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Ill Eagle: Muslim Brotherhood Officially Endorses President Obama’s Faith Adviser

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That’s right. The Muslim “Kill-All-Jews” Brotherhood is tickled pink by Barack Obama’s anti-Israel, pro-Islamist choice in spiritual matters. When a “There-Is-No-Freedom-In-Islam” and “Destroy-Western-Civilization-From-Within” pro-terror “political” movement endorses the American President’s own chosen “faith adviser”, something is gravely ill in the Land of the Free …

By AARON KLEIN, WND – “The official Twitter account for the English website of the Muslim Brotherhood today endorsed a Twitter post by Dalia Mogahed, a member of Barack Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Referring to Obama’s White House Correspondents Dinner speech yesterday, Mogahed tweeted: ‘Was great President Obama recognized Anthony Shadid tonight.’

Shadid was a Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent for The New York Times who died in February of an apparent asthma attack while covering the uprising in Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Twitter account, @ikhwanweb, retweeted Mogahed’s post and says in its profile that such retweets mean official endorsements of the subject matter.

Reads the profile: ‘Ikhwanweb is the only official Muslim Brotherhood’s English website. Our Tweets represent the official opinions of the Muslim Brotherhood. RTs = endorsements.’…

WND first exposed Mogahed’s radical Islamic ties, including how she was a partner in an Islamic project whose stated goal was to ‘define, interpret and implement the concept of the Islamic State in modern times.’

The project was founded and directed by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the controversial Muslim cleric behind the 13-story, $100 million Islamic cultural center and mosque being built two blocks from Ground Zero in New York City.

Together with Rauf, Mogahed was a leading voice in the Leadership Group on U.S.-Muslim Engagement, which issued a 153-page recommendation paper, obtained and reviewed by WND, that calls for dialogue with Hamas.

The consensus focused on improving America’s relationship with Muslims globally, with many of the recommendations later reportedly being adopted by the Obama administration.” Read more.

‘A Serious Intellectual Failing’: Obama Embraces Islam – “The Obama administration is doing its utmost to promote the fortunes of the Islamist parties in Egypt. A State Department official declared that with the rise of these radical groups after the Arab Spring, ‘people who once might have gone into al Qaeda see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.’ They see this as a victory. The problem is, so do the terrorists… from the terrorists’ point of view, it didn’t matter whether an Islamist victory came through violence or not. The means were unimportant except as they related to the end state: the imposition of hard-line Shariah-based laws and policies.” Read more.

‘The Beginning of a Worldwide Expansion’: Sharia in Moscow

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Daniel 7:25a, “And he shall speak [great] words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws …”

By Daniel Greenfield, – “‘You think that we are coming here as foreigners, but we believe that we are at home here and maybe you are the foreigners. We will make those laws that suit us, whether you like it or not, and any attempts to change that will lead to spilled blood. There will be a second dead sea here and we will drown the city in blood.’

Those were not the words of some back alley preacher, but of noted Moscow lawyer, Dagir Khasavov, giving an interview to a television station about his proposal to implement Sharia courts in Russia. Interspersed with footage of death sentences being executed, Khasavov spoke about his new organization that would protect Muslim rights and claimed that his proposal was only the beginning of a worldwide expansion.

‘We are going to expand this net, we will begin in Russia, first Asia, and then everything will be encompassed, as it was in the Caliphate,’ Khasavov said. According to Khasavov, Russian security services already unofficially refer cases involving Muslims back to Sharia courts and his proposal to officially establish such courts would only legitimize the parallel justice system that already exists for the millions of Muslims who now live in Moscow and other cities.

There is no official count of the number of Muslims who have migrated to find work in Moscow, but it might be as high as a third of the population. Muslim prayers spill out into the streets and take over portions of the city. After the demolition of the decrepit Cathedral Mosque, eighty thousand Muslims took over the streets to celebrate Eid al-Adha while the police scrambled to control the streets.

Halal cafes are easier to set up than mosques and have proliferated much faster. Unofficial Sharia courts already operate out of Moscow mosques with Imams acting as the arbitrators, but Khasavov would like to go much further. Last year he proposed Read more…

Egypt: Christian’s Six-Year Sentence Upheld In Egypt

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Compass Direct News – “A judge in Upper Egypt has upheld a six-year prison sentence for a Coptic Christian wrongly convicted of ‘blasphemy’ against Islam and inciting sectarian strife, his lawyer said.

The judge in Assuit on April 5 refused to strike down a Feb. 29 sentence delivered to Makarem Diab, 49, of the town of Abnoub in Assuit Province. The charges stem from an argument that Diab had in February with Abd Al Hameed, a fellow employee at Deer Al Gabrawy Prep School.

From the start, the charges against Diab were inflated, according to his lawyer, Ahmed Sayed Gebaly.

‘I know Makarem well, because we grew up together, and I know he wouldn’t do that,’ said Gebaly, a Muslim. ‘To be honest, he didn’t do anything wrong. If he did, I will have told him.’

Gebaly said he was surprised by how far Al Hameed took the accusations. ‘The whole thing was just an ordinary discussion,’ he said.

Al Hameed told Diab, an administration worker, that Jesus had sex with at least 10 women who were ‘Mehram’ or forbidden to Him under Islamic law (though Islam appeared more than six centuries after Jesus), according to Gebaly. Mehram status refers to forbidden marriage or sexual relations, such as those between immediate family members.

Diab countered Al Hameed’s claims – for which there is no historical record – by stating that Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic religion, had more than four wives – a view commonly held by Islamic scholars, though disputes arise over whether he had more than four wives over the course of his life or at one time.

For reasons that are not publicly known, Al Hameed waited for 11 days to report his allegations against Diab to a misdemeanor court. Police arrested Diab and held him for four days before he was presented to a judge. On Feb. 29, in a 10-minute court hearing with no defense attorney present, the judge sentenced Diab to six years in prison for ‘insulting the prophet’ and ‘provoking students.'” Read more.

Iran: Christian Convert Released After 180 Days In Evin Prison

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Mohabat News – “This Christian convert who had been arrested by plain clothes security authorities in his house was released after 6 months in custody under certain conditions. During this time he was subjected to interrogation and accused of evangelism.

According to reporters of Iranian Christian news agency, Mohabat News, Fariborz Arazm, a Christian convert, was conditionally released after six months imprisonment in notorious Evin prison.

After his arrest, Mr. Arazm was held in Rajaei-Shahr prison of Karaj but after some time officials transferred him to Evin prison for further interrogation.

News sources told Mohabat News that a court announced he was charged with being in contact with missionaries and also of promoting the Christian faith among Iranian Muslims.

Eventually, Mr. Arazm was conditionally released on April 11 after six months of uncertainty in Evin prison.

Three other Christian converts were also named in Mr. Arazm’s case and their arrests had been planned as well. However, they left Iran before security authorities could arrest them.” Read more.

Peru: At Least 1200 Dead Pelicans Found Along 105-Mile Stretch Of Peruvian Beaches

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By Jill Langlois, Global Post – “Peru’s oceanographic agency said it will investigate the deaths of 1,200 pelicans on northern beaches, the same place where nearly 900 dolphins were recently found dead.

The dead pelicans were found by Puerto Eten Fishermen’s Association on Thursday and Friday along 105 miles of coastline, reported the Associated Press. The government’s Institute of the Sea said it found nearly 600 dead birds, mostly pelicans and also some gannets, along a 43-mile stretch.

The pelicans have been appearing dead on Peruvian beaches over the past 10 to 12 days, according to Perú21. The Peruvian Sea Institute (Imarpe) hasn’t been able to explain the phenomenon.

Dozens of other dying birds have been seen on beaches, Puerto Eten Fishermen’s Association president Francisco Ñiquen told Fox News. Imarpe will investigate the cause of the mass deaths.” Read more.

Peru: Hundreds of Dead Dolphins Counted Along 90-Mile Stretch of Peru Beaches, Number of Dead Will Reach Into the Thousands – “Conservationists counted 615 dead dolphins along a 90-mile stretch of beaches in Peru, a wildlife group said Wednesday, and the leading suspect is acoustic testing offshore by oil companies. ‘If you can count 615 dead dolphins, you can be sure there are a great many more out at sea and the total will reach into the thousands,’ Hardy Jones, head of the conservation group, said in a statement after he and an expert with ORCA Peru walked the beaches. Indeed, the head of a local fishermen’s association told that he estimated more than 3,000 dolphins had died so far this year …” Read more.

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Study: Fukushima Meltdown May Be Responsible For Decline In New Zealand’s Muttonbird Population, The ‘Most Unusual Event’ In 20 Years Of Studies

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By Paul Harper, NZ Herald – “The meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant may be responsible for a decline in New Zealand’s muttonbird population.

A Department of Conservation study found only two-thirds of birds returned to an area near Auckland, after spending the northern summer in Japan – some only 20km from the plant, which was crippled in Japan’s earthquake and tsunami in March last year.

The birds return to New Zealand in November to mate, but DOC seabird researcher Graeme Taylor told Radio New Zealand the ones that returned were in poor condition.

“We won’t know if they’ve died up there in the north Pacific until another year goes by, because sometimes these birds skip a breeding season- where if they are in a poor condition they don’t attempt to breed, and so they may turn up again and breed.

‘But if the birds never turn up again then you have to start to wonder what’s gone on with the population.’

Mr Taylor said the research only looked at a small sub-sample of the breeding population, but it was the drop in numbers was the ‘most unusual event’ in 20 years of studies of the birds’ numbers.” Read more.

Flashback: Fears radioactive muttonbirds headed for New Zealand – “There are fears radioactive muttonbirds could be on their way to New Zealand after the migrating birds were found to have been feeding close to Japan’s ruptured Fukushima nuclear plant. Niwa scientists, who in 2005 attached tracking devices to 19 muttonbirds, also known as sooty shearwaters, found nearly half of them were spending months at a time feeding off the coast of Japan. US researchers have requested samples of dead muttonbirds so they can be analysed, with the expectation that some of them will have absorbed the radioactive isotope Caesium-137, an element that strongly increases the chances of getting cancer.” Read more.

Nuclear Experts: Fukushima Crisis May Become ‘Global Catastrophe’

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By Elliott Freeman – “A nuclear watchdog official told RT News that the ongoing crisis at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan could become a ‘global catastrophe’, echoing warnings from other experts.

Kevin Kamps, a radioactive waste watchdog with Beyond Nuclear, described the potential nightmare to ‘The Big Picture’ host Thom Hartmann, stating that if the pools of nuclear fuel at the plant caught on fire, the area would become so radioactive that the entire containment operation would have to be permanently abandoned.

Mitsuhei Murata, the former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland, also expressed grave concerns about what would happen if the damaged building that houses Reactor 4 collapsed. According to the Huffington Post, he explained to the Swiss House of Councilors last month that should such an event occur, it would adversely affect the thousands of spent nuclear fuel rods nearby, which are dangerously exposed to air.” Read more.

Flashback: Expert on Asahi TV: If Unit 4 pool gets a crack from quake and leaks, it would be the end for Tokyo – “Most discussion of the No. 4 spent fuel pool has focused on an earthquake causing the pool to collapse. This video [you may need to enable subtitles] is different because it reveals: 1. A crack, rather than the collapse of the pool itself, can be the end of Tokyo, 2. The quake that could put a crack in the pool and be the end of Tokyo does not have to be a large one, 3. The sense of shock when people in Japan are made aware of this information for the first time” Read more.

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Israel: Arabs Target 20 Jewish Children At Hebron Playground With Huge Building Blocks And Rocks Intended To Kill

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Ask any pro-Palestinian leftist how something as inhumane as this could ever possibly happen, and they’d tell you that the ‘religion of peace’ had nothing to do with it. Of course not. These good folks weren’t out looking for an extra helping of fertilizer in order to sow even more seeds of hate. They have enough of that as it is. The innocent Palestinians were simply thinking ahead, preparing a pre-emptive assault against those evil little non-human Jewish children before they had the chance to grow up and defend themselves. These acts of hate are the fruits of their labour, but a Day is coming when they will truly reap what they have sown …

Ezekiel 35:1-3a,6b, “The word of the LORD came to me: ‘Son of man, set your face against Mount Seir; prophesy against it and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against you, Mount Seir … I will give you over to bloodshed and it will pursue you. Since you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you.'”

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu – “Hevron Arabs targeted 20 Jewish children in a playground Saturday night with huge building blocks and rocks intended to kill.

The children in the Beit Hadassah neighborhood escaped the attacks without injuries, but by the time security forces arrived, the Arab attackers had escaped.

The onslaught originated from the rooftops of two houses occupied by Arabs next to Beit Hadassah.

One resident said that there have been several similar incidents in the past several years, but Saturday night’s attack represented ‘a sharp escalation in the size of the blocks thrown’ at the children. Arabs also tried to strike the Jewish children with foreign objects, including a steam iron.

The resident added that the houses next to the neighborhood have been vacant for years, but recently have been occupied by hostile Arabs, encouraged by anarchists to go to the rooftops and cause provocations against Jewish neighbors.” Read more.

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