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US Rushing Dozens Of Submersibles To Persian Gulf To Oppose Iran

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By David S. Cloud, The Los Angeles Times – “WASHINGTON — The Navy is rushing dozens of unmanned underwater craft to the Persian Gulf to help detect and destroy mines in a major military buildup aimed at preventing Iran from closing the strategic Strait of Hormuz in the event of a crisis, U.S. officials said.

The tiny SeaFox submersibles each carry an underwater television camera, homing sonar and an explosive charge. The Navy bought them in May after an urgent request by Marine Gen. James Mattis, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East.

Each submersible is about 4 feet long and weighs less than 100 pounds. The craft are intended to boost U.S. military capabilities as negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program appear to have stalled. Three rounds of talks since April between Iran and the five countries in the United Nations Security Council plus Germany have made little progress.

Some U.S. officials are wary that Iran may respond to tightening sanctions on its banking and energy sectors, including a European Union oil embargo, by launching or sponsoring attacks on oil tankers or platforms in the Persian Gulf. Some officials in Tehran have threatened to close the narrow waterway, a choke point for a fifth of the oil traded worldwide.

The first of the SeaFox submersibles arrived in the Gulf in recent weeks, officials said, along with four MH-53 Sea Dragon helicopters and four minesweeping ships, part of a larger buildup of U.S. naval, air and ground forces in the region aimed at Iran.

The U.S. already has sent two aircraft carriers and a squadron of F-22 fighters to the Persian Gulf, and is keeping two U.S. army brigades in Kuwait.” Read more.

Flashback: A Signal To Iran: US Adds Forces In Persian Gulf As Iran Lawmakers Prepare To Close Strait Of Hormuz – “The United States has quietly moved significant military reinforcements into the Persian Gulf to deter the Iranian military from any possible attempt to shut the Strait of Hormuz and to increase the number of fighter jets capable of striking deep into Iran if the standoff over its nuclear program escalates… But at a moment that the United States and its allies are beginning to enforce a much broader embargo on Iran’s oil exports, meant to force the country to take seriously the negotiations over sharply limiting its nuclear program, the buildup carries significant risks, including that Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps could decide to lash out against the increased presence.” Read more.

Does Isaiah Prophesy Civil War In Egypt?

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By Joel Richardson – “With all eyes on the upcoming U.S. elections, few are paying attention to an astounding fulfillment of biblical prophecy that is beginning to unfold right in front of us all. With all of the changes taking place in the Middle East and particularly Egypt, many Egyptian Christians are paying very close attention to the prophecies of Daniel 11 and Isaiah 19.

News reports out of Egypt show that despite the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood’s victory in the presidential elections, there is a dark storm brewing that portends a conflict between the old guard military (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces: SCAF) and the Brotherhood and her supporters.

Just before the elections, SCAF dissolved the Islamist-dominated parliament, claiming that roughly one-third of Egypt’s MPs had been illegally elected, effectively hamstringing the Brotherhood even before they came to power.

But newly elected Islamist President Muhammad Mursi has struck back by issuing a decree overruling the military’s decision. On Monday, MP supporters of Mursi violated a court-ordered decision to uphold the SCAF’s decision and entered parliament.

SCAF immediately convened an emergency meeting to consider its response, and the Supreme Constitutional Court announced that its rulings are final and binding.

The conflict has also lit up the Egyptian social media sites, with politicians and commoners alike lashing out at one another.

In the midst of what looks as though it may become a long-term national conflict, many Egyptian Christians are considering the relevance of a prophecy found in Isaiah 19 concerning the state of Egypt in the last days just before the return of the Messiah. This passage, unlike any other in the Bible, describes in great detail the future sufferings and glories of Egypt in the unfolding of the Lord’s future prophetic calendar.

In the years, and perhaps even months ahead, according to Isaiah’s prophecy, Egypt will experience Read more…

Former Jordanian MP On Gaza TV: The Best Way To Expel Jews From The Land Is Through War And Death-Seeking

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Zephaniah 2:5-9, “Woe to you who live by the sea, O Kerethite people; the word of the LORD is against you, O Canaan, land of the Philistines. ‘I will destroy you, and none will be left. The land by the sea, where the Kerethites dwell, will be a place for shepherds and sheep pens. It will belong to the remnant of the house of Judah; there they will find pasture. In the evening they will lie down in the houses of Ashkelon. The LORD their God will care for them; he will restore their fortunes. I have heard the insults of Moab and the taunts of the Ammonites, who insulted my people and made threats against their land. Therefore, as surely as I live,’ declares the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, ‘surely Moab will become like Sodom, the Ammonites like Gomorrah–a place of weeds and salt pits, a wasteland forever. The remnant of my people will plunder them; the survivors of my nation will inherit their land.'”

Former Jordanian MP: “The best method was that of martyrdom operations. How those faces changed with gloom and humiliation… When the Jews sense security and stability, which are provided by the ruling regimes around them, (they initiate) security, economic, and political enterprises. They build sky-scrapers. That time (their punishment) will be worse, and (their enemies) will ‘visit with destruction all that fell into their power.’ In other words, the Muslims will destroy these security and economic enterprises, as well as these buildings, until not a single Jew can hope to remain on this sacred land, and until not a single Jew living outside this sacred land can hope to come here. That is the path — the path of fighting and of martyrdom-seeking…”

Hamas TV Interviewer: “Honorable sheik, do you think that this will happen in the near future?”

Former Jordanian MP: “I think that this will happen soon, because when you examine the state of the Islamic nation, you see that it has been tamed by oppressive rulers for 70 years, who threatened people’s livelihoods, imprisoned them, killed them, and so on, but these Islamic peoples have begun to understand their duty toward this land. Look at these Jihadist movements, like Hamas and others. We have heard brother Abu Abed (Ismail Haniya) say: ‘We shall never recognize Israel, and we shall work toward the liberation of Palestine in its entirety, from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea.’ …”

Friday Sermon In Qatar: Jews Are Parasites

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Qatar TV Sermon: “A gang of Jews incited Arabs and other people against the Prophet Muhammad. That’s the Jews for you – they are always like parasites, living off others, rather than striving for self-improvement.”

Now there’s a statement that Webster’s Dictionary should include as one example for the definition of “preposterous.” While Israel continues to move forward with advancements in science and medicine and is home to some of the best universities in the world, “Dar al-Islam” continues to ferment in the culture of 8th century Arabia. “In 2007 Islam and Judaism’s holiest holidays overlapped for 10 days. Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94 terror attacks across 10 countries during this time… while Jews worked on their 159th Nobel Prize” (TROP). Oh, the irony …

9/11 Mass Murderers Demand US Court Respect Religion That Inspires Mass Murder

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Yes, you’ve read that right. Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his four “deputies of death” are demanding that non-Muslims bow down to the god that calls for the killing of non-Muslims, because the days of Ramadan “are the most holy period of the Muslim calendar and are typically observed by fasting, prayer, and seclusion.” Oh, and more mass murder

By CAROL ROSENBERG – “Lawyers for accused Sept. 11 attacks mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his four co-defendants are seeking to postpone their Aug. 8-12 hearing at Guantánamo, noting it falls toward the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The trial judge, Army Col. James Pohl, set the date for the hearing in May and specifically ruled out an extension on grounds that it coincided with Islam’s fasting month. He noted in his order then that no defense lawyer at that point had raised objection to a hearing that coincided with Ramadan.

But the attorneys do just that in a June 21 filing currently under seal on the Pentagon’s war court website entitled “Joint Defense Motion for the Military Commission to Respect the Religious Observances of Enemy Prisoners under Common Article 3.”

Pohl is hearing motions in another Guantánamo case next week. But that hearing ends by July 19, before Ramadan starts. The 9/11 case pre-trial motions would be heard toward the end of Ramadan.

‘The last 10 days of Ramadan commemorate the night God —Allah— revealed the Holy Quran to the Prophet Mohammed,’ said James Connell III, the Pentagon-paid defense counsel for Mohammed’s nephew, Ammar al Baluchi. ‘These 10 days are the most holy period of the Muslim calendar and are typically observed by fasting, prayer, and seclusion.'” Read more.

UK: Muslim Man Charged With ‘Planning To Car Bomb London’s Olympic Park During Games’

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By Martin Robinson – “Anti-terrorism officers are grilling a man accused of planning to blow up the Olympic Park during the Games using a car filled with explosives.

Specialist police from London are in Blackpool, Lancashire, to speak to Javed Aktar who has been charged with making the deadly threat.

He is one of more than a dozen suspected terrorists arrested in the last week as security services try to ‘clear the decks’ before the Olympics start later this month.

Britain’s top expert on terrorism legislation, David Anderson QC, also said police and MI5 are ‘defending further up the field’ to avoid any 7/7 or 9/11-style attacks when London hosts the Games.

42-year-old Aktar is currently being held in custody and will appear before magistrates in Blackpool on Friday.

He has been charged with leading another person into believing that he had explosives, namely Semtex, in Blackpool with intent to cause an explosion.

He is alleged to have told someone that he had a bomb in his car and was preparing to drive to the Olympics in London and set it off.

Police were alerted when the witness managed to make a 999 call on his mobile phone.

Aktar is further charged with racially aggravated threatening behaviour towards a police sergeant.

At a court hearing earlier this week Aktar was remanded in custody.

Aktar is one of 14 suspected terrorists arrested last week.” Read more.

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