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Canada: Thousands Of Dead Fish Cover At Least 2 Kilometres Of Missisquoi Bay Shoreline, Quebec

By Kamila Hinkson, Montreal Gazette -“MONTREAL – Paul Steiche remembers growing up on the water in Philipsburg and being able to see straight to the bottom of the lake.

Having only left to attend college and university in Montreal, Steiche now co-owns a café in neighbouring Bedford, and repeatedly mentions how beautiful his hometown and the Missisquoi Bay region are.

But the 34-year-old new father said he won’t allow his son to experience the same happiness that is being on the water, at least not anytime soon.

The bay, which is part of Lake Champlain, was overrun Thursday by blue-green algae…

The phenomenon occurs every year in the Missisquoi Bay. What was abnormal is the extent of the problem.

Doug Shaver has lived in Philipsburg since 1980, but his family has been living in the area for generations.

He said the water was so murky Friday it seemed as though the bay was filled with blue and green paint. A white foam was also visible in the water.

The abundance of algae means there’s less oxygen in the water, which in turn kills the fish.

‘You could take a stick of dynamite and throw it in the lake and watch the fish come up to the surface. It would be the same effect,’ Shaver said.

He estimated that anywhere between 3,000 to 4,000 dead fish are piled up on the shore.

Mayor Réal Pelletier has lived along the shoreline for 20 years, and said he’s never seen a sight quite like the scene on the lake now.

He says at least two kilometres of shoreline is covered with rotting fish.” Read more.

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