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The New Normal: Western North America Faces 21st Century ‘Mega-drought’

ENS – “The climate’s ‘new normal’ for most of the coming century will parallel the long-term drought that hit western North America from 2000 to 2004 – the most severe drought in 800 years – scientists report in a study published Sunday.

‘The severity and incidence of climatic extremes, including drought, have increased as a result of climate warming,’ the researchers said, adding that these long-term trends are consistent with a 21st century ‘megadrought.’

Crops and forests died and river basins dried, but as bad as conditions were during the 2000-04 drought, in the future they may be seen as the good old days, a group of 10 researchers warned Sunday in the journal ‘Nature Geoscience.’

Climate models and precipitation projections indicate this period will be closer to the ‘wet end’ of a drier hydroclimate during the last half of the 21st century, the scientists said.

‘Climatic extremes such as this will cause more large-scale droughts and forest mortality, and the ability of vegetation to sequester carbon is going to decline,’ said Beverly Law, a co-author of the study, professor of global change biology and terrestrial systems science at Oregon State University, and former science director of AmeriFlux, an ecosystem observation network.

The 2000-04 drought had the effect of amplifying climate change as vegetation withered and could no longer take up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

This drought cut carbon sequestration by an average of 51 percent in the western United States, Canada and Mexico, the scientists calculate, although some areas were hit much harder than others. As the plants died, they released more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, with the effect of amplifying global warming.

‘During this drought, carbon sequestration from this region was reduced by half,’ Law said. ‘That’s a huge drop. And if global carbon emissions don’t come down, the future will be even worse.'” Read more.

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