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Christian Leader In Nigeria: Radical Islamists Cannot Be Defeated, ‘They Are Out To Wipe Out Christians And Jews’

By Abdul-Rahman Abubakar – “Former Primate of the Anglican Communion, Peter Akinola, has told President Goodluck Jonathan that the Boko Haram insurgents cannot be defeated as they are out to wipe out Christians and Jews.

He spoke at the National Christian Centre Abuja during a special inter-denominational service to mark this year’s Democracy Day.

In his sermon titled: ‘Know the truth and the truth shall set you free,’ Akinola said the sect has been in existence since 1966 and cannot be defeated by the Federal Government.

He said Nigerians should not be deceived by the antics of Boko Haram, saying the sect is involved in a Jihad against Christians.

According to the cleric, ‘We have ignored the truth. Boko Haram must be seen in the right context. It is a continuation of the past. Shun all political claims that Boko Haram is not against Christianity. It is. It has been going on since 1966. They are committed to Jihad. You can’t stop them.

Responding, Jonathan said in spite of the security challenges posed by the Boko Haram, the country will remain indivisible.

Jonathan said, ‘No individual or group no matter their ambition or selfish purpose will be able to divide this nation. Nigeria will never disintegrate.'” Read more.

Flashback: Nigeria: ‘Proud Soldiers of Allah’ Vows to Take Down Government and Destroy Christianity, ‘We Will Devour You … Our Joy Is To Die In Jihad’ – “Islamist sect, Boko Haram, has threatened to bring down the Federal Government led by President Goodluck Jonathan within three months. Purported leader of the sect said this in his second video posted on the Internet yesterday… ‘You, Jonathan, cannot stop us; instead we will devour you in the three months like you are boasting … We are proud soldiers of Allah; we will never give up as we fight the infidels. We will emerge as winners … we will finish you and end your government … for us, [death] is eternal victory to die working for Allah. Our joy is to die in Jihad for Allah … We are not doing physical human service, but Allah’s work … We are not afraid because we are not doing man’s work but Allah’s work…” Read more.

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