to beat disobedient women.” Read more.

Muslim Cleric In Egypt: Islam Teaches A Man To Beat His Wife So That She’ll Treat Him With Kindness, Respect, And Know He Is Superior – “Islam instructs a man to beat his wife as a last resort before divorce, so that she will mend her ways, treat him with kindness and respect, and know that her husband has a higher status than her… Allah said: ‘Admonish those of them on whose part your fear disobedience, refuse to share their beds, and beat them.’ … A good woman, even if beaten by her husband, puts her hand in his and says: ‘I will not rest until you are pleased with me.’ This [is] how the Prophet Mohammed taught his women to be.” Watch Video.

  1. 09/01/2012 at 4:03 PM

    These men probably beat their wives because they are frustrated and impotent, just like their puney god, Allah. They get their screwed up theology from the unholy koran, should their women expect anythig different? I fail to see how any female of any age, could stay, or become a muslim. Their worth is equal to that of a rug or a goat, and they still want to serve Allah? That’s just plain crazy!


  2. John
    09/01/2012 at 10:02 PM

    The men will often claim their authority to beat their wives originates from the Qur’an, but how interesting that when they actually beat their wives, it is done in secret. It’s like they know it is wrong, so they try to hide it. But when confronted about it, appeal to the Qur’an. Among other disfunctional and destructive aspects of Islam, this is just another that is so contrary to God’s plan for men, women and marriage. Islam is truly satanic, antichrist and evil.


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