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Iran: Alarms Raised As Hundreds Of Children Under 10-Years Of Age Are Forced Into Marriage

This is nothing new. Islam’s “prophet” — who describes himself as an “excellent” example to follow for anyone who hopes to meet Allah in Qur’an Sura 33:21 — married one of his 13 or so wives, Aisha, when she was only 6 years old and consummated the marriage when she was 9. If pedophilia was perfectly acceptable for the Islamic world’s “ideal man” in the 7th century, then the Islamic world will obviously consider it perfectly acceptable in the 21st …

By Robert Tait, The Telegraph – “The trend has prompted child protection experts to warn of a surge in mental illness, suicides, teenage runaways and girls turning to prostitution as the nuptials frequently end in divorce.

While both genders are affected, statistics from the state-run civil registration organisation show the phenomenon to be more prevalent among girls. Some families are said to be marrying off their daughters to older men to pay off debts.

An Iranian NGO, the Society For Protecting The Rights of The Child, said 43,459 girls aged under 15 had married in 2009, compared with 33,383 three years previously. In 2010, 716 girls younger than 10 had wed, up from 449 the previous year, according to the organisation.

Its spokesman, Farshid Yazdani, blamed deepening poverty for the development, which he said was more common in socially backward rural areas often afflicted with high levels of illiteracy and drug addiction.

‘Financial poverty of the families leads to children’s marriages. However, cultural poverty and ignorance is also an element,’ Mr Yazdani told the semi-official Mehr news agency.

He said increasing child marriages were accompanied by a correspondingly high teenage divorce rate. Some 15,000 females aged 15-19 divorced their husbands every year between 2007 and 2010.

The statistics will fuel criticism that Iran’s Islamic legal code allows children, especially girls, to be married at an inappropriately early age.” Read more.

Flashback: New Saudi Fatwa Defends Pedophilia as ‘Marriage’ – “Muslim ‘child-marriage’ — euphemism for pedophilia — is making headlines again, at least in Arabic media: Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, a prominent cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, just issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for marriage, and that girls can be married ‘even if they are in the cradle.’ … Fawzan insists that nowhere does Sharia set an age limit for marrying girls: like countless Muslim scholars before him, he relies on Koran 65:4, which discusses marriage to females who have not yet begun menstruating (i.e., are prepubescent) and the fact that Muhammad, Islam’s role model, married Aisha when she was 6-years-old, ‘consummating’ the marriage — or, in modern parlance, raping her — when she was 9.” Read more.

  1. pattiefarm
    08/27/2012 at 5:37 PM

    Lord Jesus come quickly!! The word says suffer the children that come unto me. Sickness of satan is a vile and evil thing. They do not care if they devour their own but God cares for the babies and all children under age. He said he would have it that no man would die and not find him, because after death then the judgement. These people need Jesus and if they would find him, he will save them. He is the only hope for the whole world. Those who find him not, as the tree falleth so shall it lie. Surely he finds a way to guard these babies in some way. Pray that his coming be soon and that the latter day rain start. Then soon the babies and the believers will be delivered, the word says he who calls on the name of the Lord shall be delivered and he who calls on his name for salvation he shall be saved. Come quickly Lord Jesus.


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