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Massachusetts: Large Fish Kill Litters Banks Of The Quinnipiac River In New Haven, ‘I’ve Never Seen This Many Dead Fish’

By Alexandra Sanders, New Haven Register – “NEW HAVEN — Dozens of dead fish littered the Quinnipiac River banks near Front Street, coating the area in a thick, fishy scent, providing a feast for sea gulls and leaving some fishermen scratching their heads.

The fish, reportedly menhaden, could be seen among the rocks and seaweed of the river’s shore, with sunlight glinting off their silver scales. Birds were flocking to the spot, pecking at the fish and waiting for others to die.

Massachusetts resident Ismael Perez was stepping around the fish Tuesday while he cast a line with two other fishermen. When asked whether he was concerned about the high fish kill rate, he said, ‘Yeah, because I don’t know why they’re dying,’ but they are usually used as bait, not as food, so he wasn’t worried about people catching them and eating them.

‘I’ve never seen this many dead fish,’ said Perez, who fishes about three days a week in Massachusetts.

Mark Alexander, supervising fisheries biologist for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Fisheries Division, said this is the second large fish kill that has been reported in New Haven in a week.” Read more.

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  1. 03/19/2013 at 11:02 PM

    It’s kind of a shame to see fish dead like that In a lake. You think someone could catch it in time and have the government keep the fish for hungry people to eat or something. So much wasted life and food.


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