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Study: Global Warming Sceptics Are Better Informed About Science Than Global Warming Advocates

By Rob Waugh – “Climate change sceptics are often derided as uninformed – but a new study proves that the opposite is the case.

Sceptical individuals are slightly MORE science literate than ‘believers’ in climate change.

The difference isn’t huge, according to a survey of 1500 U.S. adults.

57% of sceptics are ‘science literate’ according to tests asking basic science and maths questions, versus 56% of believers.

Dan Kahan, Professor of Psychology at Yale Law School said, ‘Political controversy over climate change cannot be attributed to the public’s limited ability to comprehend science.’ he said.

Researchers measured ‘science literacy’ with test items developed by the National Science Foundation.

The questions were simple questions such as ‘Electrons are smaller than atoms, true or false?’

They also measured their subjects’ ‘numeracy’—that is, their ability to understand quantitative information.

The controversy comes down, in effect, to a conflict over values – and informed individuals are better at fitting the scientific facts, and gaps in our knowledge, to whatever they happen to believe in.” Read more.

Lost photos prove Greenland’s ice was melting FASTER 80 years ago than today – “A stash of 80-year-old photo plates in a Danish basement has proved that Greenland’s ice was melting even faster then that it is now. In the thirties, Greenland’s ice was melting rapidly, then there was a cooling period in the middle part of the twentieth century, and now it is melting again, accelerating in the 2000s. Images of ice shelves from the pre-satellite era are extremely rare, so it’s often difficult to assess the scale and speed of Arctic ice melting today. Researchers at the National Survey and Cadastre of Denmark had been storing the glass plates since explorer Knud Rasmussen’s expedition to the southeast coast of Greenland in the early 1930s. In this week’s online edition of Nature Geoscience, Ohio State University researchers and colleagues in Denmark describe how they analyzed ice loss in the region by comparing the images on the plates to aerial photographs and satellite images taken from World War II to today. Taken together, the imagery shows that glaciers in the region were melting even faster in the 1930s than they are today …” Read more.

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