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Worst Drought In Years Devastates Southeast Europe, ‘Only God Can Help Us’

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“After the harshest winter in decades, the Balkans in the southeast of Europe is now facing the worst drought in years. Sadly, it will only serve to compound the global effects of America’s current drought.

Nikola Radic, a Serbian farmer, said, ‘There is no salvation here.’ Radic says he ‘lost hope for salvation even a month ago, and now it’s even worse.’

In some places in Bosnia, the drought is the worst in 40 years.

Record-setting summer temperatures have devastated food and electricity production in the region, which is already badly hit by the global economic crisis.

In Bosnia, the heat has destroyed almost 70 percent of vegetable and corn production, with potato and corn among the worst-affected crops. Most farmers are cutting down their corn crops for livestock feed, but the quality is so poor that most of the parched crop cannot even be used for that.

Crops in Bosnia’s Semberija region are brown and brittle, and some 27,000 acres have been lost in this area alone.

Officials estimate that the drought in Bosnia-Herzegovina will cost the equivalent of half a billion euros.

Farmers are worried that they will not have adequate funds next year to buy seed corn and other investments. One farmer, who is expecting yields of less than a third of the 2011 crop, said that if the drought persists for another year, he will no longer be able to farm.

Farmers are asking for state help, but, with prolonged economic and political crisis placing a strain on national finances, none is coming.

Ljubisav Tomic, a farmer in Bosnia, sayid ‘This is lost. Only God can help us, only heavens can save us.’

Expect already-high food prices to continue to rise as grain supplies become increasingly depleted.” Source –

Six Reasons Why Gog Is The Antichrist / Beast

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By Joel Richardson – “For years, students of Bible prophecy have been taught that ‘Gog,’ spoken of in Ezekiel 38 and 39, cannot be the same as the Antichrist/Beast spoken of in the New Testament. Among the reasons set forth to argue that the two cannot be the same, none carry any weight.

In fact, any examination of the text will establish that the two are, in fact, one and the same individual. If this is the case, however, this changes everything within the world of popular biblical prophecy. If it can be shown that Gog is the Antichrist/Beast, then it is also clear that the Antichrist and his armies are from the Middle East and not Europe, as is popularly taught. But more importantly, it means that until Jesus returns, Islam is not going away. Instead of being a system of belief that is about to be ‘eliminated,’ as so many actually claim, Islam represents the single greatest challenge that the church will ever face. What then are some of the reasons to view Gog and the Antichrist/Beast as one and the same character?

The answer lies in the specific results of the destruction of Gog and his armies as detailed within the Scriptures. When we turn to Ezekiel 38 and 39, we find that as a direct result of the destruction of Gog and his armies, the following six events take place Read more…

Could Hurricane Isaac Be A Warning To America Over Israel?

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Admittedly, similar thoughts have been going through my own mind lately …

“TAMPA, Fla. – Could Hurricane Isaac’s disrupting of the Republican convention here be tied to recent policy decisions by the GOP leadership and Barack Obama?

That question is being raised by Bible prophecy expert William Koenig, whose book, ‘Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel,’ links catastrophic hurricanes hitting the U.S. with changes in policy toward Israel.

Koenig points out that on Tuesday, the day Isaac formed as a tropical storm, the Republican platform committee voted to add a ‘two-state’ position pertaining to Israel for formal convention approval. Earlier, a pastor on the Republican platform committee offered an amendment for a one-state solution to the dispute between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs with no land concessions by the Jewish state.

But former Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo., quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to demonstrate that the original platform language was consistent with the Israeli position. Talent was supported in his successful bid to defeat the amendment by Rep. Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, better known as AIPAC.

‘This is the second straight Republican convention postponed due to a major hurricane,’ points out Koenig. ‘And this is the third straight Republican convention that became secondary news due to a hurricane. Bush was pressuring Israel during the times of the 2004 and 2008 conventions.’

Koenig links all three convention disruptions to platform committee decisions to support further division of the land of Israel to pave the way for the creation of a Palestinian state

Koenig also sees significance in the fact that Isaac, the name of Abraham’s son and Jacob’s father, is on a trajectory to hit New Orleans on the seventh anniversary of Katrina, putting gulf oil at risk. Oil companies in the area are Read more…

USGS: Swarm Of Quakes Rattle California And Arizona, ‘Our System Is Choking On So Many Earthquakes’

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AFP – “A series of earthquakes measuring up to 5.4 rattled southern California, Arizona and the Mexican border region Sunday, seismologists said, although no damage or injuries were immediately reported.

The small- and medium-level quakes were felt from San Diego and Orange County in California east into Arizona, and swamped the temblor-measuring resources of the US Geological Survey (USGS).

The quakes began around 12:16 pm (2016 GMT) with a magnitude 4 temblor 16 miles (26 km) north of El Centro, California, and lasted more than two hours. The biggest shakes included a magnitude 5.4 at 13:57, with the same epicenter.

The so-called ‘seismic swarm’ is a relatively rare occurrence.

‘We haven’t seen one of these since the 1970s, and there was another one back in the 1930s,’ said USGS seismologist Lucy Jones.

‘Our system is choking on so many earthquakes.’

Buildings were evacuated in Brawley, 115 miles east-northeast of San Diego. ‘It’s pretty bad, we had to evacuate the hotel just for safety,’ said Rowena Rapoza, office manager at the Best Western Hotel there.” Source – Yahoo! News.

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Researchers Find Mysterious New AIDS-Like Disease

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“ATLANTA (AP) — Researchers have identified a mysterious new disease that has left scores of people in Asia and some in the United States with AIDS-like symptoms even though they are not infected with HIV.

The patients’ immune systems become damaged, leaving them unable to fend off germs as healthy people do. What triggers this isn’t known, but the disease does not seem to be contagious.

This is another kind of acquired immune deficiency that is not inherited and occurs in adults, but doesn’t spread the way AIDS does through a virus, said Dr. Sarah Browne, a scientist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

She helped lead the study with researchers in Thailand and Taiwan where most of the cases have been found since 2004. Their report is in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine.

‘This is absolutely fascinating. I’ve seen probably at least three patients in the last 10 years or so’ who might have had this, said Dr. Dennis Maki, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

It’s still possible that an infection of some sort could trigger the disease, even though the disease itself doesn’t seem to spread person-to-person, he said.

The disease develops around age 50 on average but does not run in families, which makes it unlikely that a single gene is responsible, Browne said. Some patients have died of overwhelming infections, including some Asians now living in the U.S., although Browne could not estimate how many.” Read more.

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Daily Mail UK: Israel Will Bomb Iran In Weeks, Netanyahu Running Out Of Patience With America

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By Michael Burleigh – “This summer has an ominous feel, like August 1914. In the Middle East, the Arab Spring has replaced several autocrats, not with Western-style liberals, but with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood.

The civil war raging in Syria is threatening to spill over into Lebanon and Jordan, and is really a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia to establish dominance over the region.

Meanwhile, looming in the background is the longer-term crisis caused by Iran’s devious and dogged pursuit of nuclear weapons…

For months there have been international discussions about the threat a nuclear Iran would present — most notably to its avowed enemy, Israel, which Iran has vowed to ‘erase from the map’…

But seeing no signs that slow-burning sanctions are effective, Israel is running out of patience — and is coming to the view it should no longer entrust others with its own security…

For their part, the Iranians are doing nothing to placate world fears about their nuclear ambitions.

Almost daily, the Iranians boast about new capabilities: high-powered speed boats — based on Britain’s 63mph Bradstone Challenger — designed to swarm enemy ships, and the upgraded Fateh-110 missile, which could hit U.S. bases and the two aircraft carrier groups massing in the Gulf…

Iranian weapons, including up to ten powerful Scud missiles, have been shipped via Syria to Hizbollah, which has an arsenal of more than 50,000 rockets capable of hitting much of Israel, many concealed in up to 100 fortified villages.

The Iranians also repeatedly trumpet their irrational hatred of Israel and Jews in general. Only last week, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed Israel would soon ‘disappear’, while President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described it as ‘a cancerous tumour’…

… I am increasingly convinced that nothing will stop Israel. Shortly before the U.S. elections, and most likely in October, I believe Israel will launch air strikes on Iran.

The chilling prospect we face is that such an act of aggression risks turning into a Middle East conflict that would unite every regime in that volatile region in yet another — and this time uncontrollable — war.” Read more.

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