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Former Jordanian MP On Gaza TV: The Best Way To Expel Jews From The Land Is Through War And Death-Seeking

Zephaniah 2:5-9, “Woe to you who live by the sea, O Kerethite people; the word of the LORD is against you, O Canaan, land of the Philistines. ‘I will destroy you, and none will be left. The land by the sea, where the Kerethites dwell, will be a place for shepherds and sheep pens. It will belong to the remnant of the house of Judah; there they will find pasture. In the evening they will lie down in the houses of Ashkelon. The LORD their God will care for them; he will restore their fortunes. I have heard the insults of Moab and the taunts of the Ammonites, who insulted my people and made threats against their land. Therefore, as surely as I live,’ declares the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, ‘surely Moab will become like Sodom, the Ammonites like Gomorrah–a place of weeds and salt pits, a wasteland forever. The remnant of my people will plunder them; the survivors of my nation will inherit their land.'”

Former Jordanian MP: “The best method was that of martyrdom operations. How those faces changed with gloom and humiliation… When the Jews sense security and stability, which are provided by the ruling regimes around them, (they initiate) security, economic, and political enterprises. They build sky-scrapers. That time (their punishment) will be worse, and (their enemies) will ‘visit with destruction all that fell into their power.’ In other words, the Muslims will destroy these security and economic enterprises, as well as these buildings, until not a single Jew can hope to remain on this sacred land, and until not a single Jew living outside this sacred land can hope to come here. That is the path — the path of fighting and of martyrdom-seeking…”

Hamas TV Interviewer: “Honorable sheik, do you think that this will happen in the near future?”

Former Jordanian MP: “I think that this will happen soon, because when you examine the state of the Islamic nation, you see that it has been tamed by oppressive rulers for 70 years, who threatened people’s livelihoods, imprisoned them, killed them, and so on, but these Islamic peoples have begun to understand their duty toward this land. Look at these Jihadist movements, like Hamas and others. We have heard brother Abu Abed (Ismail Haniya) say: ‘We shall never recognize Israel, and we shall work toward the liberation of Palestine in its entirety, from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea.’ …”

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