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Kenya: Two Christian Pastors Burned To Death After Visiting Muslim Family

By ANTHONY KITIMO, Daily Nation – “The umbrella body of evangelical churches and a human rights organisation have condemned the lynching of two pastors at Jomvu in Mombasa early this week.

Federation of Evangelical and Indigenous Christian Churches of Kenya asked the police to pursue the case up to the end, with the culprits arrested and charged in court.

On Thursday, the federation’s national chairman, Mr Joseph Methu, said punishment of killers of the two clerics in a case of mistaken identity should be used as an example to those who spearhead crime.

‘Time has come for the government to enforce the law and bring to book those who participated in the act that saw innocent pastors on a preaching mission burnt to death,’ said Mr Methu…

As police continue with their investigations, there are conflicting reports by the church and Jitoni residents in Jomvu, where the two pastors were lynched.

The pastor in charge of Melchidizek Church, Mr Samuel Wainaina, said the owner of the home the clerics visited was converted into a Christian a few weeks.

His family, however, dismissed the conversion claim.

Ms Mapenzi Abdalla, one of the members of Mr Mutana Nyandu’s family, said they were all Muslims and no one had converted to Christianity as claimed by Pastor Wainaina.

Ms Abdalla said three people had visited their home and they even welcomed them before confrontation ensued after one of them took a bag containing paraphernalia used by the family to treat the sick.” Read more.

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