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Syrian Rebels Claim To Take Over Chemical Weapons

By Elad Benari, INN – “The Supreme Military Council of the Syrian rebels released on a statement on Tuesday which said that the rebel forces took control of an army missile base in Damascus, in which ten ready-to-launch missiles were found. Some of the missiles, according to the statement, were converted to carry non-conventional warheads.

‘During the successful operation, the operatives of the Free Syrian Army found a large number of rockets ready for launching, with enormous destructive capability, and they were very surprised to find missiles that were converted to carry non-conventional warheads and which can be equipped with chemical or biological warheads,’ said the statement which was translated by Arab affairs expert Dalit Halevi.

The Supreme Military Council of the rebels went on to claim that it had confirmed the report by examining photographic documentation of the scene.

The Council warned that these facts indicate that the Assad regime is getting ready to bomb cities in Syria using these missiles, and the possibility that he will use missiles with unconventional warheads cannot be ruled out.

The Council called on Arab countries and the international community to immediately intervene in order to protect the lives of the Syrian people ‘before the regime moves to a new level of crimes, which will have tragic consequences for the entire region.’

On Monday, French President Francois Holllande warned that any use of chemical weapons by Syria would be sufficient reason for Western countries to intervene …” Read more.

Flashback: US Worried As Syria Begins Moving Sarin Nerve Agent, Mustard Gas And Cyanide Out of Storage – “Syria has begun moving parts of its vast arsenal of chemical weapons out of storage facilities, U.S. officials told the Wall Street Journal… ‘This could set the precedent of WMD [weapons of mass destruction] being used under our watch,’ a U.S. official said. ‘This is incredibly dangerous to our national security.’… Officials said that if Assad uses chemical weapons, Western allies would probably go ahead with plans to intervene in the Syrian civil war more aggressively than they have until now and topple him from power.” Read more.

  1. tjm
    08/29/2012 at 10:27 AM

    well., seems that we are lied at every time. a sad line throughout history from the very beginning in the garden of eden. Ever since the issue is the same. The fools play to be GOD. We have reached a very prophetic stage. Bible tells that the oldest capital which is Damascus will be totaled for ever. A prophecy which has not been fulfilled so far. Wait and see!


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