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US Deploys F-22 Raptor Fighter Jets Near Iran, Iranian Admiral: ‘We Can Move A Vessel Within Three Miles Of NYC’

By JohnThomas Didymus – “An official of the Iranian military said last week that the country’s navy has the ability to move a naval vessel within three miles of the East Coast of the United States.

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, speaking on Tuesday to students of the University of Yazd, Iran, at the anniversary of a failed U.S. military operation in April 24, 1980 (‘Operation Eagle Claw’), said that ,’The power of our naval forces is such that we have a presence in all the waters of the world and, if needed, we can move to within three miles of New York.’

The U.S. launched ‘Operation Eagle Claw’ in 1980 to rescue American hostages held captive at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

The top ranking naval officer added: ‘The Americans’ only tool to rule the world is their naval dominance of the Persian Gulf, and they will face any other power that threatens their status.’

The Daily Caller reports that a Pentagon official reacted to Fadavi’s claim on Friday. He said: ‘You should ask the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps what their plans are. We support freedom of the seas and encourage all countries to follow international laws.’

Daily Caller speculates that Iran could use a commercial vessel sailing under the flag of another country to approach the American shoreline to strike. The website notes that Iran possesses the capability to launch ballistic missiles from a ship.” Read more.

‘US deploys F-22 Raptor fighter jets near Iran’ – “The US has deployed several F-22 Raptor fighter jets to an allied base less than 320 kilometers (200 miles) from Iran, FOX news reported Friday. The F-22, produced by Lockheed Martin, is the US’ premier fighter jet, boasting stealth technology and specializing in air-to-air combat. It has not yet seen combat. The US Air Force has strongly denied that this deployment represents a show of force against Iran or is in anyway related to a potential strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the report stated. Instead, the move is part of a route deployment and ‘security cooperation with regional partners.'” Read more.

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