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Salafi Leader In Egypt: To Conspire Against Islamist President Morsi Is To Conspire Against God

Daniel 2:41a, “Whereas you saw the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided …”

A kingdom divided within a divided kingdom. This Salafi leader certainly puts himself at odds with the Salafist “Army of Islam” …

By Aswat Masriya, allAfrica – “Salafi (ultraconservative) leader and member of the constituent assembly, tasked with rewriting the constitution, Saeed Abdel Azeem, said that conspiring against Egypt’s ruler (President Mohamed Mursi) is equal to conspiring against God.

Describing Egypt’s president as the ‘ruling imam’, Abdel Azeem argued that as Mursi may be unable to apply the law of God fully at this point, the nation must overcome political differences and rally behind him.

He added in his Eid speech on Sunday in Alexandria’s Shohadaa Square that Egypt will return to being ruled by Islam and Prophet Mohamed’s Sunnah and not democracy, socialism or nationalism.

The Salafi politician insisted that all forces must unite in order for God’s law to be applied during an era, he described as, ‘of phenomenons’; where tyrants fall and it is useful to follow those who came before us and not those of modern times.

Abdel Azeem asked worshipers to pay special attention to the Muslims of Syria, Burma and Palestine, arguing that those who neglect Muslim affairs are not true Muslims.

He also urged worshipers to refrain from abandoning mosques following the holy month of Ramadan, advising them not to surrender themselves to politics and news, which he described as an unfit alternative to religious dedication.” Source – allAfrica.com.

Egyptian Cleric Issues New Fatwa: It Is Permissible To Kill Anyone Who Protests Against Islamist President Morsi – “The legitimate president is Dr. Mohamed Morsi, and anyone who goes out to (to protest) on August 24 … will be committing the crimes of hiraba and high treason against the country, against Allah, against His Messenger, and against the believers. Therefore, I convey the following fatwa to the Egyptian people: Confront these people, and if they fight you, fight them… If some of you are killed by them, you will go to Paradise, and if you kill them, no ‘blood money’ will be warranted, because their killing is permissible.” Read more.

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