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Muslim Brotherhood Reiterates Desire For Islamic Caliphate, Declares ‘We Will Be Masters Of The World’

By Raymond Ibrahim – “During a televised interview earlier this week, Dr. Safwat Hegazy, a popular preacher in Egypt, known for his desire to unify the Arab world into a ‘United Arab States’—with Jerusalem for a capital—dropped the Western language and made clear what it is the Muslim Brotherhood ultimately seeks: a caliphate and world domination, which even the Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood maintains is the group’s mission.

In the interview, which Coptic Solidarity has translated with subtitles (click here), Hegazy simply declares: ‘If you read the literature of the Muslim Brotherhood, you will find in the literature of the Brotherhood, that which they can never abandon: The Islamic Caliphate and mastership of the world. Yes, we will be masters of the world, one of these days’ (emphasis his).” Source – Jihad Watch.

Flashback: Muslim Brotherhood Calls for a ‘United Arab States’ with Jerusalem as its Capital – “In this recent video, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Dr. Safwat Hegazy, a popular preacher, talks about how he yearns to see Arab nations become ‘like the United States’—for them to unify into the ‘United Arab States.’ While that may sound like an admirable (or at least neutral) goal, bear in mind what he is alluding to: the resurrection of a caliphate—which by nature exists to expand, including through jihad.” Read more.

Flashback: Muslim Brotherhood Elder: ‘The Whole World Belongs to Us … the Caliphate Will Return’ – “We are the children of Islam, the children of prophecy, the children of ‘there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.’ I say unto you Gouraud, we will return and we will kill anyone who has polluted the al-Aqsa Mosque. I say unto you that we will return, as the day of Qurayza from long ago. I say unto you that we will return, as the day of Khaybar from long ago. I say unto you that we will return. Jerusalem belongs to us. Al-Aqsa belongs to us. Jerusalem belongs to us, and the whole world belongs to us. Every land upon which Islam has set foot will return to us. The caliphate will return to us, on the platform of prophecy.” Read more.

  1. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist
    07/29/2012 at 4:06 PM

    If someone asked me, pick one thing that would prove that Islam is the end time government, it would have to be this. I mean really, rule the world? Before I took prophesy very serious, (even though I was raised with it) I couldn’t believe that anyone would actually be stupid enough to come up against a recently returned in the clouds Jesus and actually think they could kill him. Than I ran across these people. I mean really, HELLO! They not only think they will rule the world, they actually think they can kill the God of the Christians and the Jews! You know this should be one piece of evidence that should change the mind of every prophecy teacher everywhere, even Russia is not stupid enough to think they can kill Jesus. Oh boy, sorry about the rant, but some of this stuff just makes my head want to explode. God Bless all, and Maranatha.


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