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Israel: Turkey Will Become Mideast ‘Superpower’

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By Rachel Hirshfeld, INN – “Israel needs to come to terms with Turkey’s superpower status in the Middle East, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz said during a recent speech at the Washington Institute.

Mofaz highlighted the importance of mending diplomatic relations between the two countries, saying that doing so is ‘necessary for the strategic goals of Israel and for the strategic goals of Turkey.’

Turkey will become a ‘superpower in our region… There is no question about it,’ Mofaz stated. ‘We should have a strategic relationship with Turkey like we had in the past.’

Relations between the two countries had been becoming increasingly colder due to Erdogan’s policies, and Turkey supported the illegal Gaza flotilla of May 2010, which was an attempt to break Israel’s lawfully instituted naval blockade of Gaza. Israeli naval commandos boarded one of the flotilla ships, the Mavi Marmara, intending to divert the vessel in a peaceful manner, but were violently attacked by those aboard. Nine passengers were killed in the ensuing battle.

Turkey issued an indictment seeking life sentences for former IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen. (res.) Gabi Ashkenazi and three other former senior commanders over their alleged involvement in the operation.” Read more.

Flashback: Turkey Wants to Revive Ottoman Empire – “A hundred years after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is re-emerging on the international arena. Furthermore, it intends to regain the ground lost in the 19th-20th centuries, which is a direct threat to the interests of all the neighboring countries, including Russia.
 Consider the actions of the Turkish leadership during the past weeks that have caused serious concerns in Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran and the EU.” Read more.

Flashback: Turkey to Double Size of Its Army – “With Prime Minister Erdogan’s Islamist AK party having seized its third landslide election victory in Turkey, many throughout the international community have been watching to see what will be next on the Turkish agenda. Now there are strong indicators in the Turkish media that Turkey is planning on literally doubling the size of its army – this coming from the nation that already has the largest army in Middle East and the second-largest army in NATO, second only to the United States.” Read more.

Flashback: Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan — The Man Who Could Trigger a World War – “The greatest threat to the world’s peace, at this moment, comes from a man named Recip Tayyip Erdogan. He is the prime minister of Turkey, at the head of the Justice and Development Party (‘AK,’ from the Turkish). A former mayor of Istanbul, he was arrested and jailed when he publicly recited Islamist verses (‘the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets are our bayonets,’ etc.), in defiance of the old secularist, Ataturk constitution, which made it an offence to incite religious and racial fanaticism… The West is just watching, while Erdogan creates pretexts for another Middle Eastern war: one in which Israel may be pitted not only against the neighbouring states of the old Arab League, but also Turkey, and Iran, and Hamas, and Hezbollah.” Read more.

Egypt: Ruling Military Council Delays Presidential Election Results, Coup Fears Deepen

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By Richard Spencer, The Telegraph – “The state news agency announced that the President Election Commission was still reviewing appeals in last weekend’s count so would delay Thursday’s announcement.

‘We cannot announce when exactly the timing of the announcement of the Egypt election results will be because now we are at the stage of listening to the representatives,’ its secretary-general, Hatem Bagato, told the Reuters news agency.

‘The committee will meet afterwards to decide on whether to accept the appeals or not.’

The Muslim Brotherhood and most newspapers and independent panels claim that Mohammed Morsi, the leader of the Brotherhood’s political front the Freedom and Justice Party, won the count by a slim margin of just short of 52 per cent to 48 per cent.

An attempt to prevent him taking up office, following the army’s earlier announcement it was dissolving the Brotherhood-led parliament and taking over its powers, could trigger a potentially disastrous confrontation.

A Brotherhood spokesman, Mahmoud Ghozlan, had already warned earlier that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has ruled Egypt since Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow last year, might be preparing to steal the election. He said that the refusal by Mr Morsi’s opponent, Ahmed Shafiq, a former general and Mubarak-era minister, to concede defeat and his insistence that he would be declared the victor raised suspicions that the army had ‘bad intentions’.

‘If Shafiq is declared the winner, this will make the coup clear,’ Mr Ghozlah, told the Saudi-backed newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat. ‘This encroachment on the result may lead to a confrontation between the people and the army’.” Read more.

‘Potentially Devastating’: Congressional Report Concludes US Military Guilty Of Political Correctness Toward Islamic Terrorism

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Albert Schweitzer, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953, once said, “Let us rejoice in the truth, wherever we find its lamp burning.” But now, in 2012, its celebration is hampered by the fact that, in the eyes of the US military, the burning light of truth is no longer viewed as a source of illumination. It has instead now been classified as a fire hazard …

By Bill Gertz, The Washington Times – “The U.S. military is guilty of political correctness toward domestic Islamic terror, according to a congressional report made public Wednesday that concludes al Qaeda is using U.S.-based Muslim radicals to plan mass casualty attacks.

‘Homegrown radicalization is now the vanguard of al Qaeda’s strategy to continue attacking the United States and its allies,’ said the report on domestic extremism by the House Homeland Security Committee. The report was based on several hearings held by Committee Chairman Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican.

The report said evidence of the threat comes from recordings made public in Pakistan by the core al Qaeda terrorist group, as well from an English-language magazine produced in Yemen by two American jihadists. Additional evidence came from an American suicide bomber in Somalia who urged Muslims to wage ‘jihad in America.’

The report said violent Islamist extremism is ‘the No. 1 terrorist threat to this nation.’

Of particular concern, according to the report, is the threat posed by radical Muslims to U.S. military communities. The terror threat to military communities is ‘severe’ and growing. It includes the use of ‘insiders,’ like Maj. Niidal Hassan, the terrorist who carried out the 2009 Fort Hood shooting attack that killed 13 people and wounded 29 others.

The report faulted the U.S. military for ‘political correctness’ toward Islam, which the report called a ‘potentially devastating development’ for the security of troops and their families.” Read more.

Seven US troops may face disciplinary action in Koran burning – “A U.S. military investigation is recommending that as many as seven U.S. troops face administrative punishments, but not criminal charges, in the burning of Korans at a U.S. base in Afghanistan in February, The Associated Press has learned. U.S. military officials said the classified report and recommendations for disciplinary action against the service members involved were delivered to the Pentagon more than a week ago. They have been turned over to the Army and Navy secretaries.” Read more.

US Military Instructor Suspended For Daring To Speak The Truth About Islam

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Revelation 18:3, “For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries …”

“(Reuters) – The instructor of a college course that taught top military officers the United States was at war with Islam has been relieved of teaching duties and the course ordered redesigned to reflect U.S. policy, a military spokesman said on Wednesday.

The elective course at the National Defense University’s Joint Forces Staff College included a slide that asserted ‘the United States is at war with Islam and we ought to just recognize that we are war with Islam,’ Pentagon officials said in April as they launched a review of the course.

Colonel David Lapan, a spokesman for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Wednesday a review of the course found that ‘institutional failures and in oversight and judgment’ led to the course being modified over time in a way ‘that portrayed Islam almost entirely in a negative way.’

‘The inquiry recommends the course be redesigned to include aspects of U.S. policy and reduce its reliance on external instruction,’ Lapan said in a statement. It also recommended improving oversight of course curricula.

‘The elective course’s military instructor has been relieved of his instructor duties until his permanent change of station, which was previously planned for 2012,’ Lapan said.” Read more.

Flashback: US Marines Warned: Act More Muslim, Don’t Spit Towards Mecca – “But wait, that’s not all. They’re no longer permitted to urinate facing towards Mecca, either. And it doesn’t matter which way the wind is blowing. Unfortunately, Karzai still isn’t impressed. I guess the only upside to this ridiculous politically correct brainlessness is the likelihood that a Muslim extremist or two are having difficulty strapping up their suicide vests or burying their IEDs from all the laughter …” Read more.

Flashback: American Military Continues to Submit to Islam: Cross Removed at Base in Afghanistan – “A large cross that had been prominently displayed outside a chapel on an isolated military base in northern Afghanistan was taken down last week, prompting outrage from some American service members stationed there. ‘We are here away from our families, and the chapel is the one place that feels like home,’ a service member at Camp Marmal told POLITICO. ‘With the cross on the outside, it is a constant reminder for all of us that Jesus is here for us.’ ‘Not having it there is really upsetting,’ added another. ‘I walk by the chapel daily on the way to chow and the gym, and seeing the cross is a daily reminder of my faith and what Jesus accomplished for me. It is daily inspiration and motivation for me to acknowledge my faith and stay on the right path.’” Read more.

Flashback: Islamic Indoctrination in Textbooks Sanitize the True, Dark Nature of the ‘Religion of Peace’ – “Political correctness has a double standard when it comes to teaching about religion in public schools. Drop Christianity down the memory hole but give extensive and mostly favorable coverage to Islam. Even the mainstream media have provided extensive coverage of the steady stream of court cases and threatening letters from the American Civil Liberties Union aimed at removing all signs of Judeo-Christianity from public schools. Not only must prayer be prohibited, a cross and the Ten Commandments removed or covered up, a valedictorian banned from thanking God for his help, a football coach prohibited from bowing his head during a student-led pre-game prayer, singing of Christmas carols banned, and school calendars required to recognize winter holiday instead of Christmas, but there is also the complete omission of the history of the Founding Fathers’ public recognition of Christianity.” Read more.

A Kingdom Divided: Egyptian Cleric Says MB Presidential Candidate Told Him Shiites Are More Dangerous Than Jews

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Daniel 2:41, “Whereas you saw the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; yet the strength of the iron shall be in it, just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay.”

And it sounds like they’re divided in more ways than one. But despite the harmonic dissonance, they’re more than willing to sing the same tune and share one mind when it comes to the destruction of the Ekklesia and all “Pro-Western apostates” within the kingdom of Islam …

Egyptian Cleric Muhammed Hussein Yaaqub: “The Shura Council of the Islamic Scholars (convened), and decided unanimously to support Dr. Muhammed Mursi for president… I told him (Mursi) all the things that you want. I said to him: I want a Salafi president, (who follows) the Koran and the Sunna like the early Muslims. He said: ‘Yes, ours is a Salafi call.’ He said so. He said this, and it is recorded on video. He said it. I asked him about the Shiites, and he said that the Shiites are more dangerous to Islam than the Jews. He said so. I told him I want a president who is not afraid of America, and he said: ‘I am not afraid.'”

Flashback: Senior Muslim Brotherhood Member Praises Shiite Leaders Of Iran – “Under the auspices of God we are very pleased to be gathered here at the Islamic conference in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and it’s a great pleasure for us to do so in order to converge Muslims. This is a great stride towards Islamic unity in light of the events unfolding in the world. These are changes under Islam and in line with unity in the Islamic world and also aimed at ending the global arrogance led by the U.S…  Under the auspices of God, the Islamic Republic of Iran … truly serves as a model of resistance against the West’s domination and serves as a model for the Muslim world and the Islamic Ummah… the number one figure in the Muslim world is indeed the leader of Iran as he speaks out bravely against the corrupt regimes… I am proud of President Ahmadinejad… I hope Iran is the model in all aspects, including justice, unity among Shi’a and Sunni, human rights, and respect for humanity.”

Canada: Hundreds Of Dead Fish Found In Red Hill Creek, Ontario

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“Hundreds of dead fish have been found in the Red Hill Creek.

The fish – some floating and others stuck in the sludgy weeds on the bottom of the creek bed – were noticed by a nearby resident walking her dog this morning.

‘There’s usually live fish all over,’ said Dianne Stuart, who made the discovery near King Street East. ‘There’ll always be the odd dead thing – and that’s life. But nothing like that.’

Stuart, who lives nearby on Glennie Avenue, said she walks her German Shepherd cross, Molly, in the Red Hill Valley several times a week. They were at the creek Sunday, and didn’t notice any dead fish at that time.

This afternoon, live fish were few and far between, while dead ones littered the water flowing from Queenston Road to King Street East. There were no strange substances visible in the water, and no unusual smells.

It’s still unclear what’s behind the incident. Keep watching for updates.” Source – The Spec.

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Canada: Large Number Of Dead Fish Found At Buffalo Pound Lake, Saskatchewan

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By Carter Haydu, Times-Herald – “Noticeable numbers of fish are dying off at Buffalo Pound Lake.

But while the cause of the die-off is yet to be determined, Canadian Co-operative Wildlife Health Centre (CCWHC) regional director Trent Bollinger told the Times-Herald humans and their pets should not be in danger due to the ongoing situation.

‘It’s not a threat to people,’ he said on Tuesday. ‘This is a fish issue.’

Most heavily impacted seems to be yellow perch, which Bollinger said are washing up along the shoreline of the local lake. This is the second year in a row the local lake has experienced a fish die-off event, and researchers are taking samples, testing, and trying to diagnose the cause.

‘It looks like there’s a couple of different things,’ Bollinger said, adding the likely culprit is a bacterial organism causing Columnaris Disease.

‘This is a bacterial disease that impacts a range of fish species.’

Sampled fish at the lake have lesions, and cultured samples suggest Columnaris is the likely cause of death.

For more on this story, read an upcoming edition of the Times-Herald.” Source – Times Herald.

Australia: Mystery Illness Affecting Galahs, Birds Suddenly Unable To Fly

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“Following the mystery deaths of a large number of birds last winter, an equally curious affliction seems to be affecting galahs this year, with a number of mature birds suddenly unable to fly and falling about in what appears to be an unco-ordinated and drunken state.

The symptoms do not seem to match any of the usual listed galah sicknesses.

One of these birds was examined by a vet who could not find anything physically wrong, but suggested a couple of days of rest might do the trick.

A second bird that appeared to be in a similar state was also picked up and the pair were kept warm inside a box overnight and released into a large outdoor cage with feed and water available during the daytime.

After about a week the birds seem to have recovered enough to regain their flight skills although still appear somewhat wonky and not quite ready for release.

A number of dead birds were also seen around town, including in parks, about the same time, although grounded ones that aren’t picked up straight away can quickly fall victim to the cold and predators, including the unkind human kind.

Last year’s large number of galah deaths remained a mystery despite autopsies carried out by a vet and further testing at the Macarthur Institute in Sydney. These birds were found dead in spread wing positions under trees in parks, along the riverbank and in the grounds of the TAFE campus.” Source – Warren Advocate.

Nebraska: Hundreds, Perhaps Thousands, Of Dead Carp Found Washed Ashore In Sutherland Reservoir

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By Rick Windham – “Hundreds, possibly thousands, of dead carp were washing up on the north shores of Sutherland Reservoir, a caller said.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission said they were aware of the problem and biologists were in the process of collecting dead fish for analysis. Their initial thoughts were that it was not an environmental factor like heat, lack of dissolved oxygen or a chemical spill that caused the problem.

When I got to the reservoir, I noticed that the die-off was very species specific. The vast majority of the fish I saw dead were carp. This intrigued me because carp can usually survive the worst water conditions. The fact that I saw only a few other species, really no more than I would expect, to see on any given day around the reservoir, makes me think the die-off is due to some sort of disease that affects carp.

I’m not a fisheries biologist, but I’m going to guess we will find out that it was something like the three or so koi herpes viruses or a similar ailment that killed these fish. Another common name is ‘carp pox.’

The virus causes the gills of the fish to be unable to extract oxygen from the water. The fish basically suffocates.

It will be a few days before the official findings will be back and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission can make a definitive statement of the cause of this fish kill.” Source – North Platte Bulletin.

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Indonesia: Hundreds Of Muslim Extremists Attack Christian Prayer House In Aceh Province During Worship Service

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1 Peter 2:5, “Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.”

But apparently these sacrifices must cease immediately when Islamists demand it …

By Mathias Hariyadi, – “Jakarta (AsiaNews) – A mob of Muslim extremists attacked a Christian prayer house in Aceh Province. The building was damaged and worshippers were forced to stop the service. Local witnesses, who asked their names be withheld, said that the attack occurred last Sunday, during worship. The place itself belongs to the Indonesian Bethel Church.

The fundamentalist attack was apparently caused by a lack of building permit (Izin Mendirikan Bangunan in Indonesian), a claim Christians deny. More disheartening for the members of the congregation is the fact that the attack occurred under the eyes of the police, which did not lift a finger, except to place seals on the building after the incident.

The Indonesian Bethel Church where the attack took place is located in Peunayong, capital of the province of Banda Aceh.

The mob struck during Sunday prayer. Hundreds of attackers hurled stones and pebbles against the building, causing major damages to the structures.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the police stood idly by as the incident unfolded, whilst worshippers had to evacuate the building, seeking refuge in a safer location.

Human rights activists and associations slammed the extremist raid, noting that it occurred in a place that had been characterised by relative calm and a ‘pluralistic environment’.

Aceh, Indonesia’s westernmost province, is also the only part of the archipelago where Sharia is enforced. Provincial authorities use a morality police, a special street-level law enforcement unit, to crack down on people who violate the local moral code.

Under Governor Irwandy Yusuf, a former rebel fighter, there was some degree of interreligious peace and harmony between the Muslim majorities and non-Muslim ‘foreigners’. However, things have recently changed. As fundamentalists gained more power and freedom to act, religious minorities have come under attack.” Read more.

Missouri: Death Threats From Iran Received By Convert To Christianity And Pastor In St. Louis

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By Roche Madden, KPLR – “ST .LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Two St. Louis area men said they have received death threats from Iran and they are taking those threats seriously. The said a fatwa, or religious decree, has been put on their heads.

The letter was sent to Ali Bahkti and his pastor Mike Salazar. The envelope indicates it is from Tehran, Iran. It is apparently signed by a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Army. Mike Salazar said, ‘It`s a death threat very simply.’ Ali Bakhti added, ‘Religious decree to kill.’ Salazar said, ‘It`s something to be taken seriously.’

Ali Bakhti said he once served in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard when he was a teenager. Bakhti said, ‘Dirty bombs, convert civilian streets into a mine fields.’ He said he was even assigned a suicide mission, to blow up an Israeli disco. But, he had a dramatic change of heart and faith and converted to Christianity and moved to the U.S. He met Pastor Salazar at church and since then the two have been spreading their beliefs to church goers. The two men believe that Islam is a religion that could easily radicalize a Muslim into a terrorist.

Salazar said, ‘Our message isn`t to offend Muslims.’ But, it apparently has. Now the two are under a death decree that they fear could be carried out any moment. They say that won`t stop them from preaching what they strongly believe in. Bakhti said, ‘I`m doing it for the kingdom of God.’ Salazar said, ‘Even if you die doing it.’” Read more.

Flashback: Islamic Militants Calling Themselves ‘The Unknown Soldiers of The Hidden Imam’ Threaten to Hunt Down and Execute Christians Who Flee Iran – “Islamic militants with suspected ties to Iranian security forces have been terrorizing evangelical Christians with threats to ‘repent’ or die, it was reported Sunday. Christian Solidarity Worldwide has reported that 11 Iranian Christians who fled Iran in the wake of a government campaign against Christianity have received threats via email to ‘repent’ or face extrajudicial execution, from a group identifying itself as the ‘The Unknown Soldiers of The Hidden Imam.’ The threatening emails that were sent to each individual on Sept. 14 aspired to extend the arm of Iranian Islamic militancy beyond the borders of Iran by implying that, although the recipients have left Iran, they have not escaped the ‘acute eyes of the unknown soldiers.’” Read more.

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