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‘Staggering’: 75% Of Arabic-Language Posts On Facebook In Saudi Arabia Reflect Extremist Views Against Non-Muslims

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Matthew 6:23, “But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is the darkness!”

Islam is the only accepted religion in Saudi Arabia. From the moment a child opens its eyes, all they see is Islam. It teaches hatred of non-Muslims, hatred of anything non-Islamic. It dominates every aspect of education, of society, of law until your dying day. And if you dare leave it or say anything negative about it in any way, shape or form, that dying day will be sooner, rather than later. Where there is no light, there will only be darkness …

CBN News – “A growing number of Wahhabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia are now expressing their radical views on social media sites like Facebook, according to a new study.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies scanned about 40,000 Arabic and English posts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, message boards, and similar sites from January to June 2011.

Wahhabi Muslim clerics are using Facebook and other sites to push extreme anti-Western views.

‘A staggering 75 percent of the Arabic-language posts we saw reflected xenophobic beliefs, or hostility toward the United States, the West, and non-Muslim cultures,’ FDD Vice President for Research Jonathan Schanzer said.

The ‘Facebook Fatwa’ findings counter claims from the Saudi government that leaders are working to counter radical Wahhabi beliefs.” Source – CBN News.

Belgium: Authorities Cope To Struggle With Muslim Crime Wave

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BY STRATIS G. CAMATSOS – “New Europe reported a recent incident that occurred on the streets of Brussels which raised questions as to the true integration of the Muslim population in an already divded country.

Crime in EU’s capital has been growing as well as minority popoulation. Integration of Muslims into Belgium culture has been extremely difficult. With a rapidly growing population, the capital of Belgium – and of the EU – is already one of the most multicultural in Europe. Muslims are already a majority in some neighborhoods.

After reaching an historic high of 1.1 million residents in early 2010, the Brussels Region will, according to the planning bureau, gain another 250,000 people in the next 20 years. According to the Brussels Institute of Statistics and Analysis, by 2018 it might have 1.2m.

Although Brussels still has one of the lowest homicide rates among European cities, it is of little consolation to a country shaken by shootings, riots and prison breaks. Dirk Jacobs, a sociology professor at Brussels Free University said: ‘It is clear that the city — and the country at large — is confronted with unprecedented social problems, and policymakers seem to be spending their energy on other topics.’ It is also a matter of diplomatic concern because Brussels serves not only as the capital of the nation but as the home of most of the European Union’s institutions. In March 2010, the president of the European Parliament demanded that Belgium provide special security around the E.U. institutions after a series of mugging incidents involving MPs.” Read more.

Flashback: Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers: European ‘No-Go’ Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating – “Islamic extremists are stepping up the creation of ‘no-go’ areas in European cities that are off-limits to non-Muslims. Many of the ‘no-go’ zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law. Host-country authorities effectively have lost control in these areas and in many instances are unable to provide even basic public aid such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services.” Read more.

Macedonian Police Arrest 20 Radical Islamists In Deaths Of Five Christian Fishermen

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“SKOPJE, Macedonia — Police arrested 20 radical Islamists for the murder of five ethnic Macedonian fishermen in an early morning raid Tuesday, authorities said. The killing last month fueled tension in the tiny Balkan country between majority Macedonians and the mostly Muslim Albanian minority.

The suspects have been charged with terrorism, Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska said. She did not specify whether they all belonged to the same ethnic group, saying simply that they were all Macedonian citizens.

The victims were not directly connected with the suspects, Jankuloska told reporters.

‘The intention of this crime was to create a sense of insecurity and fear among the general population,’ she said.

Tensions between ethnic Macedonians and Albanians have simmered since the end of an armed rebellion in 2001, when ethnic Albanian rebels fought Macedonian government forces for about eight months, seeking greater rights for their community. The conflict left 80 people dead, and ended with the intervention of NATO troops.

Ethnic Albanians make up a quarter of Macedonia’s population of 2.1 million. Most Macedonians are Christian Orthodox.

About 800 police were involved in Tuesday’s operation, called ‘Monster,’ raiding 26 houses around the Macedonian capital of Skopje and seizing weapons, bullet proof vests and Islamic literature, Jankuloska said.

All of the suspects had fought in Afghanistan and Pakistan, she said.

The suspects were followers ‘of radical Islam, which is generally a danger for Christianity,’ she said. ‘They all have the capacity to commit such a horrible act.'” Read more.

Did Not Show ‘Team Spirit’: German Police Officer Assigned To Keep An Eye On Extremist Activity Is Suspended … For Radical Islamist Beliefs

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He didn’t show “team spirit” because he was too busy with another spirit. Fortunately, Germany showed a hint of brain activity as it lay motionless from a self-imposed coma. Kind of. Unfortunately, the eyelids remain as closed as ever …

409859_german-islam-flag-03The – “Western German police chiefs have suspended an officer after they discovered he belonged to a branch of Salafist Muslim fundamentalists, and had been distributing radical religious material, it was reported on Tuesday.

‘Disciplinary action is underway, with the aim to dismiss the man from the police force,’ North Rhine-Westphalia’s Interior Minister Ralf Jäger confirmed on Tuesday. It is the first time a policeman has been suspended for radical beliefs in Germany.

The head of the Essen police force told the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper that the suspended officer does not believe in the German constitution, which is required of police officers – rather he holds Islamic law to be paramount. When questioned by state security if he lived under Islamic law, he said only that ‘what he believed privately was his business.’

He has also admitted to having contact with radical Salafists who promote violence towards non-believers.

It also emerged that the 31-year-old, identified only as Ali K., had worked with the police intelligence service, spending six months in 2009 with a mobile observation team who were instructed to keep an eye on extremist activity.

Background checks showed that he was a Muslim but had no fundamentalist beliefs at that time.

People working with Ali K. in the intelligence service told the WAZ that he did not show ‘team spirit,’ he was often late to work and that ‘his personality did not fit with the job profile.’ It has not been made clear who he was assigned to observe.

Originally from the nearby city of Duisburg, Ali K. caught the attention of state security earlier in 2012 when he set up an information stand with other Salafists in Essen, and handed out Islamic material to passers-by.

Among the material being given out were videos featuring speeches from prominent Salafist Bilal Philips, who believes that homosexuals should be killed.” Read more.

Convert To Christianity Declared ‘Insane’, Sent To Mental Hospital To Receive Shock Therapy For Having Faith In Christ

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“Middle East/North Africa (MNN) ― The Pioneers and Arab World Ministries Web site,, was created to present the Good News of the Gospel to young Arab Muslims, answering seekers’ questions about Jesus and faith in Him, discipling new believers in their own environment, and encouraging them to find fellowship with others.

It’s a wonderful way for people in the Arab world to explore Christ and do it safely. But those who come to the Lord as a result are not guaranteed smooth sailing.

Mohammed, a North African, called some Pioneers missionaries while he was in Saudi Arabia. He connected with them after visiting the Maarifa Web site. He had been possessed by demons for a long time, despite the many attempts of Muslim scholars to cast the demons out.

One of Mohammed’s Muslim friends advised him to see the Coptic priest and ask him to pray. God used that priest to cast out all his demons, and he was healed. Another friend suggested he go on the pilgrimage to Mecca to prevent the demons from coming back in the future. While in Mecca, Mohammed dreamed every day about that Coptic priest, and he saw the cross everywhere he looked.

After a few months, he returned to Saudi Arabia for business. While there, his father phoned him and Mohammed told him he had become a Christian. In response, his father told all Mohammed’s relatives in Saudi Arabia not to allow his son to leave Islam, Pioneers reports.

When Mohammed’s relatives found out about his faith, they took his computer from him and tried to bring him back to Islam. His Saudi employer threatened to fire him and send him to prison. Miraculously, he left in peace and returned to North Africa.

When Mohammed arrived, a relative took him to see a sheikh, who determined that Mohammed was mentally ill and needed to see a psychiatrist. His family committed him to a mental hospital where he received electric shock therapy. It failed to cure him of his new faith.

When Mohammed asked the Pioneers workers to meet him, he said he wanted to learn more about the Bible. For a long time he was afraid to enter a church as many Muslims told him that no Muslim could go in and come out alive. Nevertheless, he finally came and met with the couple, then a pastor, for hours on end. The Pioneers workers report Mohammed was ‘full of joy that he met people who would listen to him, encourage him, pray with him, and not tell him he was mentally ill.’

Mohammed now has a Bible and attends church. He is eager to learn more about Christ and His Word.” Read more.

Heat Is On: ‘Monster’ Sunspot Could Put Earth In The Crosshairs Of Powerful Solar Storms

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By Ted Thornhill, Mail Online – “A mind-bogglingly big sunspot has appeared in the past few days, which could mean the Earth is about to be blasted by powerful solar storms.

Known as AR 1476, it was spotted by Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft, which launched in 2010.

Its diameter of 60,000 miles is many times that of the Earth, which measures just under 8,000 miles across.

The sunspot is so ginormous that it’s possible to view with home telescopes – though experts warn that these must be fitted with sun filters to prevent permanent eye damage.

In a tweet the SDO mission described the sunspot as a ‘monster’ and predicted that a huge solar flare – or coronal mass ejection – could erupt as a result, meaning the Earth would be hosed by radiation travelling at up to 5million mph.” Read more.

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Savage Termites Are The Latest Species To Plague Florida Joining Pythons, Giant Rats, Crocodiles And Poisonous Caterpillars

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By Christine Show and Daily Mail Reporter – “Dangerous wood-eating termites that can destroy trees and damage homes are the latest infestation to turn up in Florida.

The Nasutitermes corniger termite are native to the Caribbean but have now joined the 20 or so other species of termites which live in the Sunshine State.

The pesky insects are the latest unusual species found in Southern Florida along with African rats, Burmese pythons, and poisonous caterpillars.

The arrival of the termite poses a particular problem because they feast on hardwood, foraging on trees, garden furniture and attack the outside wall of homes.

The termites differ from Florida’s other species because they are found above ground and can fly – making it easier for them to establish new nests.

They build tunnels running up the outside of houses and trees where they create beach ball sized nests weighing up to 28 kilograms.

And a single nest could hold more than a million termites, Rudolf H. Scheffrahn, professor of entomology at the University of Florida, told the Sun Sentinel.

‘They love to eat hardwoods. They ate the handles off garden implements, rakes and hoes — turned them into shredded wheat. If this thing really keeps going, it’s going to be a problem for tropical Florida, from West Palm Beach to the Keys,’ warned Scheffrahn.

He worries that the new species could increase the amount of termites in the Dania Beach region by as much as 30 per cent.

But agricultural officials are determined to stamp out the plague of termites before they spread any further.” Read more.

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World Health Organization ‘Concerned’ Over Deadly Vietnam Mystery Disease

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AFP – “The World Health Organisation said Monday it was ‘concerned’ about an outbreak of a mysterious skin disease in central Vietnam which has killed 19 people, mostly children.

More than 170 people have fallen ill with the unidentified illness, which causes stiffness in the limbs and ulcers on victims’ hands and feet that look like severe burns.

‘We are concerned about this. WHO is very aware of this case,’ said Wu Guogao, the organisation’s chief officer in Hanoi, adding Vietnam had not asked for help with an investigation into the outbreak.

The WHO has not been given access to any official reports on the issue.

‘It is difficult to say the exact cause at this stage,’ he told AFP.

The disease appears to have been concentrated mainly in Ba To district in central Quang Ngai province and the WHO said it had not heard of similar outbreaks elsewhere in the country.

Local doctors said they were waiting for the results of a recent Ministry of Health probe.

‘The results of the investigation (are) not yet available. Therefore, we don’t know anything more concerning the disease,’ said doctor Dang Thi Phuong, director of Ba To district healthcare centre.

‘As far as I know, the Ministry intends to invite foreign experts to the area to help us know more,’ she told AFP, adding that many of the victims were under 10 years old.

Media reports said about one in 10 of those infected had developed serious liver disorders, but said the infection does not appear to be highly contagious.” Source –

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Take Two: Iran Suspected Of Clean-Up Operation At Nuclear Site

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This is now the second time the Iranians have been suspected of “whitewashing” a known nuclear site …

By Jon Swaine, The Telegraph – “New satellite photographs appear to show that unusual activity has taken place in recent weeks at the Parchin site outside Tehran, according to the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS).

A large stream of water pictured flowing from the building, said to feature an ‘explosive chamber’ for testing, ‘raises concerns that Iran may have been washing inside the building’, according to the group.

A series of unidentified items were also shown lined up outside the building in the April 9 photographs. Pictures taken in March and in July 2011 showed neither, suggesting unusual recent developments.

David Albright, ISIS’s founder, said its finding backed up concerns at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which has been denied access to the site since 2005, over recent ‘activity’ there.

‘Iran should immediately allow IAEA inspectors into the Parchin site and allow access to this specific building,’ said Mr Albright, a former inspector. ‘It should also explain the purpose of the activities’.” Read more.

EU tells defiant Iran it “must” suspend atom activity – “The European Union told Iran on Monday it must suspend uranium enrichment, a few days after the Islamic state ruled out doing just that, as Tehran and the West engaged in diplomatic shadow-boxing ahead of nuclear talks this month. The United States called on Iran to take “urgent practical steps” to build confidence during negotiations with world powers on Tehran’s nuclear programme, which Washington and its allies suspect is a bid to develop an atomic bomb capability.” Read more.

Flashback: Former Ambassador John Bolton: Iran May Be Much Closer to a Nuclear Bomb Than the World Realizes – “A report that Iran is about a year away from having the capability to build a nuclear bomb may be too optimistic, contended John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. ‘I worry the publicly available information is giving only a very small picture and that Iran is actually even much further along,’ Bolton said today in a radio interview… Reacting to the one-year timeline, Bolton stated, ‘I think it can be even less than that.’” Read more.

Israel: Rivals Back Benjamin Netanyahu In Deal That Could Mandate Military Strike Against Iran

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By Catrina Stewart – “Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, has cancelled snap elections and formed a national unity government with the largest opposition party in a dramatic deal that would give the hawkish premier a commanding mandate should he choose to strike against Iran.

The surprise deal with Shaul Mofaz, leader of the centrist Kadima party, comes two days after Mr Netanyahu called early elections for September, and puts the Prime Minister at the helm of one of the largest and broadest governments in Israel’s history, with a 94-seat majority in the 120-member Knesset.

Mr Netanyahu, who had headed a narrow right-wing coalition dominated by his Likud party, said the deal would stabilise the current government. Emerging rifts with his ultra-nationalist and religious partners had prompted his call for early polls.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Mr Mofaz, he said: ‘I was ready to go to elections. But when I learned that a very broad government can be established… I realised stability can be restored. That is why I have decided to form a broad national unity government.’ Mr Mofaz approached the premier a few days ago with the proposal during a condolence visit after the death of Mr Netanyahu’s father. Apart from insiders within Likud and Kadima, details of the unity talks were kept secret until the deal was struck early yesterday, taking politicians by surprise.” Read more.

Washington: Netanyahu is here to stay, so is Israel’s military option on Iran – “The unity government backed by a majority of 94 (out of 120) which Binyamin Netanyahu formed Tuesday May 8, is not just the broadest coalition ever to govern Israel, but also the first with three former chiefs of staff at the helm. Two are also present (Ehud Barak) and former (Shaul Mofaz) defense ministers. It was this feature which drew the most attention in Washington as the first reports of Netanyahu’s stunning U-turn away from an early election filtered through. ‘He has pulled off another term in office without standing for election,’ said one senior administration source, ‘and he’s done it seven months before Barack Obama faces the American voter.'” Read more.

Top Turkish General To Meet With US Brass Amid Worsening Syria Crisis

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Today’s Zaman – “Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet Özel is slated to meet with his American counterpart, Martin Dempsey, in Washington on Wednesday, a meeting which comes as continued fighting in Syria undermines hope that a UN cease-fire plan can succeed.

The two are widely expected to discuss a possible NATO role in the conflict, an idea which both states have floated amid escalating violence at Turkey’s southern border. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is rumored to have discussed the Syrian issue with Özel during a special three-hour meeting this weekend, told an Italian newspaper on Monday that he is ‘prepared to ask NATO for a military intervention.’

Erdoğan criticized the way the newspaper put the headline of the interview and said he doesn’t endorse the misleading headline. He added that the text of the interview says no such thing.

US envoy to NATO Ivo Daalder told reporters on Tuesday that Turkey has not demanded a military assistance due to the situation in Syria so far but said the NATO’s only Muslim member was informing NATO member states about what is happening along its Syria border.

Erdoğan told a joint news conference with his Italian counterpart, Mario Monti, that NATO could invoke Art. 5 of the alliance in case Turkey is under attack but he said this is not the case at the moment. Art. 5 stipulates common NATO defense in case one of the members of the alliance was attacked.

Daalder added that if any attack is staged on Turkey or any other member countries, all NATO member states, including the US, will be ready to respond, he said.” Read more.

Report: Syria Moving Hundreds Of High-Caliber Launchers, Scud Missiles To Israeli and Turkish Borders – “Jordanian news site Ahbar Baladna reports that western spy satellites have recently spotted movements of Syrian heavy missile launchers northward and southward, toward Syria’s borders with Turkey and Israel. The site says hundreds of high-caliber launchers are being moved, and that these could only be long range Scud missile launchers. Syria has threatened in the past that in the event of foreign military intervention on its soil, it will not hesitate to fire missiles at Israel and Turkey in order to ignite a large scale regional war.” Read more.

Flashback: Assad Threatens Israel With Missiles if Syria is Attacked – “Syrian President Bashar Assad has ordered the heads of his military to hit Israel with a barrage of missiles should there be any foreign intervention in Syria, a Jordanian news website reported on Saturday. According to the site, Our Country’s News, Assad gave the order in a secret meeting with the heads of the Syrian army last Thursday, in light of his fear of a U.S. military strike in Syria. The report said that Assad ordered that if any military action is started against Syria, the Syrian army should respond by firing missiles in Israel …” Read more.

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