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China: Roads Blocked, Houses Collapse, Farmland Destroyed As Violent Hailstorm Kills 40 In Northwest China

ANN – “A brief but violent hailstorm in China’s north-west has killed 40 people.

The local government says in just one hour, the torrential downpour killed residents and left dozens more injured or missing.

Tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee from their homes after rain and hail battered Min county on Thursday.

Authorities have dispatched large numbers of tents and beds to the stricken area, but they have conceded many people still need relief supplies.

Xinhua news agency reported the storm ‘wreaked havoc’ on all of the county’s 18 townships and affected more than two-thirds of its 450,000 residents

“Roads were blocked, houses collapsed, farmland was destroyed, and the power supply and telecommunications services were disrupted by the extreme weather,” the agency said, quoting Xu Guangyao, a senior county official.

Bridge collapse

A bridge in Hunan province has also collapsed after days of torrential rain across the country.

It is not known how many people were on the bridge when it buckled and fell into the river.

Fire department official Su Tao told Xinhua that witnesses say they saw people falling into the water when the bridge collapsed.

He says firefighters have not rescued anyone yet but some people have managed to climb ashore.

Hailstorms in the central province of Hunan have killed six people and left one missing, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Since May 8, hailstorms have struck across the province, affecting 3.42 million people, the ministry said.

About 64,000 people have been relocated to safer areas and 7,600 houses have collapsed.” Source – Australia Network News.

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