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Allah Will ‘Bring Down’ America’s Skyscrapers: Horrific New Farrakhan Audio Praising Sharia Law And Threatening ‘Death’ Unless ‘America Submits’

This man deserves permanent residency in Guantanamo

By Billy Hallowell, The Blaze – “The Minister Louis Farrakhan isn’t one to avoid controversial language. In his Sunday address in San Diego, the Nation of Islam leader slammed Israel, lamented Mexico’s loss of land at the hands of American ‘trickery’ and derided President Barack Obama for his endorsement of same-sex marriage. But that’s only a portion of what was uttered in his nearly three-hour address. During the last 10 minutes, the fiery Farrakhan erupted with fervency, applauding the violence of sharia law and giving some cryptic warnings to America regarding Iranian intervention.

In speaking to his ‘Arab brothers,’ Farrakhan said that they should not kill their children who shame them. But rather than merely lambasting those who participate in honor crimes, he turned the discussion into a referendum on America (in all fairness, while making these comments, he did say that ‘Islam needs reform,’ and that his Arab brothers need ‘mercy from God’ so they can get ‘strong enough to live sharia’ — but both statements came without proper explanation).

‘To my Arab brothers, you should not kill your children in this honor killing after you bring yourself and them into a country that is a modern Babylon and they get sucked up into the culture of decadence,’ he said. ‘They you’re angry with them because they brought shame on the family. Let me tell you, shame on you for looking to America for your health and bringing your children into this and not creating a world for them to revolve in that will keep the decency that you taught them in the old country.’

From here, the conversation turned into a rant about what goes on in the Islamic holy city of Mecca. Farrakhan explained that, following Jumu’ah prayer on Fridays, if someone is guilty of stealing something, locals don’t wait for that individual to go to jail where he or she will be fed and cared for. Instead, he says the offender has his or her hand cut off in the middle of the prayer square and in front of everyone…

Then, Farrakhan’s tough message for America was weaved into his closing, as the faith leader warned of potential calamity if the United States decides to take military action against Iran. This danger, he contends, would be thrust upon America by Allah.

‘So, America I close. I tell you, you’re on your way to war and if you declare war on Iran at the behest of Israel and you bomb Iran and some of you are saying we should invoke Hiroshima again on Iran, meaning drop an atomic bomb on Muslims — I have even heard that they’re talking about even bombing Mecca…,’ he continued.

Of course, there was no mention of where Farrakhan heard that Mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia, was on the U.S.’s list of bomb targets, but that didn’t stop him from making the allegation.” Read more.

Flashback: Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan Says Mahdi is ‘Present in the World, is the Christ You’ve Been Looking For’ – “… The End of Your World has arrived! What you’re looking at happening in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Yemen, in Jordan, in Libya, in Bahrain will soon—very soon—happen in all the nations of the world. And even sooner to take place in America, so don’t you get ‘bent out of shape’ with what you see happening there! While it’s happening there, you better prepare, because it will be coming to your door, America! And I hope that President Obama will remember his instructions to other nations: ‘be careful how you attack and kill innocent people who are protesting.’ Take your own words into your bosom, and be reminded when it comes to your door!” Read more.

  1. JJJHS aka AKA
    05/31/2012 at 12:58 PM

    Good post ICA. Farrakhan is A LOT more complex than people realize. Are his speeches hate-filled? Yes but not every one of them. He does know when to use it and how to use it and who to use it on. His agenda requires tact.Does he rally support from others by appealing to an inner most emptiness, desires, or an area that he can easily hone in on? Yes, yes and yes, he is a master of reading people and tricking them, if only for a moment, for him, that is all he needs. I will never agree with LF on too many things, however he is very smart. He is an amazing speaker, he plays conert violin, he has charisma, etc.

    But as many valid points as he can make, yes he actually can, they are followed by racial comments, far flung ideas, and some pointed ramblings of a very bitter heart. He brings up Jesus love for one another to draw you in but in his world love for one another does not inclde everyone else. I have watched MANY of his speeches. I do it for different reasons. It shows me on one level where part of the heart of America is at, and how one charismatic hateful man can drive people to anger, acting on it, and beyond – as long as the downtrodden and hateful have purpose and are accepted. Nevermind the emptiness that he can create in a man’s heart, as long as he is there to soothe it too. It’s kinda like somone going to your house at 1 am, burning it down, then selling fire extinguishers and buckets of water when you come running out of the burning house. From one end LF & his movement create hate then on the other they have the answer for it.

    There is so much more about this man and his movement that has to be understood to fully understand what he is a part of. It is truly bizarre.


  2. 05/31/2012 at 3:22 PM

    Guantanamo, didn’t Obama shut that down when he came into office like he promised he would while running for Prez?


  3. ICA
    05/31/2012 at 4:27 PM

    He must have meant the second term of his one-term proposition.


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