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UK: Exploding Meteor Creates Spectacular Fireball Over Wales, ‘I’ve Never Seen Something So Amazing In My Life’

The Telegraph – “A meteor has exploded above Wales causing a sonic boom which shook windows and set off car alarms.

Hundreds of people saw the fireball shoot across the night sky before exploding near their homes.

Sleeping children were woken by a ‘sonic boom’ created as the golf ball sized meteor exploded above South Wales.

Homeowner Steve Edwards, 56, said: ‘There was an enormous boom – It sounded like a bomb going off.

‘The force of it shook the windows in my house, woke up my children and caused car alarms to start going off in the streets.

‘I’m just glad none of it landed on my roof.’

Police and coastguards in South Wales had dozens of reports of a bright flash in the sky followed by a loud bang.

Witness Nathan Jones, 34, who lives in nearby St Athan, said: ‘I’ve never seen something so amazing in my life.

‘It had a heat trail behind, It was orange and white and very bright, and also seemed very close.

‘It looked like it was skimming through the atmosphere due to the curved path it was taking.’

The meteor was first spotted in the North West and amateur astronomers watched as it sped towards the border of Wales and the South West.

Hannah Sabido, 33, who spotted the meteor from her home in Bristol, said: ‘I first noticed it as a very bright glowing light behind cloud, travelling very fast.

‘It looked like a bright white ball with a long bright tail and possibly a green hue. It was brighter than the moon.'” Read more.

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