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Terrorism Denial From Dhimmi Democrats

According to a recent government survey, about 20% of Americans suffer from mental illness. Here are some of those Americans …

By Daniel Greenfield – “There are topics that aren’t supposed to be discussed in polite society. Islamic terrorism has become one of those topics.

After September 11, it was put forward to us that the problem was not Islam, but the radicalization of some Muslims. And yet the defenders of that formulation also refuse to discuss Muslim radicalization as a tangible reality, rather than a convenient excuse for shelving the topic.

Congressman Peter King’s attempts to hold hearings on Muslim radicalization have been met with attacks from the very people who should be welcoming the hearings. If the problem really is a minority of extremists, then why not hold hearings that delve into how this radicalization occurs and what can be done about it?

Instead Congressman King has been smeared and his hearings have been hijacked on the most ridiculous pretexts. During the latest hearing, Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond complained that while Muslims might be responsible for 90 percent of the terrorist attacks. ‘The problem see is that we’re only talking about the 90 percent. It’s the 10 percent that we’re not talking about that keeps me up at night.’

Democratic Congresswoman Janice Hahn began rambling about being troubled by ‘radical Christians’ and her colleague, Democratic Congressman Al Green said that he didn’t oppose hearings on radicalization, just hearings that didn’t ‘focus on the entirety of radicalization’.

‘Christians who become radicalized, they become a part of Islam,’ Green stuttered. ‘Why not have a hearing on the radicalization of Christians?’

Well why not? The answer to the question is as apparent as the reason for the hearings. The United States is not suffering from a plague of Methodist suicide bombers. Terrorism Denial is a refusal to deal with the question. And at the hearing, it came in many forms.” Read more.

  1. 06/28/2012 at 3:20 AM

    The Democrats always seek an excuse to attack Christians.


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