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Islamic Protesters in ‘Moderate’ Indonesia Force Church To Close Due To ‘No Permit’

Interesting how Islamists are so concerned about the “rule of law” when it comes to Christianity …

The Jakarta Globe – “Protestors forced a church in Bandung, West Java, to shut down on Sunday amid claims that it was operating without a permit.

The Batak Karo Protestant Church (GBKP) has been in operation since 2007. But protestors claimed that the congregation agreed not to use the building as a house of worship in a 2011 agreement.

‘On Sunday of last week, they used the building for Sunday service,’ Amin Safari told Tempo.co. ‘That is why we sealed the building.’

The protestors also hung a banner on the church’s gate reading, ‘We the people of RW 06 [a neighborhood unit] hardily reject the use of this building, at Kawaluyan 10, to be used for religious activities.’

The church’s committee secretary said that although they did sign the 2011 agreement, the church has since received all the necessarily permits from the local government to hold services.

‘Since June 20 we have held a permit [to hold services] from the Bandung city administration,’ Davin told Tempo.co. ‘We have complied with the legal codes, so the [previous] agreement is no longer valid.’

Amin accused the congregation of manipulating the agreement.

‘The majority of the people still reject the church’s activity,’ he said.” Source – The Jakarta Globe.

Flashback: Indonesia: Hundreds Of Islamists Attack Christian Prayer House During Worship Service For ‘Lack Of Permit’ – “A mob of Muslim extremists attacked a Christian prayer house in Aceh Province. The building was damaged and worshippers were forced to stop the service. Local witnesses, who asked their names be withheld, said that the attack occurred last Sunday, during worship. The place itself belongs to the Indonesian Bethel Church. The fundamentalist attack was apparently caused by a lack of building permit (Izin Mendirikan Bangunan in Indonesian), a claim Christians deny. More disheartening for the members of the congregation is the fact that the attack occurred under the eyes of the police, which did not lift a finger …” Read more.

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