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Egypt: Christian’s Six-Year Sentence Upheld In Egypt

Compass Direct News – “A judge in Upper Egypt has upheld a six-year prison sentence for a Coptic Christian wrongly convicted of ‘blasphemy’ against Islam and inciting sectarian strife, his lawyer said.

The judge in Assuit on April 5 refused to strike down a Feb. 29 sentence delivered to Makarem Diab, 49, of the town of Abnoub in Assuit Province. The charges stem from an argument that Diab had in February with Abd Al Hameed, a fellow employee at Deer Al Gabrawy Prep School.

From the start, the charges against Diab were inflated, according to his lawyer, Ahmed Sayed Gebaly.

‘I know Makarem well, because we grew up together, and I know he wouldn’t do that,’ said Gebaly, a Muslim. ‘To be honest, he didn’t do anything wrong. If he did, I will have told him.’

Gebaly said he was surprised by how far Al Hameed took the accusations. ‘The whole thing was just an ordinary discussion,’ he said.

Al Hameed told Diab, an administration worker, that Jesus had sex with at least 10 women who were ‘Mehram’ or forbidden to Him under Islamic law (though Islam appeared more than six centuries after Jesus), according to Gebaly. Mehram status refers to forbidden marriage or sexual relations, such as those between immediate family members.

Diab countered Al Hameed’s claims – for which there is no historical record – by stating that Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic religion, had more than four wives – a view commonly held by Islamic scholars, though disputes arise over whether he had more than four wives over the course of his life or at one time.

For reasons that are not publicly known, Al Hameed waited for 11 days to report his allegations against Diab to a misdemeanor court. Police arrested Diab and held him for four days before he was presented to a judge. On Feb. 29, in a 10-minute court hearing with no defense attorney present, the judge sentenced Diab to six years in prison for ‘insulting the prophet’ and ‘provoking students.'” Read more.

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