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Lying Wonders: Iran Promotes ‘Discovery’ Of The ‘Gospel Of Barnabas’, Claims It Will Cause ‘Worldwide’ Collapse of Christianity

Islam’s Messiah “al Mahdi” isn’t the only thing that remains hidden today.  Yet again, the “prophets of Persia” have concealed Truth by touting the false and poorly written “Gospel of Barnabas” in an effort to promote Islam. Unsurprisingly, while Iran claims the book “predicts” the coming of the “prophet” Mohammed, it neglects to disclose the fact that, among other things, written in Aramaic on the front cover is an inscription revealing that “this book is written on the hands of the monks of the high monastery in Nineveh, in the 1,500th year of our Lord.” Spelling errors, Qur’an contradictions and historical inaccuracies aside, if predicting the coming of Islam’s prophet nearly 900 years after the fact can somehow be twisted in an effort to advance the cause of Islam, then anything can.

Christian” archaeology undermines the Qur’an. “Jewish” archaeology undermines the Qur’an. Even “Islamic” archaeology undermines the Qur’an. But when it comes to an ideology whose foundations are grounded in lies and deception, the only facts that need apply are those that can be distorted to undermine the Truth …

By Reza Kahlili – “Iran’s Basij Press is claiming that a version of the Gospel of Barnabas, found in 2000, will prove that Islam is the final and righteous religion and the revelation will cause the collapse worldwide of Christianity.

Turkey confiscated a leather-bound text, written on animal hide, in an anti-smuggling operation in 2000. Turkish authorities believe the text could be an authentic version of the Gospel of Barnabas, one of Jesus’ apostles and an associate of the apostle Paul.

This version of the Barnabas Gospel was written in the 5th or 6th century and it predicted the coming of the Prophet Mohammad and the religion of Islam, the Basij Press claims.

The Christian world, it says, denies the existence of such a gospel.

However, religious scholars have said another version of the Barnabas Gospel, discovered a century ago, was written less than 500 years ago, which would post-date Mohammad.

In Chapter 41 of the Barnabas Gospel, Basij claims, is this statement: ‘God has hidden himself as Archangel Michael ran them (Adam and Eve) out of heaven, (and) when Adam turned, he noticed that at top of the gateway to heaven, it was written ‘La elah ela Allah, Mohamad rasool Allah,’’ meaning Allah is the only God and Mohammad his prophet.

The Turkish army has taken possession of the Barnabas Gospel because the ‘Zionists’ and the governments of the West are trying to suppress its contents, Basij Press claims.

According to the Barnabas Gospel in Turkey’s hands, Basij Press says, Jesus was never crucified and that not only is He not the son of God, but that He himself predicted the coming of the Prophet Mohammad. The book even predicts the coming of the last Islamic messiah, the report says.

‘The discovery of the original Barnabas Bible will now undermine the Christian Church and its authority and will revolutionize the religion in the world,’ the Basij report says. ‘The most significant fact, though, is that this Bible has predicted the coming of Prophet Mohammad and in itself has verified the religion of Islam, and this alone will unbalance the powers of the world and create instability in the Christian world.’

The Basij report concludes that the discovery is so immense that it will affect the world’s politics and that the world powers are aware of the coming effects of this event.

Turkey plans to put the Bible on public display. Though Turkish authorities believe this could be an authentic version of the Gospel of Barnabas, others believe it only goes back to the 16th century and is a fake because it would have been written centuries after Mohammad’s life.

‘The Iranian regime is committed to stamping out Christianity by any means necessary, whether that means executing Christian converts, burning Bibles or raiding underground churches,’ said Erick Stakelbeck, host of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s ‘Stakelbeck on Terror’ show and a close observer of Iranian affairs. ‘In promoting the so-called Barnabas Bible – which was likely written sometime in the 16th century and is not accepted by any mainstream Christian denomination – the regime is once again attempting to discredit the Christian faith. Record numbers of young Iranians are leaving Islam and embracing Christ, and the mullahs see Christianity as a growing threat to their authority.’

The Vatican has requested to see the scripture but it is unknown if Turkey has provided it access to the text.

Recently Iranian ayatollahs have been outspoken that Islam is the last and only righteous religion sent by God.

Grand Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, in a recent statement, announced that since the Quran was the last holy book and provides the most complete religion to the world and Mohammad the last prophet as indicated in the Quran, there is no authority to abide by other books. The Quran clearly indicates that only those who have accepted the true religion of Islam are the guided ones, he said.

As reported recently, a former intelligence officer in the Revolutionary Guards revealed that tens of thousands of Bibles were confiscated and burned in Iran, under the order of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said the Bible is not a holy book and its burning is morally acceptable.

As the Islamic regime in Iran continues to suppress its people with violations of human rights and challenges the world over its nuclear program, Khamenei said, ‘In light of the realization of the divine promise by almighty God, the Zionists and the Great Satan (America) will soon be defeated. Allah’s promise will be delivered, and Islam will be victorious.'” Source – WND.

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the author of the award-winning book, A Time to Betray. He is a senior Fellow with EMPact America, a member of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and teaches at the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA).

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  1. VW
    05/24/2012 at 3:27 PM

    Barnabas was a disciple and an associate of the apostle Paul, but was not an apostle himself.


  2. JJJHS aka squashbuckler aka get' er did aka AKA
    05/24/2012 at 8:54 PM

    Again ICA we have another Isa = Jesus issue. Barnabas does not equal Barnabas of the Bible. In this ‘gospel’ or book, some geographical locations are totally wrong, places the actual Barnabas would be familiar with.

    Anyone familiar with the crescent persuasion or their apologia is familiar with this story. It is old and has AGAIN AN AGAIN received a coat of fresh paint.

    BTW ICA, are you familiar with (I think a hadith) that says in the “Last day” some document will found in Damascus that will disprove Judaism and Christianity? Hmmmm… seems they have forgot that prophecy and have to make a few up.

    Over and out. God bless


  3. JJJHS aka squashbuckler aka get' er did aka AKA
    05/24/2012 at 8:56 PM

    one location is the sea of Galilee btw


  4. 06/01/2012 at 12:47 PM

    …………………case closed……………God has been Jesus all along, He built His Church without hands over 2000 years, wooing a virgin Bride by using His prophets, seven stars in His hand as per Revelations, St Paul, St Ireneous, St Martin, St Columba, Martin Luther, John Wesely, Rev. William Marrion Branham. Catholism and its daughters together with Islam and all false religions which includes all politics too were/are taken for a ride by Satan, the seed is not heir to the shuck………….case closed…………………Lucifer placed himself above Jesus and Jesus recreated him into Satan, the master of deceit and father of all lies, Satan and all his followers are due to be bound for 1000 years waiting to be cast into a lake of fire, a second death for those humans who refused The Lord Jesus Christ…………….case closed…………..democracy and Islam is Satan’s seal in everybody’s forehead, namely brainwashed and cannot be unbrainwashed, they are marked with the beast, crossing the line of decency as in your sexual behaviour, your dishonour when relatinging to others and society and refusing Christ the Great Creator who has all the Power resulting in blasphemy that can never be forgiven, which are all the things that has ended society as we can all now see with our own eyes, the desolation of abomination…………….case closed………….billions of saints are waiting for their planet earth they inherit, the Milky Way represents them, stars, jewels in God’s crown. The 20 May 2012 alignment speaks for itself, earth, moon, sun, pilaedes star constellation and the centre of the Milky Way, and Planet X, ‘Satan’ the paedophiler of the mind, body and soul, is positioned near the sun (Son – God), showing the great and terrible day of the Lord, great for those who took the escape route, and terrible for those who refused the escape route and got sucked in by Satan, and millions of UFO’s are around the earth, God’s creation for the wicked who’s imaginations will be their living nightmare, ending all sin, THE KING IS ABOUT TO TAKE HIS PLACE ON EARTH AS PROMISED. The ORB UFO over the Dome of the Rock 2011 was Jesus, a reminder to all the world that His promise to Abraham is about to be literally delivered while His beloved is safe and sound, and the earth will carry on as normal. He came as a Thief in the night as He said He would and the wicked / blinded masses missed it ! The righteous walk on the ashes of the wicked figuratively and literally. The living dead comes to an end. Venus crosses the Sun on 6 June 2012, Venus the morning star that represents John the Baptist and Venus the evening star that represents William Branham, job done, both Elijah’s forerunning the first and second coming of Christ, and Jesus sealing in the last of the Jews by way of His two witnesses, they who kept their faith and honour, the whole world saw it on TV, Israel coming back home in the 60’s on the wings of an eagle, (the two beloved prophets), while Planet X is the star of the morning micking the Great Creator and conned the world…………….case closed………….the Mayans who sacrificed humans and were gold diggers never knew about God’s promise He made to Abraham, Abraham’s seed who are the righteous and wise were refined into pure gold, who kept their lamps trimmed and burning, the Character of Jesus, they are Christians not “Christians” the false vine…………case closed………………every tongue shall confess and every knee shall bow……………case closed…………………..only Jesus can open the Lambs Book of Life…….case closed…………..the last who can see and hear gets the revelation and they are Home Free, the wicked can go ahead and kill them if they want to the glorified beauty of Stephan the martyr is repeated in many other forms and is well worth it as Eternal Life means Eternal Life………………case closed……………..the binded wicked out of sight and out of mind in another dimension will see a super-race rebuild the earth over 1000 years of peace before they are removed totally and Jesus’ children have eternity with Jesus ! It has never been a myth or a fairy tale.


  5. croc_doze
    11/02/2013 at 7:01 PM

    so finally they found the barbarian muhamad hiding in barnabas gospel? NOT IN THE TORAH, NOT IN THE INJIL. But muhamad said to find his name in the OT & NT. Islam and its followers are insane, throw out the quran and its encyclopedia, the hadiths, sira, etc.


  6. 11/03/2013 at 12:22 PM

    Looks like they baked a book in the oven and wrote on it with a gold pen they bought from Michael’s craft store in New York while visiting the UN.


  7. Bisrat Teshome
    06/08/2014 at 9:37 AM

    How come Muslims think that Jesus spoke prevailing the coming of Mohammod. It is insane to accept such a scheme. I prefer you Muslims to read the whole bible then you will accept Jesus as your personal savior.


  8. Bisrat Teshome
    06/08/2014 at 10:13 AM

    Look! We know that the intention of this fake gospel is to to make a blasphemy on the word of God and give support to the so called “holy Quran” but dear I want to let you know that God him self defends his word to keep it right, that is why he expelled your forefather Ismael out of abrham’s house to make a blessed seed Isaac. But still you never know. Look fools there is no way of foretelling the coming of Mohammod in the bible rather bible implies the the coming of a prince of peace Jesus not a master of physical war like your Mohammod. I know it is hard for you to understand the spiritual knowledge and understand the Holy bible that is why you tried to put the name of Mohammod in the gospel of barnabas, what a shame fool to disgrace the beloved apostle Paul at beginning of your fake gospel. The real barnabas and Paul are good brothers. Beg mercy up on you for your wrong deeds, Jesus will save you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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