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Kenya: Islamic Cleric Accuses Colleagues Of Preaching Hatred Against Christians

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Unfortunately, if this moderate Muslim continues to silence the voice of hatred and violence, violence and hatred may soon silence the voice of this Muslim moderate …

BY LINAH BENYAWA – “Sheikh Juma Ngao, a Muslim cleric, has accused his colleagues of fanning violence that rocked Mombasa since Monday.

Ngao said some clerics were preaching hate against Christians.

‘Using the killing of the preachers to burn churches, destroy property and kill innocent people is criminal. Why cause destruction in the name of Islam, which is against the teachings?’ said Ngao, chairman of Kenya National Muslim Advisory Council.

Ngao noted some priests have brainwashed youths making them attack churches and disregard Christians. Some of the alleged hate promoters, according to Ngao, are street preachers.

Meanwhile, a group of Muslim and Christians leaders appealed to parents to restrain their sons from violence.

They warned that large-scale demonstrations will spark more chaos and threaten peace.

The group known as Mombasa Peacekeeping Committee called for religious tolerance and urged preachers to refrain from incitement.” Read more.

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Flashback: Dagestan: Imam Standing Up For Peace Is Violently Gunned Down – “An imam has been killed in a mosque in Russia’s southern Dagestan region, police said on Friday… The imam, Magomedkamil Gamzatov, was well-known for his rejection of ‘any form of violence and openly condemned the extremist insurgency,’ the National Anti-Terror Committee said in a statement.” Read more.

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