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Sudan: Christians Under Increasing Pressure As Sharia Law Imposes Amputation, Crucifixion, Stoning

By Eric Reeves – “Hudud, a specific category of punishment within the penal code of sharia (Islamic law), is unspeakably barbaric in Sudan. And this barbarism has not diminished in recent years, despite claims in some quarters that Islamism is on the wane in Sudan, still a vast and highly various country. The National Islamic Front/National Congress Party (NIC/NCP) regime is as committed as ever to an extremely aggressive interpretation of sharia, as well as its uniform imposition. Under the penal provisions of hudud in Sudan, women are regularly sentenced to be flogged (a punishment that can be fatal) for crimes ranging from brewing beer to support a family to wearing insufficiently ‘modest’ clothing. Even more shocking, women—and girls—are sentenced to be stoned to death under Sudanese hudud for adultery. Although sentences are typically commuted in the judicial proceedings, commutation is entirely arbitrary and seems to depend upon the degree of international attention that is focused on a given case. The execution itself is carried out by a crowd throwing stones at the victim, who is buried up to her chest with her hands tied. It is a slow, grim, and agonizing death.

Cross-amputation—the amputation of the right hand and left foot—is almost incomprehensibly cruel, yet it too persists. A case from several years ago gained prominence in the human rights world because the sentence was handed out to a 16-year-old boy. Most of these cases go unreported, but not always (the link here is to a horrific photograph of four Darfuri men who have had the sentence of cross-amputation imposed; I urge caution in deciding whether or not to view this disturbing photograph). There is no sign that the imposition of this brutally destructive assault on human flesh and spirit will end soon.

Crucifixion is also a punishment under Sudanese hudud. It is the punishment for apostasy (leaving the faith of Islam), but other crimes as well…

… the criminalization, subject to the death penalty, of apostasy; the efforts by the government in Khartoum to impose its restrictive interpretation of Shari’ah (Islamic law) on Muslims and non-Muslims; attacks and threats against the Christian community; the application of the Public Order Act and related laws and use of floggings for undefined acts of ‘indecency’ and ‘immorality’; the denial of public religious expression and persuasion of Muslims by non-Muslims, while allowing proselytizing of non-Muslims by Muslims; and the difficulty in obtaining permission to build churches, as compared to government funding of mosque construction.

In fact, the confiscation of Christian church lands and resources, attacks on churches and church properties, harassment of clergy and parishioners, and the intimidation of Christian religious authority generally saw a marked increase following the independence of South Sudan in July 2011—this despite the long and distinguished tradition of a Christian presence in Sudan.” Read more.

Flashback: North Sudan: President Al-Bashir Moves Forward with Rewriting the Country’s Constitution to Implement Sharia Law – “Sudanese leader Omer Hassan Al-Bashir is moving forward with rewriting the country’s constitution to implement Shariah law, according to reports from organizations with links inside the Muslim-dominated nation. International Christian Concern’s North Africa specialist Jonathan Racho says that a Shariah-compliant constitution will mean more suffering for Sudan’s remaining Christians. ‘This new law (Shariah compliant constitution) is going to affect a significant number of Christians who live in places like Khartoum (the capital city). There are still a significant number of Christians in Sudan,’ Racho said.” Read more.

  1. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist
    07/24/2012 at 12:30 PM

    God help us.


  2. 07/24/2012 at 4:08 PM

    Persecution will likely find its way to America. As Christians we should prepare our hearts now. I would not be at all shocked if women are soon be required to wear hyjabs, or berkas, in public. This would be ordered by the government, so as not to offend Muslim sensitivities.

    The problem is, that by capitulating to Islamic law, we would also be showing defrence to a foreign god. Allah is none other than Satan.

    G-d has a wounderful sence of humor. Back in antiquity, in the land of Shinar, present day Iraq, G=d destroyed a man made tower to heaven. At that time there was only one language, so G-d confused the languages. Arabic was assigned to what would become the language of the UNHOLY Koran. Google Allah’s name and you will find the perfect picture of a Serpent. G-d has forced Satan to identify himself as the Serpent.


  3. ICA
  4. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist
    07/24/2012 at 4:15 PM

    Yes I agree. We need to prepare our minds as well. The bulk of the American people have no clue as to what’s coming. Nor do they want to hear it. It truly is as Jesus said, it will be as in the day’s of Noah. They didn’t believe it either. As Christians we must thrust head first into scripture, for His sheep will know His voice. I am still praying for God to give us all knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and strength and courage for what’s about to be unleashed. For Satan knows his time is short. God Bless.


  5. Willard
    07/25/2012 at 12:14 AM

    Satan specializes in deceipt he will promote himself and his agenda and try to appear like a lamb

    Mt 24:4 Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.
    Mt 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ, and will deceive many


    • 07/25/2012 at 7:21 AM

      Yes, watch for the rise of the Madhi aka the 12th Imam. According to muslim end times prophecy, he will be accompanied by a muslim Jesus, and don’t be taken in by false signs wonders, for G-d has allowed this power, and those who do not know their G-d will be decieved. This false Messiah will be granted the power to call down fire from heaven just like Elijah.


  6. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist
    07/25/2012 at 8:19 AM

    That’s what worries me the most. There’s talk in some prophecy circles that the verses that tell of Jesus coming, doesn’t mean that all will literally see, but they say Daniel’s prophecy about increase in technology will now allow all the world to see with computers, tv, etc. That worries me. How many will run to this false Christ? Too many I fear. Satan was very very clever with the way he has covered his tracks. You see the muslim dijal will be Israel’s Messiah, well we know who that is! So he is hoping even with a supernatural entrance that people will try to kill him. That brings us to Armageddon. But I worry about the amount of people that will swallow Satan’s vitriol hook line and sinker.


    • 07/25/2012 at 5:47 PM

      The Muslim Dijal will not be Israel’s Messiah. As a Jewish believer in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua; I can tell you that jews are coming to faith in Yeshua, aka Jesus, in fairly large numbers, both in Israel and around the globe.
      When the Lord returns, “every eye” will see Him, and I doubt that this is hyperbole. First, all of the celestial lights will be darkened and then Yeshua will return with all of His Sheckhinah Glory, which will fill the whole earth. Why is it that we, mere dust, attempt to set limits on what the Creator, can or cannot do? When the trump of G-d sounds, and the graves are opened, everyone will witness His return.


  7. 11/13/2013 at 2:25 PM

    Reblogged this on spiritualabusesanctuary and commented:
    Can you feel the love? Doesn’t this make you want to hook up with the “religion of pieces”?


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