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Egypt: Islamist President Morsi To Visit Iran August 30th After Invitation Hand Delivered By Iranian VP

Los Angeles Times – “CAIRO — Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi plans to visit Iran this month for an international summit in what would mark the highest level official contact between the two nations in more than 30 years, according to Egypt’s state news agency.

The MENA agency, quoting a source in Morsi’s office, said the newly elected Islamist president is expected to attend the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran on Aug. 30. The decision follows an invitation hand-delivered to Morsi nearly two weeks ago in Cairo by Iranian Vice President Hamid Baghaei.

Official relations between Egypt and Iran — dominant players in the Middle East for generations -– broke off following the Iranian Revolution and Cairo’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel. Iran has been trying to repair the rift, but former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, a strong U.S. ally who was toppled in an uprising last year, refused to restore full diplomatic ties.

Morsi’s expected trip potentially changes that dynamic and gives Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a public relations bump at a time when Tehran is facing increased international pressure on its nuclear program and over its ties to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Conservative Islamists in Egypt have been urging Morsi, a former leader in the Muslim Brotherhood, to strengthen bonds with Shiite Muslim-dominated Iran.” Read more.

Flashback: Senior Muslim Brotherhood Member Praises Shiite Leaders Of Iran (Video) – “This is a great stride towards Islamic unity in light of the events unfolding in the world. These are changes under Islam and in line with unity in the Islamic world and also aimed at ending the global arrogance led by the U.S…  the Islamic Republic of Iran … truly serves as a model of resistance against the West’s domination and serves as a model for the Muslim world … the number one figure in the Muslim world is indeed the leader of Iran … I am proud of President Ahmadinejad … I hope Iran is the model in all aspects, including justice, unity among Shi’a and Sunni, human rights, and respect for humanity.”

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