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Turkey: 40% Of Turks Do Not Want To Live Next To Christians, 58% Do Not Want A Jewish Neighbour

I hereby introduce to you the so-called “useful model for new Arab regimes 

Times.am – “Today [the] head of the Armenian science department of ‘Noravanq’ educational foundation, expert on Turkey Alistakes Simavoryan and expert of the same foundation Vahram Hovyan met journalists and referred to the topic of religious intolerance against Christians in Turkey.

According to A. Simavoryan now 120,000 Christians live in Turkey now and 59,000 of them are Armenians. There are also sects in Turkey, for example, [Jehovah’s Witnesses] and Mormons. There are Armenians among them as well.

As the expert noted Turks are afraid that their country may become a Christian state, but according to him [this] is not possible. According to the speaker Turkey will lead anti-Christian politics in coming 30-40 years as well and it will be especially directed to the Armenian Community.

‘The social inquiries in Turkey show that 40% of the population does not want to live with [a] Christian neighbor. And 58% of [the population] does not want to live with [a Jewish] neighbor’, Simavoryan noted.

Expert also noted that [the] Armenian community is on the eve of vanishing in Turkey as a result of [Christian intolerance]. According to him [the] media is very active in this issue. ‘Every action by the Christian Church is presented as [a] negative action. Even the churches are presented as terrorist organizations’.

Expert of the ‘Noravanq’ foundation Vahram Hovyan announced … that the attacks and pressure against Christians are held both by the government and by the Turk extremists.” Source – Times.am.

Flashback: Turkey, Key US Ally, Added to List of Worst Religious Freedom Offenders – “Yes, you’ve read that right. The country that has become ‘a useful model for new Arab regimes’ has now been added to the list of worst religious freedom offenders in the world. Alongside Egypt who now vows to one day kill all Jews, this is a nation that the Obama Administration is now actively arming, a nation that now makes verbal attacks against Israel ‘a central feature’ of its political discourse. Welcome to the ‘new’ face of ‘moderate Islam’ …” Read more.

  1. Ozgur
    06/21/2012 at 4:48 AM

    Also from in this survey:
    I don’t want a neighbour who…
    * is using alcohol (%72)
    * a couple living together without official marriage license (%67)
    * is an Atheist (%66)
    * is a Jew (%64)
    * is a Christian(%52)
    * is an American (%43)
    * his/her daughter wear short (%36)
    * is another race or color (%26)


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