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Peru: Government Still Mystified As Hundreds Of Dead Dolphins, Seabirds Continue To Be Found Along Coastline

By DAVID JOLLY and ANDREA ZARATE – “Late last year, fishermen began finding dead dolphins, hundreds of them, washed up on Peru’s northern coast. Now, seabirds have begun dying, too, and the government has yet to conclusively pinpoint a cause.

Officials insist that the two die-offs are unrelated. The dolphins are succumbing to a virus, they suggest, and the seabirds are dying of starvation because anchovies are in short supply.

But even three months after officials began testing the dolphins, the government has not released definitive results, and there is growing suspicion among the public and scientists that there might be more to the story. Some argue that offshore oil exploration could be disturbing wildlife, for example, and others fear that biotoxins or pesticides might be working their way up the food chain.

At least 877 dolphins and more than 1,500 birds, most of them brown pelicans and boobies, have died since the government began tracking the deaths in February, the Environment Ministry said last week. The dolphins, many of which appeared to have decomposed in the ocean before washing ashore, were found in the Piura and Lambayeque regions, not far from the border with Ecuador.

The seabirds, which seem mostly to have died onshore, have been found from Lambayeque to Lima. ‘Never in my 40 years as a fisherman have I seen anything like this,’ said Francisco Ñiquen Rentería, the president of the Association of Artisanal Fishermen in Puerto Eten, in the Lambayeque region. ‘Sometimes in the past, you’d randomly see a dead dolphin or a pelican, but this, what’s happening now, is really alarming.'” Read more.

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  1. 05/08/2012 at 3:56 PM

    umm.. think this has anything to do with water in contact in the Japan area?


  2. 09/01/2013 at 7:50 PM

    Radiation in the Pacific is causing the die offs. Tepco has admitted that 300 tons DAILY since 03/11/11 of radioactive waste has been flowing non stop (and still is) into the Plutonium Pacific. That’s an average of 72000 gallons daily, time 900+ days, that’s well over 65,000,000 gallons of radioactive waste in the Pacific and counting..not to mention the leaking tanks…And the murderous IAEA and war machine are denying the Pacific has been harmed..these animals are dying, Cesium 137 is up 10,000 times the preearthquake levels…that’s not counting Plutonium with a half life of 70,000 years…


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