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Daily Mail UK: Israel Will Bomb Iran In Weeks, Netanyahu Running Out Of Patience With America

By Michael Burleigh – “This summer has an ominous feel, like August 1914. In the Middle East, the Arab Spring has replaced several autocrats, not with Western-style liberals, but with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood.

The civil war raging in Syria is threatening to spill over into Lebanon and Jordan, and is really a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia to establish dominance over the region.

Meanwhile, looming in the background is the longer-term crisis caused by Iran’s devious and dogged pursuit of nuclear weapons…

For months there have been international discussions about the threat a nuclear Iran would present — most notably to its avowed enemy, Israel, which Iran has vowed to ‘erase from the map’…

But seeing no signs that slow-burning sanctions are effective, Israel is running out of patience — and is coming to the view it should no longer entrust others with its own security…

For their part, the Iranians are doing nothing to placate world fears about their nuclear ambitions.

Almost daily, the Iranians boast about new capabilities: high-powered speed boats — based on Britain’s 63mph Bradstone Challenger — designed to swarm enemy ships, and the upgraded Fateh-110 missile, which could hit U.S. bases and the two aircraft carrier groups massing in the Gulf…

Iranian weapons, including up to ten powerful Scud missiles, have been shipped via Syria to Hizbollah, which has an arsenal of more than 50,000 rockets capable of hitting much of Israel, many concealed in up to 100 fortified villages.

The Iranians also repeatedly trumpet their irrational hatred of Israel and Jews in general. Only last week, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed Israel would soon ‘disappear’, while President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described it as ‘a cancerous tumour’…

… I am increasingly convinced that nothing will stop Israel. Shortly before the U.S. elections, and most likely in October, I believe Israel will launch air strikes on Iran.

The chilling prospect we face is that such an act of aggression risks turning into a Middle East conflict that would unite every regime in that volatile region in yet another — and this time uncontrollable — war.” Read more.

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