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Why The Islamic Antichrist Theory Matters

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By Joel Richardson – “As a well-known prophecy teacher, my email inbox is frequently full of questions, comments and news articles from those interested in biblical prophecy. While some of these emails are certainly helpful and interesting, there are also many that I would put into the category of ‘biblical prophecy as morbid trivia.’ What I mean is that there are many believers who are overly fixated on discussing the many intricate details concerning the many dark events looming on the horizon. Now, to be clear, I say this as someone who deeply values biblical prophecy, but I will be the first to admit that much of what passes for biblical prophecy today is a mixture of conspiracy theories and extra-biblical concepts with only a thin ribbon of biblical passages intertwined throughout, so as to give it the appearance of credibility. I will also be the first to acknowledge that there are numerous Christians who have lost their way, having become completely distracted from the primary mandate of the Christian church, which is the proclamation of the gospel of the Kingdom – in both word and deed.

On the other hand, there are many Christians, who have overreacted to the unhealthy emphasis of some and now avoid the subject of biblical prophecy altogether. This is equally grievous. The Lord did not fill the pages of the Bible with prophecy because he wanted us to avoid the subject.

Although there are numerous highly relevant reasons for Christians to study biblical prophecy, I would like to use the remainder of this article to touch on just one deeply relevant reason specifically as to why the emerging Islamic Antichrist theory is so essential for the church to get a hold of. In brief, the answer is because the Read more…

‘Deadly’: Barack Hussein Obama’s New Islamic World Order

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By Daniel Greenfield – “Three years after Obama appeared in Cairo to praise Islam, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Mohammed Morsi, the country’s new Islamist president, and urged the army to turn over power to him.

In three years Egypt had gone from a stabilizing influence and a regional ally to a blossoming Sunni Iran. If Egypt’s transformation had been an isolated incident, it would still have been a foreign policy disaster, but it was actually part of a chain of such transformations with Islamists coming to power in Tunisia, Islamist thugs sweeping across Mali to enforce Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood emerging as the dominant force in Syria’s rebel council and likely transitional government under the auspices of Turkey’s AKP Islamist rulers.

Al-Azhar University, which Obama described in his Cairo speech as ‘a beacon of Islamic learning,’ is part of the mechanism by which Coptic Christian women and girls are kidnapped, raped and forced into Islam. It was also this ‘beacon of Islamic learning’ that Dr. Muhammad, the head of its Department of Islamic Preaching and Culture, declared that Jews are the source of all evil.

This is the beacon of the new Islamic world order that Obama’s disastrous pandering enabled. But it began even earlier.

Obama’s first visit outside the hemisphere, after a few obligatory European summits, was to Turkey where he addressed a parliament dominated by Islamists. When Obama arrived in Istanbul, the AKP was working to eliminate Turkish secularism and replace it with its own brand of Islamism. Its attack on the Turkish Constitution was still controversial and many Turkish patriots continued to speak out against it.

Obama assured Turkey’s Islamist leadership that America was not a Christian or Jewish nation, even while hypocritically endorsing Islamist leaders working to transform Turkey into a strictly Muslim nation. His embrace of Prime Minister Erdogan, President Abdullah Gul and the AKP parliament provided the Islamists, who had ties to Al-Qaeda and had formed into a coalition a month before the attacks of September 11, with a Read more…

UK: Police Arrest Ten Muslim Men For Raping 14-Year Old Girl

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Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders … or their sexual immorality …”

By Scott Hesketh, Daily Star – “TEN grooming suspects have been arrested over claims that they used a 14-year-old girl in a vile sex ring.

Armed officers swooped on the men, all of Asian origin, after the teenager told detectives she had been sexually assaulted.

Police raided homes in Bradford and nearby Keighley, West Yorks. The men have been released on bail pending further inquiries.

An investigation has now been launched into possible links with the depraved gang caged in May for a total of 76 years for raping and abusing up to 47 girls.

Nine men, including the ring-leader from nearby Rochdale, were jailed but detectives are hunting more than 40 other suspected gang members.

A senior police source said last night: ‘At this stage it is unclear if the latest arrests have any connection with the last high-profile convictions.'” Read more.

Veil Finally Being Lifted On Muslim Rape Epidemic – “For years there have been reports on blogs, personal testimonials and the like, about what looked like a literal epidemic of rape by Muslim men of both women and children, especially in northern European nations where the Muslim immigrant population is high. But the disturbing reports rarely rose to the level that would make the general population aware of the dangers that were becoming evident. After all, such a report would be blasted for attacking Islam and discriminating against Muslims. Until now, when a case from the United Kingdom has proven so egregious it could not be ignored.” Read more.

Flashback: British Woman Gang Raped by Five Afghan ‘Refugees’, Europe Continues to Suffer From Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic – “The brutal gang rape of a British woman by five Afghan refugees has sparked a massive protest against illegal immigrants in a Serbian spa town. The 38-year-old woman – who bravely managed to film the attack on her mobile phone – was repeatedly raped after befriending a group of Afghan men in a park in Banja Koviljaca… ‘These people are always hanging around the parks and streets during the day causing trouble,’ said one mum. ‘They have no respect for us, no respect for women and we want them gone because they have no right to be here.” Read more.

Belgium Shaken By Ramadan Crime Wave, Threats Of Grenade Attacks On Public Buildings

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(Translation) – “Threats, clashes and gatherings of ‘jeunes’ are shaking day-to-day life in certain districts, especially those in Brussels

The period of Ramadan is bringing its share of tensions and incidents in the streets of Brussels. It has only been six days since the month characterised by the Muslim fast has begun. However, the local police in Moelenbeek has already received threats in relation to this period – indirect, it is true – of attacks against public buildings. ‘These threats involved the possibility of grenades being launched at a police station in Moelenbeek or any other public building such as the town hall or community centre.’

Threats which were taken very seriously. Suddenly, at the end of last week and this weekend, the western police zone raised its state of alert and reinforced its security regime. ‘We were all on guard. Police numbers were reinforced on the ground as well as technical resources, like cameras, to observe any excesses.'” Read more.

Flashback: Belgium: ‘Religion Of Peace’ Leader Arrested After Calling For Muslims To Attack Non-Muslims – “The spokesman of a Belgian radical Islamist group, Sharia4Belgium, was arrested on Thursday for posting an Internet video urging attacks on non-Muslims after a woman was detained in Brussels for wearing a face veil. Fouad Belkacem, also known as Abu Imran, was arrested in Antwerp and remanded in custody on suspicion of breaking anti-discrimination laws and inciting violence. ‘He posted a video message on YouTube in which he called on his brothers and sisters to fight against non-believers,’ said a spokesman for the Antwerp prosecutor.” Read more.

Flashback: Belgium: Veiled Woman Arrested For Breaking Policewoman’s Nose After ID Requested, Muslims Riot Over Arrest – “There was trouble in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek on Thursday after a woman wearing a niqab was detained by police… The wearing of the niqab (and the burqa) in public is forbidden in Belgium. The niqab-wearer was asked to produce proof of identity by police in the neighbouring municipality of Jette on Thursday afternoon. She refused to remove her niqab and was taken to a Molenbeek police station for questioning. At the police station the woman injured a female police officer by head-butting her.” Read more.

Flashback: Belgium: Authorities Cope To Struggle With Muslim Crime Wave – “New Europe reported a recent incident that occurred on the streets of Brussels which raised questions as to the true integration of the Muslim population in an already divded country. Crime in EU’s capital has been growing as well as minority popoulation. Integration of Muslims into Belgium culture has been extremely difficult. With a rapidly growing population, the capital of Belgium – and of the EU – is already one of the most multicultural in Europe. Muslims are already a majority in some neighborhoods.” Read more.

Thailand: Authorities Launch Investigation After 100,000 Dead Fish Found Along 3 Kilometer Stretch Of Lam Takong River

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“Nakhon Ratchasima authorities met to discuss the cause of a mass fish death in the Lam Takong River, as wastewater discharged from communities and ice factories may be two reasons that lead to the incident.

Some 100,000 dead fish were found along a 3 kilometre-long stretch of the Lam Takong River, from Samrong Chan community to VIV Housing Estate, two days ago.

Nakhon Ratchasima vice governor Chayawut Chanthorn on Sunday chaired a meeting of relevant agencies to find the cause of the incident and told reporters after the one hour meeting that according to an initial investigation, dissolved oxygen level was measured at lower than two miligramme per litre, and at some points was below one milligramme per litre.

The unusually low dissolved oxygen could result from wastewater originating from nearby communities or from the factories along the river, as an oil slick was found near the fish.

Provincial authorities have collected fish and water samples to determine the cause of deaths. Results of the tests are expected by July 17-18.

Officials would also inspect the factories to see whether wastewater was discharged into the river or not. There were reportedly four ice factories located near the river.” Source – pdn.

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Egypt: 200 Tons Of Dead Fish In The Nile River Sparks Fear

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(Google Translation) – “The initial report showed the Commission and the Ministry of Health to investigate the deaths of more than 200 tons of fish, which are reared in cages in front of the village of «Srenbaa», that the high temperature, lack of oxygen were behind the death of fish.

Dr. Mohammed grace of God, and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the lake, Saturday, The Committee of the Ministry of Health will visit the province of the lake, to determine the status of water in the Nile River Mahmudiya, after the emergence of 200 tons of dead fish.

The «grace of God», told «Egyptian today», that «the Department of Health has to take samples of dead fish and water samples in the region, the joint lab for analysis in the city of Damanhur, and send samples to the central laboratories of the Ministry in Cairo».

He stressed that «what now occupies the Directorate is to tighten control over markets, to ensure that any leakage of large quantities of dead fish to it»…

He cautioned «Hamalawy» on the directorates of health and veterinary medicine and supplies to tighten control over markets, to ensure that no leakage of the dead fish.

The centers of Mahmudiya and Rahmaniya and Rashid district of the lake, have seen, Saturday, the emergence of huge quantities of dead fish, estimated at 200 tons, on the surface of the water branch of the Nile Rashid, which led to the prevalence of a state of anxiety and fear among the public of the possibility of water contamination with toxic substances.” Read more.

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Canada: Two Separate BC Fish Kills In Okanagan Lake A Mystery

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By Judie Steeves, Kelowna Capital News – “An investigation is going on into two fish kills in Okanagan Lake, but it’s not yet known whether they are related or not.

Hundreds of dead carp and Northern pike minnows were discovered Monday in and around Rotary Marsh in Kelowna’s downtown north end, where Brandt Creek flushes into Okanagan Lake.

Conservation officer Ed Seitz was at the scene Monday afternoon and said he couldn’t see any evidence of a chemical or fuel spill, but he removed some of the carcasses to have some laboratory tests done on them.

All the fish he saw were coarse fish rather than game fish, and he said it appeared they died within the past day or two.

City of Kelowna staff have also taken water samples both in Rotary Marsh—a re-constructed wetland that is now a city park—and at several spots upstream in Brandt Creek, but there were no results by the Capital News deadline, according to Todd Cashin, Environment and Land Use manager with the city.

Cashin had visited the site earlier in the day and said there didn’t appear to be different age classes, but he couldn’t speculate what might have caused the deaths.” Read more.

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Pennsylvania: Hundreds Of Fish Found Along Lake Erie Shore Killed By ‘Natural Phenomenon’

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The Erie Times-News -“Hundreds of dead and dying sheepshead showed up along the Lake Erie shore in recent days.

The fish, also known as freshwater drum, were spotted over the weekend along North East Township near the Pennsylvania-New York state line and also in western Erie County between Elk Creek in Girard Township and Crooked Creek in Springfield Township.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection officials said the die-off was due to a ‘natural phenomenon’ called a seiche and was unrelated to pollution or other stresses caused by humans.

Jim Grazio, a Great Lakes biologist with the state DEP, investigated, spokesman Kevin Sunday said.

‘His investigation led DEP to the conclusion that the event was likely the result of a recent ‘upwelling’ of cold water in Lake Erie,’ Sunday said.

Similar die-offs were reported in the Ohio waters of Lake Erie, he said.

‘Recent strong winds from the east/northeast forced Lake Erie surface waters toward the western end of the lake. When the winds calmed, gravity pulled the water back setting up the classic ‘sloshing’ of water that is the surface seiche,’ Sunday said.” Read more.

India: Dozens Of Turtles Found Dead Along The Pavana Banks

07/25/2012 Leave a comment – “On Sunday, carcasses of 10 Indian flap-shelled turtles (Lissemys punctata) were found near the borders of Gevande Khadak and Thakursai villages. The number steadily rose to around 30 till Tuesday evening as more carcasses piled up on two-three kilometres of the bank. Locals now fear that the waters of the dam are contaminated.

It’s a mystery

Neither the irrigation department nor forest department officials know about the turtles washing up on the Pavana banks and so the reason behind the occurrence is still unknown. S M Londhe, Superintending Engineer, Pune Irrigation Circle and nodal officer for the district, said, ‘I do not know about the incident. I will get information from the concerned officials and only then will be able to comment.’

S K Patil, Range Forest Officer, Vadgaon Maval, said, ‘I have recently taken charge. I do not know where this phenomnenon has happened.’ He also added that since he is new to the territory, he doesn’t know what the local situation is.

Surprised constable V N Malusare of the Lonavala Police Station, said, ‘We don’t know anything of this sort. What you are saying is news to us.’

Meanwhile, R K Jagtap, an engineer at Pavana dam, visited the dam on Sunday and again on Tuesday. He was still clueless about the cause of the turtles’ deaths.” Read more.

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Iranian Naval Commander: We Will Soon Deploy Warships In The Atlantic

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By Patrick Goodenough, CNS News – “For the second time in less than a year, Iran’s top naval commander has said Iranian Navy vessels will soon be plying the Atlantic Ocean, having made great strides in recent years in expanding its presence beyond Iranian waters.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari’s comments came on the same day Iran launched its first domestically-built oil tanker. The 21,000-ton vessel, capable of carrying up to 750,000 barrels of oil, was ordered by Venezuela, and Sayyari’s remarks raise the possibility that a warship may escort the tanker on its delivery sailing to Iran’s Latin American ally.

Iran has also established close ties with Cuba, another potential destination for an Iranian Navy Atlantic voyage.

‘The navy has carried out successful activities in open seas, and in the near future we will witness the presence of the navy in the Atlantic Ocean,’ the Mehr news agency quoted Sayyari as saying.

‘The powerful presence of Iranian Navy in the high seas has proven the Islamic Republic’s might,’ he said.” Read more.

Flashback: Iranian Navy Chief: We Are Building Ten New Frigates And Destroyers – “Iran will build 10 new frigates and destroyers, Navy deputy chief Rear Adm. Abbas Zamini said on Wednesday. These include a Mowj-1 class destroyer, launched in 2010, and Velayat, a Mowj-2 class destroyer, whose construction is 70 percent complete and will finish by the end of the current year, he said, according to Press TV. The new projects also include Mowj and Sina-class destroyers and guided missile frigates, Zamini said. The Iranian Navy floated out its first domestically built destroyer, Jamaran, in February 2010.” Read more.

Flashback: Report: Iran Designing ‘Peaceful’ Nuclear Submarine – “Iran has begun to design its first nuclear submarine, the Islamic Republic’s semiofficial news agency Fars reported on Tuesday. The Fars report quotes deputy navy chief in charge of technical affairs, Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini, as saying that Iran has begun ‘initial stages’ of designing the nuclear-powered craft. Zamini added that Iran has developed ‘peaceful nuclear technology’ and has both the capability and the right to build a submarine.” Read more.

Flashback: Report: Iranian Navy Announces They Will Send Military Warships Close to the US Atlantic Coast – “Iran raised the prospect on Tuesday of sending military ships close to the United States’ Atlantic coast, in what would be a major escalation of tensions between the long-standing adversaries. ‘Like the arrogant powers that are present near our marine borders, we will also have a powerful presence close to American marine borders,’ the head of the Navy, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said, according to the official IRNA news agency.” Read more.

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