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US Officials Said To Be Fearful Of Looming Israeli Strike On Iran

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By Ron Friedman, Times of Israel – “US officials fear the unity government established earlier this week signals an impending Israeli attack on Iran, Channel 10 News reported Thursday evening.

According to the report, officials are holding marathon talks in Washington out of concern that an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program may take place before the US presidential elections in November.

Undisclosed Washington sources told Channel 10 that they worry Kadima was offered a place in the coalition to shore up support for a preemptive attack aimed at halting the Islamic Republic’s nuclear drive, and that Kadima chairman Shaul Mofaz would approve of such an attack.

The report added that the US officials believe early Israeli elections would have kept the F-15s at bay, but are now genuinely concerned that with political backing, there is little to stop Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from ordering the attack.

In a joint press conference held Tuesday, Netanyahu and Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz said they saw eye-to eye on a slew of issues, including Iran. In the past Mofaz has been a vocal critic of the notion of Israel striking Iran’s nuclear sites on its own, but Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are both believed to favor an early strike.

Having gone to sleep with expectations of September elections, Israelis woke up to a new political reality Tuesday morning, learning that overnight, Netanyahu and Mofaz signed a deal to form a unity government.” Read more.

Israeli Air Force Chief: We’re Ready For Anything – “Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel officially took office as Israel’s new Air Force commander Thursday. Eshel will replace Major-General Ido Nehushtan, who is retiring from IDF service after 37 years. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Benny Gantz thanked Nehushtan for his service and welcomed Eshel into office: ‘We have the best air force in the world. It shoulders a strategic and significant responsibility,’ he said… ‘Commander Nehushtan is leaving us with a powerful, quality air force, which is facing significant challenges. We are ready for whatever mission we [may] be called for,’ Eshel stated.” Read more.

Israel’s new submarines geared at tackling rising Mideast threats, from the sea – “With all the attention in recent days given to short-term political developments, an event with long-term implications for regional strategic balance almost escaped serious attention. Last Thursday, the high command of the Israeli Navy took part in the delivery ceremony of INS Tanin, Israel’s fourth Dolphin submarine, at Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft shipyard in Kiel, Germany. Most of the foreign media reports tend to focus on the rumored special tubes which may also be used by nuclear-tipped missiles. This was the focus of Gunter Grass’ poem on Israel’s dark plans to annihilate the Iranian population. But the real significance of the new submarines Israel is receiving from Germany, three in all, is the huge boost it will give to Israel’s long-range strategic capabilities.” Read more.

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