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May’s ‘Supermoon’ To Be Closely Followed By Meteor Shower, Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse

By Tariq Malik – “The month of May looks to be a promising one for skywatchers around the world, with the largest full moon of the year — a so-called ‘supermoon’ — kicking things off this weekend. But the moon is just one of several tantalizing sky events this month, which include a meteor shower from Halley’s comet and the first solar eclipse of the year.

The skywatching action starts with a celestial double-feature. On Saturday and Sunday (May 5- 6) a ‘supermoon’ of 2012 and the Eta Aquarid meteor shower will both hit their peak.

While the bright full moon could interfere with the Eta Aquarid meteor display, some of the shower’s brightest fireballs should still be visible late Saturday and early Sunday, NASA scientists say.

Then, on May 20, the moon will pass in front of the sun but not completely block it, creating what scientists call an annular solar eclipse. Parts of the eclipse will be visible from much of North America, though the western U.S. states are in prime position for the best viewing experiences, according to SPACE.com skywatching columnist Geoff Gaherty.” Read more.

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  1. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist
    05/03/2012 at 11:18 PM

    I love to watch a full moon, I marvel at the power that it took to hang the moon and the stars so that they could give us so much. (As God Intended) That said, it’s a little unsettling when everyone or should I say some use this as some kind of prophetic word. I’m not very learned here, so help me out. We know that there are different cults that follow the moon and the stars, we even know of one that has the moon god for the basis of their religion. Seems like I read somewhere that Islam in particular watches these signs. As I said I’m not very learned about this, I’m trying to recall where I read that, I think it was in relation to the coming of their mahdi. If you can help me out, I’d appreciate it. My study of the heavens is limited to the Bible, and Jesus’s words that there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars. But it seems like I read that Kim of N. Korea was born under a comet and Saddam Hussein died under a comet etc. So knowing that these peoples hold to these signs is a little unsettleing as they could always use these as an excuse to launch their terrror. As if they need an excuse. Any facts you may have would be appreciated.


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