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Will The United States Stand With The Antichrist Or Israel In The End-Times?

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Sometimes in order to have the right answers, we need to be asking the right questions. Here is a good article by Jack Smith that tackles one of the questions that many students of prophecy have asked. Although we don’t always need to necessarily agree in every aspect, we should always feel the need to openly discuss pertinent questions such as this and how it fits in Biblical eschatology …

By Jack Smith

President Obama, back to camera, “bows” before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, April 1, 2009 (AP Photo/John Stillwell/pool)

President Obama, back to camera, “bows” before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, April 1, 2009 (AP Photo/John Stillwell/pool)

This post is partly in response to a post made by respected author and brother in Christ, Walid Shoebat. I came across his post as a subscriber to MidnightWatcher’s Blogspot. I posted replies there, but couldn’t seem to stop thinking about the question raised by Brother Shoebat: Where is America in Bible Prophecy?  Brother Shoebat’s question was in the context of Revelation 13:7 which prophesies of a “world” dominion by the beast from the sea (interpreted to be Allah and Islam), and whether or not America will come under this “world” dominion. This post addresses a related but different question. Will the United Stand stand with the antichrist or with Israel in the end-times?

The relationship between America and Israel is quite relevant to our modern times. Rarely a day goes by that the news is not filled with news of Israel or her neighbors. Also, with America in the throes of the election of a new president, the answer to this specific question can even give us a hint as to who the next president might be — Obama or Romney? Publicly, both Obama and Romney have the similar positions on Israel — that is, they fully support Israel (although Romney’s position grants Israel greater sovereignty in decisions regarding its borders). Nevertheless, in the “back-halls” of Obama’s White House, I really wonder what is said outside the public eye. Recently, Obama and French president Nicolas Sarkozy were caught in an unmuted mic conversation about Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu:  “the French leader told Barack Obama: ‘Netanyahu, I can’t stand him. He’s a liar.’ To make matters worse, the U.S. President replied: ‘You are sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day.’ Read more…

Peru: Government Still Mystified As Hundreds Of Dead Dolphins, Seabirds Continue To Be Found Along Coastline

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By DAVID JOLLY and ANDREA ZARATE – “Late last year, fishermen began finding dead dolphins, hundreds of them, washed up on Peru’s northern coast. Now, seabirds have begun dying, too, and the government has yet to conclusively pinpoint a cause.

Officials insist that the two die-offs are unrelated. The dolphins are succumbing to a virus, they suggest, and the seabirds are dying of starvation because anchovies are in short supply.

But even three months after officials began testing the dolphins, the government has not released definitive results, and there is growing suspicion among the public and scientists that there might be more to the story. Some argue that offshore oil exploration could be disturbing wildlife, for example, and others fear that biotoxins or pesticides might be working their way up the food chain.

At least 877 dolphins and more than 1,500 birds, most of them brown pelicans and boobies, have died since the government began tracking the deaths in February, the Environment Ministry said last week. The dolphins, many of which appeared to have decomposed in the ocean before washing ashore, were found in the Piura and Lambayeque regions, not far from the border with Ecuador.

The seabirds, which seem mostly to have died onshore, have been found from Lambayeque to Lima. ‘Never in my 40 years as a fisherman have I seen anything like this,’ said Francisco Ñiquen Rentería, the president of the Association of Artisanal Fishermen in Puerto Eten, in the Lambayeque region. ‘Sometimes in the past, you’d randomly see a dead dolphin or a pelican, but this, what’s happening now, is really alarming.'” Read more.

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Japan Physician: Radiation Levels Are 4000% Higher Than Reported By The Japanese Government, Radiation Already Causing Health Problems Around Tokyo

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Footage of the NYC Press Conference May 4th 2012 – “Dr. Junro FUSE, Internist and head of Kosugi Medical Clinic near Tokyo, Japan (in Japanese with English interpretation) ‘According to the numbers released by [Japan Gov’t] the amounts in a town called Nihonmatsu… are 300,000 becquerels per square meter. Never the less this has not designated as evacuation site. The current measurements of the soil there are showing 12 mega [million] becquerels per square meter. But what’s happening is the people are just carrying out their lives as normal. This is one piece of evidence showing how the government is under-measuring the radiation. This fact has not been reported by the Japanese mass media.” Read more.

Head of Medical Clinic: Radiation already causing health problems around Tokyo — Highly contaminated areas have led to physiological damage – “Dr. Junro FUSE, Internist and head of Kosugi Medical Clinic near Tokyo, Japan (in Japanese with English interpretation) ‘… There are hot spots even within the Tokyo Metropolitan Area that have actually already led to physiological problems/damage… We do have hotspots in Tokyo Metropolitan Area that have led to these physiological disorders — some of the disorders that have been observed are as shown here. Things like diarrhea, nasal bleeding, headache, eczema and so forth. We are expecting thyroid disorders in children, but also cancers (bladder, leukemia, lung), diabetes….” Read more.

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Canada: Police Investigate Toronto Islamic School For Teaching Intolerance And Hatred Of Jews

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If the police have to wait until someone complains before “doing” anything about it, then they’re not doing anything at all …

By Terry Davidson, QMI Agency – “TORONTO – Police are investigating an east-Toronto Islamic school following a complaint it had been teaching its young students that Jews are ‘treacherous’ and comparable to Nazis.

The East End Madrassah (EEM), a Sunday school for Muslim children that rents space from an east-end public school to teach its courses, had by early Monday removed from its website the controversial Lesson 8 of its curriculum.

The a 160-page tutorial referred to Jews as ‘treacherous’ and ‘crafty,’ compared them to Nazis, and alleged they plotted to kill the Prophet Muhammad.

‘We do have a complaint we are investigating,’ said York Regional Police spokesman Rebecca Boyd.

The EEM is a subsidiary of the Thornhill-based Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto and has a permit from the Toronto District School Board to teach its lessons on Sundays out of David and Mary Thompson Collegiate Institute.

Under Canada’s Criminal Code, it is against the law to publicly and ‘willfully’ promote hatred against any identifiable group.

David Spiro, co-chair of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs Greater Toronto, said such teachings are against ‘Canadian values’ of tolerance and cultural bridge building.

‘It was clearly hatred, and that hate was directed toward the Jewish community,’ insisted Spiro.

Spiro also took aim at the TDSB, saying such teachings should not take place within its facilities, and that the publicly-funded school board should more carefully scrutinize the groups it rents space to.” Read more.

Flashback: Report: Saudis Export Anti-Christian and Anti-Jewish Textbooks that Continue to Fuel Intolerance and Violence Around the Globe – “Textbooks used in Saudi Arabia’s schools contain virulent forms of anti-Christian and anti-Jewish bigotry that continue to fuel intolerance and violence around the globe, says a new report…  ‘Because of the Saudis’ great oil wealth, it is able to disseminate its textbooks … to many Muslim schools, mosques and libraries throughout the world. ‘This is not just hate mongering, it’s promoting violence,’ she said in an interview. It is exporting terrorism through textbooks. Christians are referred to as ‘swine’ and Jews as ‘apes,’ while being blamed for much of the world’s ills.” Read more.

Mursi, Mursi Me: Egyptian Cleric Declares Jerusalem Will Be Liberated By Muslim Brotherhood Candidate, Will Become The Capital Of The Islamic Caliphate

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Zechariah 12:3a, “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces …”

Cleric Safwat Higazi: “We can see how the dream of the Islamic Caliphate is being realized, Allah willing, by Dr. Muhammad Mursi, and his brothers, and his supporters, and his political party. We can see how the great dream, shared by us all – that of the United States of the Arabs… the United States of the Arabs will be restored, Allah willing … by this man and his supporters. The capital of the Caliphate – the capital of the United States of the Arabs – will be Jerusalem, Allah willing … Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca, or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem … Our cry shall be ‘Million of martyrs march toward Jerusalem.’ [Singing, ‘Banish the sleep from the eyes of all Jews. Come on, you lovers of martyrdom, you are all Hamas …]”

Scientists: Drug-Defying Germs From India Are ‘Spreading Faster, Further And In More Alarming Ways Than Any They’ve Encountered’

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By Jason Gale and Adi Narayan, Bloomberg – “Lill-Karin Skaret, a 67-year-old grandmother from Namsos, Norway, was traveling to a lakeside vacation villa near India’s port city of Kochi in March 2010 when her car collided with a truck. She was rushed to the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, her right leg broken and her artificial hip so damaged that replacing it required 12 hours of surgery.

Three weeks later and walking with the aid of crutches, Skaret was relieved to be home. Then her doctor gave her upsetting news. Mutant germs that most antibiotics can’t kill had entered her bladder, probably from a contaminated hospital catheter in India. She risked a life-threatening infection if the bacteria invaded her bloodstream — a waiting game over which she had limited control, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its June issue.

‘I got a call from my doctor who told me they found this bug in me and I had to take precautions,’ Skaret remembers. ‘I was very afraid.’

Skaret was lucky. Eventually, her body rid itself of the bacteria, and she escaped harm from a new type of superbug that scientists warn is spreading faster, further and in more alarming ways than any they’ve encountered. Researchers say the epicenter is India, where drugs created to fight disease have taken a perverse turn by making many ailments harder to treat.

India’s $12.4 billion pharmaceutical industry manufactures almost a third of the world’s antibiotics, and people use them so liberally that relatively benign and beneficial bacteria are becoming drug immune in a pool of resistance that thwarts even high-powered antibiotics, the so-called remedies of last resort.” Read more.

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