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As Truth About Fukushima Radiation Emerges, Japanese Authorities Struggle To Maintain Cover-Up

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“(NaturalNews) The cat is out of the bag, as more evidence continues to emerge proving that clean-up workers at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility in Japan deliberately covered up high radiation readings at the order of their superiors. And as more people become aware of this disturbing fact, Japanese authorities are trying to maintain the facade that the cover-up was an isolated incident, and that there was not a larger conspiracy to hide legitimate radiation readings from the public.

The Japanese news source Asahi Shimbun (AS) reports that a senior official working for Build-Up, a subcontractor hired during the Fukushima clean-up efforts, has admitted to instructing his workers to wear lead coverings over their dosimeters in order to shield accurate radiation readings. Dosimeters measure an individual’s exposure to radiation, and indicate when it is no longer safe to be in the presence of a radiation source.

Recordings uncovered from a December 2 conversation between the official and his employees reveals that he coaxed them to use the lead coverings by claiming that he had used them many times before without issue. He also apparently told them that they would have to use them in future clean-up efforts as well, and implied that they should get used to using them now.

According to AS, the senior official also came up with an alibi that the workers could use to explain the coverings, should anyone inquire about the unusual presence of tape on their torn radiation protection suits. All the bases were covered, in other words, which was enough to convince four of the workers to go along with the plan…

But now that the media has blown the lid off the story, the senior official in question is now claiming that the incident was isolated, and that he came up with it himself on the fly in order to protect him and his team from radiation. What? Even though this explanation makes absolutely no sense, as dosimeters cover up radiation readings, not the radiation itself, this is the story he is now telling, and the mainstream media appears to be buying it.” Read more.

Nuclear Engineer Is Sure That US Authorities Are Detecting Fukushima Contamination In Fish On West Coast But Won’t Tell People To Avoid Collapse Of Fisheries (Listen at ~ 20:30)

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Billy Graham’s ‘Judgment’ Letter Sparks Charismatic Commotion

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By Troy Anderson, Charisma News – “Famed evangelist Billy Graham’s letter calling America and its ‘deceived people’ to repentance is one in a series of escalating warnings that the nation is in growing danger of God’s judgment, prominent faith leaders told Charisma News.

‘This may be our last chance to call the nation to pray,’ says Anne Gimenez, national chairperson of America for Jesus—America for Jesus—The Awakening, which expects hundreds of thousands of people to gather at Independence Mall in Philadelphia Sept. 28-29 to pray and intercede for the United States.

‘We believe it possibly could be the last time we have this opportunity. Nineveh is a great example. All the wickedness of that city, and yet when they did what God said they should do and repented, God healed their land. That’s right where America is today. We’re on the brink of America being destroyed as we know it, but I believe God is giving America a chance at this hour.’

In his letter, ‘My Heart Aches for America,’ the 93-year-old Graham wrote that he recalled how his late wife, Ruth, once expressed concerns about the nation’s ‘terrible downward spiral’—exclaiming, ‘If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.’

Graham, who has preached to more people than any other Protestant in history—2.2 billion—wrote that he wondered what Ruth would think of the country today where ‘self-centered indulgence, pride and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle.'” Read more.

Billy Graham Opens His Heart to the Nation – “Just a few weeks ago in a prominent city in the South, Christian chaplains who serve the police department were ordered to no longer mention the Name of Jesus in prayer. It was reported that during a recent police-sponsored event, the only person allowed to pray was someone who addressed “the being in the room.” Similar scenarios are now commonplace in towns across America. Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone—except God. Yet the farther we get from God, the more the world spirals out of control. My heart aches for America and its deceived people.” Read more.

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The New Normal: Western North America Faces 21st Century ‘Mega-drought’

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ENS – “The climate’s ‘new normal’ for most of the coming century will parallel the long-term drought that hit western North America from 2000 to 2004 – the most severe drought in 800 years – scientists report in a study published Sunday.

‘The severity and incidence of climatic extremes, including drought, have increased as a result of climate warming,’ the researchers said, adding that these long-term trends are consistent with a 21st century ‘megadrought.’

Crops and forests died and river basins dried, but as bad as conditions were during the 2000-04 drought, in the future they may be seen as the good old days, a group of 10 researchers warned Sunday in the journal ‘Nature Geoscience.’

Climate models and precipitation projections indicate this period will be closer to the ‘wet end’ of a drier hydroclimate during the last half of the 21st century, the scientists said.

‘Climatic extremes such as this will cause more large-scale droughts and forest mortality, and the ability of vegetation to sequester carbon is going to decline,’ said Beverly Law, a co-author of the study, professor of global change biology and terrestrial systems science at Oregon State University, and former science director of AmeriFlux, an ecosystem observation network.

The 2000-04 drought had the effect of amplifying climate change as vegetation withered and could no longer take up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

This drought cut carbon sequestration by an average of 51 percent in the western United States, Canada and Mexico, the scientists calculate, although some areas were hit much harder than others. As the plants died, they released more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, with the effect of amplifying global warming.

‘During this drought, carbon sequestration from this region was reduced by half,’ Law said. ‘That’s a huge drop. And if global carbon emissions don’t come down, the future will be even worse.'” Read more.

Germany: 100 Police Officers Called To Munich Mosque After Ear Bitten Off During Large ‘Religion Of Peace’ Brawl

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If this had taken place during the day there’s no doubt that the attacker who bit off one of the victim’s ears would have been accused of breaking the Ramadan fast …

(Translated) – “Six people were injured after a mass brawl at a Munich mosque. About 50 visitors to the mosque in the district of Berg am Laim attacked each other Monday evening with wooden boards and knives. According to police, five people sustained knife wounds on Tuesday and one person’s ear was almost bitten completely off.

According to police the dispute escalated due to internal arguments in the Muslim community. One hundred police officers moved in to calm the situation. An alleged stabber was arrested and several other persons are being investigated for aggravated assault.

Five of the injured have since been released from the hospital. The tense situation took place in the ‘Islamic Center of Afghans in exile in Bavaria,’ one club member has confirmed. The trigger was a dispute over the former imam since September last year that has divided the community into two camps.

Some Muslims are angry about the fact that the Vorprediger, a married family man, had a relationship with another woman. Others thought this was a purely private matter. The club member said the dispute between the two groups had suddenly escalated on Monday after a prayer. About 4,500 Afghans live in Munich. The mosque in the district of Berg am Laim is regarded as an important focal point for them.” Source – Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Replacement Theology, Israel And Her Enemies

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By Joel Richardson – “Over the past 2,000 years, among all the various theological errors that have crept into the Christian church, there is no question that replacement theology is one of the most widespread and, I would argue, perverse and vile. Replacement theology essentially holds that because (most) Jews rejected Jesus (Yahshua) as their Messiah, they were thus judged by God in 70 A.D., when their nation and Temple were destroyed. Since that time, replacement theologians argue, God has now replaced Israel with the church, transferring all of his previous promises and purposes from the Jewish people and nation to the entity known as the Christian church.

The fruit of this belief system has been glaringly evident throughout church history. As demonstrated in the book, ‘Our Hands are Stained With Blood,’ by Dr. Michael Brown, replacement theology was among the primary theological and ideological foundations of the Spanish Inquisition and the expulsion of roughly 150,000 Jews from Spain in 1492, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Jews during the crusades and, ultimately, the Holocaust.

But replacement theology is not only problematic because of the negative fruit it produces, but also because of the interpretive violence it inflicts onto hundreds of very clear biblical passages. Replacement theology looks to the blessings found throughout the Old Testament promised to Israel and ‘spiritually’ applies them to the church. An open letter issued by Knox Theological Seminary in 2002, entitled, ‘The People of God, the Land of Israel, and the Impartiality of the Gospel,’ states, ‘The church of Jesus Christ, [is] the true Israel.’ However, when replacement theologians read of any judgment against Israel in the Old Testament, they continue to apply these passages literally to Israel. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Replacement theology denies any future where Jesus will rule the earth from Zion. As the statement words it, ‘Furthermore, a day should not be anticipated in which Christ’s kingdom will manifest Jewish distinctives, whether by its location in ‘the land,’ by its constituency, or by its ceremonial institutions and practices.’

When conservative Premillennialists look at the hermeneutical violence inflicted on hundreds of passages committed by these replacement theologians, we shudder to imagine how Read more…

‘Rabbit Fever’ Confirmed In Northern Arizona Area

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Associated Press – “PHOENIX – Authorities say tularemia has been found among wild rabbits in the Dewey area of northern Arizona.

Commonly known as ‘rabbit fever,’ tularemia is caused by a germ carried by animals- especially rodents, rabbits and hares.

It can be passed to domestic creatures and humans.

Yavapai County health officials say there haven’t been any human cases this year in Arizona.

But they say people should watch for symptoms such as sudden fever, headaches, diarrhea, muscle soreness, joint pain, progressive weakness, dry cough and pneumonia.

The illness is treatable and symptoms vary depending on the person.

The Arizona Republic says about 120 human cases of tularemia are reported each year in the United States, mostly in Western and south-central states.

Arizona sees only one to two tularemia cases each year.” Source – KTAR.

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Scientists: Deadly New Seal Flu Virus Poses Threat To Humans

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Sky News – ” A new flu virus identified in American harbour seals has the potential to pass to other mammals, including humans, say experts.

The H3N8 strain was discovered after the death of 162 New England harbour seals last year.

Post-mortem examinations of five of the animals showed they were killed by a flu infection.

The strain is closely related to one that has been circulating in North American birds since 2002.

But unlike the bird strain, it has adapted to living in mammals. It has also evolved mutations known to ease transmission and cause more severe symptoms.

Specifically, the virus has the ability to target a protein found in human lungs.

Dr Anne Moscona, from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, who led the researchers, said: “There is a concern that we have a new mammalian-transmissible virus to which humans haven’t been exposed yet.

‘It’s a combination we haven’t seen in disease before.’

The warning is published in the online journal of the American Society For Microbiology (mBio).

One cause for concern was the fact that few scientists had considered the possibility of a bird flu virus infecting seals, said the researchers. It highlighted the fact that pandemic influenza can appear in unexpected ways.” Source – Sky News.

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Ukraine-Russia: Scientists Baffled After Sea of Azov Turns Blood Red, ‘Could Lead To Fish Deaths Of Mass Proportions’

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“Scientists and citizens are baffled as the waters of the Azov Sea turned bloody red close to Berdyansk village in mid-July, according to article published online by EnglishRussia. Villagers immediately suspected the great pollution from nearby factories. And older locals warned that it might be a sign of the coming events. Scientist however point that the most probable reason for bloody red color of the sea is algal blooms that are not dangerous to humans.

The researchers explained that the bright red color of the sea is result of high temperatures, which led to the blossoming of brown algae. The south-west wind ‘drove’ algal blooms closer to shore. Further flowering could lead to fish deaths of mass proportions.

‘If the Sea of ​​Azov continues with algal bloom, it will be a disaster with unpredictable consequences. If this heat is about to repeat several more years, the sea has the potential to be renamed from Azov in the Dead,’ said George Ryazantsev from the Research Institute of the Azov sea.

Although the director of the Institute Leonid Izergin claims that the sea is safe for swimming, villagers of Berdyansk don’t believe him. They claim that the sea has a special metallic smell that worries them.” Read more.

Muslim Owner Of Upscale Santa Monica Hotel: ‘Get The [Bleeping] Jews Out Of My Pool’

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Instead of kicking Jews out of pools, how about we kick hate-filled racists out of the country instead? Naturally, this Muslim owner is claiming that she was simply misunderstood. It wasn’t racist. Of course not. It was all done for peaceful purposes. That’s what it really all boils down to …

By Lori Lowenthal Marcus – “An upscale hotel on a Santa Monica, California, beach is an odd place to be singled out from a crowd and removed because you are Jewish, but that’s what happened to 18 young professionals who are telling their story to a jury in a discrimination trial taking place in Santa Monica Superior Court this week.

Ari Ryan is the grandson of a Ukranian Jew who lost most of his family in the Holocaust and narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Nazis. Ryan’s grandfather moved to Israel in 1942 and served as a captain in the Israel Defense Forces.

Seventy years later Ryan says he got a small taste of what his grandfather lived through, but rather than in the forests of the Ukraine, it took place at an upscale hotel in Santa Monica. Ryan and more than a dozen others have brought a lawsuit alleging anti-Semitic discrimination against them by a multi-millionaire Muslim American hotel owner.

Two years ago Ryan and other twenty- and thirty-something Jews planned to raise money to send children of fallen IDF soldiers to camp with a charity event at the Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica, California.

On the morning of July 11, 2010, Ryan and others arrived at the hotel and began setting up Friends of the IDF banners, literature and piles of shirts for the event guests.

But the event was aborted after, according to one employee’s sworn testimony, the hotel’s owner told staff members, ‘Get the [expletive deleted] Jews out of my pool.’ Then the hotel security and other employees began removing the materials and ordering the guests to leave.

Ryan said, ‘Anyone wearing a blue wristband,’ which identified them as being with the Friends of the IDF, ‘was asked to get out of the swimming pool and the hot tub.’ In fact, no one who was identifiable as Jewish was so much as ‘allowed to dip their feet in the water.'” Read more.

Islamic Protesters in ‘Moderate’ Indonesia Force Church To Close Due To ‘No Permit’

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Interesting how Islamists are so concerned about the “rule of law” when it comes to Christianity …

The Jakarta Globe – “Protestors forced a church in Bandung, West Java, to shut down on Sunday amid claims that it was operating without a permit.

The Batak Karo Protestant Church (GBKP) has been in operation since 2007. But protestors claimed that the congregation agreed not to use the building as a house of worship in a 2011 agreement.

‘On Sunday of last week, they used the building for Sunday service,’ Amin Safari told ‘That is why we sealed the building.’

The protestors also hung a banner on the church’s gate reading, ‘We the people of RW 06 [a neighborhood unit] hardily reject the use of this building, at Kawaluyan 10, to be used for religious activities.’

The church’s committee secretary said that although they did sign the 2011 agreement, the church has since received all the necessarily permits from the local government to hold services.

‘Since June 20 we have held a permit [to hold services] from the Bandung city administration,’ Davin told ‘We have complied with the legal codes, so the [previous] agreement is no longer valid.’

Amin accused the congregation of manipulating the agreement.

‘The majority of the people still reject the church’s activity,’ he said.” Source – The Jakarta Globe.

Flashback: Indonesia: Hundreds Of Islamists Attack Christian Prayer House During Worship Service For ‘Lack Of Permit’ – “A mob of Muslim extremists attacked a Christian prayer house in Aceh Province. The building was damaged and worshippers were forced to stop the service. Local witnesses, who asked their names be withheld, said that the attack occurred last Sunday, during worship. The place itself belongs to the Indonesian Bethel Church. The fundamentalist attack was apparently caused by a lack of building permit (Izin Mendirikan Bangunan in Indonesian), a claim Christians deny. More disheartening for the members of the congregation is the fact that the attack occurred under the eyes of the police, which did not lift a finger …” Read more.

Egypt: Christian Teacher Arrested For ‘Insulting Islam’ On Facebook

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By Al Arabiya – “An Egyptian teacher was detained after being accused of posting cartoons on Facebook allegedly insulting Islam, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and Islamist President Mohammed Mursi, an Egyptian daily reported on Tuesday.

A Coptic-Christian teacher from the southern Egyptian Governorate of Sohag, Bishoy Kamel, was arrested on Monday for sharing the cartoons on a Facebook page, the online edition of Egyptian state-run al-Ahram daily reported.

The charges were pressed against Kamel by Mohammed Safwat, an Egyptian who claimed that the latter had insulted the newly-elected President as well.

Kamel has admitted managing the Facebook page in question, however, he claimed that he was not responsible for the content of the page, which, he alleged, had been hacked on Saturday, according to the report by al-Ahram Online.

In early June, a Coptic business tycoon, Naguib Sawiris, was severely criticized by Islamists after posting a cartoon of Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in Islamic attire.

A number of Islamist lawyers lodged a complaint at the prosecutor against Sawiris, whom they accused of offending Islam through posting those cartoons. Sawiris, at the time, defended himself by saying that it was just a joke and had no religious dimensions.

Muslim-majority Egypt has for decades been marked by deep sectarian tensions, with religious violence between Muslims and Christians often sparked by disputes over land or love affairs between members of the two communities.

In January 2011, a suicide bomber killed more than 20 Christians outside a church in the country’s second city Alexandria, amid accusations by Islamists that the Coptic Church had detained a woman who converted to Islam.” Source – Al Arabiya.

Former Bin Laden Bodyguard: Large-Scale Attacks Are Coming To America In The Near Future

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Nasser Al-Bahri: “Since the commander-in-chief (Sayf Al-Adl) returned to Afghanistan, I expect something to happen in the next couple of years. There will be large-scale targets… I expect great strikes against the US and the Western coalition in the near future … Brother Sayf Al-Adl has good connections with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards… Such cooperation [between Al Qaida and Iran] is inevitable, due to the military principle: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.'”

Flashback: Sunni Al Qaeda’s Big Fat Shiite Iranian Wedding – “Last week, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper described the relationship between Iran and al Qaeda as a ‘longstanding … marriage.’ But you had to listen carefully to hear him say that. ‘Iran has harbored al Qaeda leaders, facilitators,’ Clapper told a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee. They have been ‘under house arrest conditions. [Iran’s rulers] have had this sort of standoff arrangement with al Qaeda, allowing [al-Qaeda] to exist [inside Iran], but not to foment any operations directly from Iran, because they’re very sensitive about, ‘Hey, we might come after them there as well.’… So there has been this longstanding, as I say, kind of, shotgun marriage, or marriage of convenience. I think, probably, the Iranians may think that they might use, perhaps, al Qaeda in the future as a surrogate or proxy.’” Read more.

Flashback: Iran-Sponsored Terrorists Plan US Attack ‘Worse Than The World Trade Center’ From Latin American Countries – “Middle Eastern terrorists have infiltrated Latin American countries—especially Mexico—to plan an attack against the United States, according to an alarming exposé broadcast this week by the world’s largest Spanish news network. The Univision documentary, ‘La Amenaza Irani,’ (Iranian Threat), uses undercover, never-before-seen video footage to illustrate how Iran’s growing political, economic and military ties to Latin America threaten U.S. security.” Read more.

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