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Dreams And Visions Moving Muslims To Christ

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Acts 2:17, “‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams.”

Acts 17:26-27, “And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel their way toward him and find him. Yet he is actually not far from each one of us …”

By Chris Mitchell and Julie Stahl, CBN News – “Several years ago, Ali took the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca known as Hajj.

‘Of course when I went to Mecca I was going there in order to pay hommage to the Kabba and to fulfill the requirements in Islam,’ he recalled.

But the trip became more of a spiritual journey than he could ever imagine.

‘That night I saw Jesus in a dream. First, Jesus touched my forehead with his finger. And after touching me, He said, ‘You belong to me,” Ali recalled.

‘And then He touched me above my heart,’ he continued. ‘You have been saved, follow me. You belong to me,’ he said.’

Ali’s story in Mecca was told and dramatized in a DVD called ‘More Than Dreams.’

‘I decided I’m not going to finish the Hajj, the pilgrimage. Whatever it takes, I’m going to follow that voice,’ he explained.

The film documents and dramatizes Ali’s story and several other Muslims who came to faith in Jesus through a dream or vision.

‘We’re seeing that all around. We’re hearing about people that have never even thought about Jesus as savior,’ Tom Doyle, with e3 Ministries, said. ‘They’re content Muslims and they’re having dreams over and over.’

Doyle and his wife Joanna take the gospel to the Muslim world. He’s also the author of the upcoming book, Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?

‘I think our God is a fair God, that He’s righteous and just, and people are seeking and they don’t know where to go,’ Doyle said.

‘Maybe they don’t have a Bible, maybe there’s no missionary in the village,’ he said. ‘He’ll get the message to them somehow.’

The phenomenon of dreams and visions has surfaced throughout the Muslim world, from Indonesia to Morocco.

‘In the church if you ask how many people came to Christ, 80 percent will say, ‘I saw Him in a dream’…” Read more.

Report: Al-Qaida Planning To Crash U.S. Airline During London Olympics

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By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz – “The al-Qaida branch in the Arabian Peninsula is believed to be planning a terror attack during the Olympic Games in London, scheduled to begin at the end of the month. According to a report in today’s Sunday Times, quoting intelligence services, the organization has recruited a Norwegian Muslim convert who was supposed to hijack a U.S. passenger plane and crash it on a suicide mission. It is not clear though that the attack targeted one of the Olympic venues, despite the timing.

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been involved in a number of attempts to carry out high-profile attacks on Western targets.

Jonathan Evans, head of MI5, Britain’s domestic security service, said in a rare public address last week that ‘the games are not an easy target, and the fact that we have disrupted multiple terrorist plots here and abroad in recent years demonstrates that the UK as a whole is not an easy target.’ Despite the successes in foiling terror attacks, Evans warned that ‘in back rooms and in cars on the streets of this country there is no shortage of individuals talking about wanting to mount terrorist attacks here,’ and spoke of the threat of Western Muslim citizens who have been radicalized and trained in camps in countries such as Yemen and Sudan, traveling back to the West to carry out attacks.

According to the sources quoted in The Sunday Times, a Norwegian citizen in his mid-30s and who names himself Abu Abdulrahman converted to Islam in 2008 and has in recent months been undergoing training at AQAP bases in Yemen. There have been a number of reports over the last few months of Western citizens who joined al-Qaida and are involved in its operations in Yemen against the local Western-backed security forces.

The intelligence services believe that AQAP will try and take advantage of the fact the Norwegian has a ‘clean’ criminal record and can travel throughout Europe with few restrictions. Around 600 thousand people are expected to be accredited to the Olympics and millions of additional tourists are expected in London over the next month.” Read more.

Egyptian Opposition: The Muslim Brotherhood Will Never Relinquish The Presidency

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Rif’at Al-Said: The danger in the Freedom and Justice Party [of the Muslim Brotherhood] lies in its being a Salafi organization, which relies upon peddling in religion. They believe that if their candidate becomes president, Islam itself will have come to power, and will serve as an umbrella for the rule.

Therefore, if Muhammad Mursi, the Freedom and Justice Party’s candidate, is elected, any opposition to him will be considered opposition to the Islamic enterprise, to the rule of Islam, and to the implementation of the shari’a.

If he takes the seat of power, he will never get up again. What advocate of political Islam has ever relinquished power? The ayatollahs in Iran came to power, and will remain in power until Judgment Day. When Omar Al-Bashir came to power, he talked about free elections, and so on. Meanwhile, Sudan has disintegrated in his hands, and the economy is dead, but he remains in power, and will continue to do so, even if all that remains is the single square meter on which his throne is located. With Hamas, the loyal disciples of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is the same story.”

Interviewer: “If you object to Muhammad [Mursi], you can remove him from power after four years.”

Rif’at Al-Said: “That will never happen. I can tell you that right now.”

Egypt: Islamists Kill Two Christians For Not Voting For Muslim Brotherhood Candidate

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By Stefan J. Bos, BosNewLife – “CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)– Native Christian missionaries in Egypt remained concerned Saturday, June 30, saying at least two fellow believers were killed by suspected Islamists since Mohammed Morsi was declared the country’s president.

Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood ‘announced they would destroy the country if Morsi didn’t win, but they also said they will take revenge from all those who voted for [his opponent Ahmed] Shafiq, especially the Christians as they are sure we did vote for Shafiq,’ am Egyptian missionary leader said in a letter distributed by Christian Aid Mission (CAM) group.

‘Yesterday they began by killing two believers in [the area of] el Sharqiya because of this,’ the missionary added, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The names of the two Christians known to the missionaries were not immediately released.

These latest reported killings came just weeks after video footage of a convert from Islam to Christianity being murdered by Muslims was shown on on Egyptian television…

Native missionaries and other Christians said the footage of the brutal beheading was the latest indication of what they called ‘the violent threat to religious freedom’ in the post-Arab Spring revolution-era.

‘Native missionary families are deeply disturbed and even fearful because of recent developments in Egypt,’ CAM Africa Director Rae Burnett told BosNewsLife.” Read more.

Egypt’s Mursi defies military in fiery speech, ‘I fear no one but Allah’ – “Egypt’s newly elected President Mohammed Mursi on Friday took a symbolic oath of office during a rousing speech at the iconic Tahrir Square, defying military rulers by saying he does not fear anyone and will not give up on any of the powers given to the president. Mursi, Egypt’s first freely-elected civilian president, who was speaking on the eve of his swearing-in, took the symbolic oath after many protesters called on him to do so to defy the ruling army who took power after Hosni Mubarak’s ouster… ‘I promise you that I will not give up on any of the powers given to the president,’ Mursi said, in a veiled reference to the Supreme Council of Armed Forces’ recent decrees. ‘I fear no one but [Allah],’ he said.” Read more.

Kenya: At Least 17 Killed After Islamist Gunmen Open Fire On Churches In Garissa

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“There’s no end to Christian martyrdom in Africa. After Nigeria, now the Christian community in Kenya are under attack. The death toll following the attacks on two churches in Garissa, in north-eastern Kenya is 17, with another 50 people injured and 10 seriously injured.

Garissa is located in north-eastern Kenya, approximately 140 kilometres from the border with Somalia. The city is 70 kilometres away from the vast refugee camp in Dadaab, which is currently sheltering 465 thousand Somali refugees. Four foreign humanitarian aid workers were kidnapped from here Friday.

The attacks, which took place almost simultaneously, targeted the city’s Catholic cathedral and a church owned by the African Inland Independent Church (AIC) congregation, as Sunday mass was being celebrated.

Kenyan authorities have pointed the finger at Islamist al-Shabab militia operating in Somalia, whose border lies 140 kilometres away from the city.

A group of hooded terrorists launched two grenades inside the cathedral, but only one went off. The dead and many of those wounded were registered as members of the AIC congregation’s church, where another five militiamen opened fire on faithful: 10 of them died instantly and another six passed away as they were being taken to hospital.” Read more.

Flashback: East Africa: Growing Appeal Of Radical Islam Could Have Major Ramifications For Christianity, Stable Democracies – “Al Shabaab has been waging an insurgency against Somalia’s fragile interim government since 2007 and formally became part of al Qaeda earlier this year. Abdullahi’s account is part of a mounting body of evidence – including intelligence picked up by security agencies, research by the United Nations and accounts by Muslim Kenyans interviewed for this story – that suggests al Shabaab is mentoring a new and increasingly multi-ethnic generation of militants in the region. That could have major ramifications not just for Somalia, which has been without a working government for two decades, but also for countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, relatively stable democracies whose economies are among the steadiest in Africa.” Read more.

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