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Ahmadinejad’s Latest Boast: Judaism And Christianity Do Not Exist

“FCNN (Farsi Christian News Network) reports from Tehran:President of the Islamic Republic, in his opening speech at an Islamic conference held in Tehran on Tuesday 10th July 2012 said that the prophet of Islam is the prophet of Americas, Europe, and Asia, as well as Buddhists, and Hindus; adding that God did not create Judaism nor Christianity, in fact god only ever created one religion, Islam!

Thrashing out the details of the immediate need for a fundamental change in world affairs and the role of the United Nations, he said that the UN can be a key institution in this change; and went on to ask ‘but who controls the UN today?’

He reiterated: ‘people across the world, in Asia, Africa, Americas and all other parts of the world should wake up for the world to be rectified. Prophet are to rectify the world affairs, our dear prophet Muhammad came to rectify the world affairs, Islam is a world religion, God did not send one religion to any one group of people, nor did he send it to one race of creed only’.

After a lengthy discourse on Justice, he said: ‘My dear ones! Islam is a world religion and god has only one religion, that of Islam, he did not send Judaism or Christianity; Abraham was a harbinger of Islam, as were Moses and Jesus!

Repeating himself many times over, The President of the Islamic Republic added: ‘god has only ever created one religion, that of Islam!, our dear prophet belongs to the whole world, he is the last of the prophets, he is the prophet of Asians, Americans and Europeans, he is the prophet of Buddhists and Hindus too, he came to save everyone, our prophet is for all the people of the world’.

Ahmadi-Najad said: ‘Muhammad, our dear prophet, is not just for Muslims, Koran is not just for Muslims either, Koran belongs to all the world’.

Adding; ‘we must be careful to have our weapons always pointed against Israel and bring down the dictatorial regimes in the region, Zionism is the cause of dictatorship in the region and across the world, and unless Zionism is destroyed, nations of the world will not have, nor see, happiness’.

‘To establish justice in the world, god has chosen one heavenly creature, who is himself the embodiment of pure justice and free from wrong decisions and mistakes he can deliver god’s promises. God has declared that when peoples of the world rise against tyranny, a child of prophet of Islam will come down from on high alongside Jesus Christ himself!'” Read more.

  1. Lee
    07/12/2012 at 5:49 PM

    And yet, even within Islam, there are different sects and the Sunnis are not too happy with the Shiites and vice-versa, not to mention the other sects. I don’t see much happiness within Islamic states.


  2. Willard
    07/12/2012 at 6:10 PM

    We have a Islamic hammer in the North a Islamic hammer in the South we have the Jews Israel the anvil in the middle just like during the wars between Seleucid and Ptlomey – and both Islamic groups Sunni / Shiite hate Israel and both also hate each other


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