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‘The Gate to Hell’: Authorities Monitor ‘An Unusual Noise’ At Nicaragua’s Masaya Volcano

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“The Masaya Volcano has another case of indigestion. On Saturday, authorities from the National System of Prevention, Mitigation and Attention to Disasters (SINAPRED) announced they are monitoring the volcano due to the presence of “unusual activity” in the past couple of days, although they say there’s no cause for alarm at the moment.

Angélica Muñoz, director of geophysics at the Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER), says authorities have noticed an increase in micro-seismic activity and an increase in gas emissions from the volcano’s Santiago Crater over the past week. She said authorities have also discovered a new fissure near the crater, which is emitting gases and ‘an unusual noise’ that sounds like ‘an airplane turbine,’ according to the Sandinista media.

The government’s media arm reports that President Daniel Ortega has ‘instructed’ Guillermo González, the head of SINAPRED, to intensify vigilance of the volcano. At the moment, however, González says there no type of emergency alert in place and the national park remains open.

‘We just want the population to be informed about the situation, which we are paying close attention to. But there is no alarm,’ González told Ortega’s journalists.

Masaya Volcano—Anastasio Somoza’s old dumping ground for political dissidents— is one of six active volcanoes under constant vigilance in Nicaragua. Since 1520, Masaya Volcano has erupted 18 times, but it was most nettlesome between the years 1772-1820, even after the Spanish dubbed it with the untouristy moniker, ‘The Gate to Hell.'” Source – The Nicaragua Dispatch.

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US Deploys F-22 Raptor Fighter Jets Near Iran, Iranian Admiral: ‘We Can Move A Vessel Within Three Miles Of NYC’

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By JohnThomas Didymus – “An official of the Iranian military said last week that the country’s navy has the ability to move a naval vessel within three miles of the East Coast of the United States.

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, speaking on Tuesday to students of the University of Yazd, Iran, at the anniversary of a failed U.S. military operation in April 24, 1980 (‘Operation Eagle Claw’), said that ,’The power of our naval forces is such that we have a presence in all the waters of the world and, if needed, we can move to within three miles of New York.’

The U.S. launched ‘Operation Eagle Claw’ in 1980 to rescue American hostages held captive at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

The top ranking naval officer added: ‘The Americans’ only tool to rule the world is their naval dominance of the Persian Gulf, and they will face any other power that threatens their status.’

The Daily Caller reports that a Pentagon official reacted to Fadavi’s claim on Friday. He said: ‘You should ask the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps what their plans are. We support freedom of the seas and encourage all countries to follow international laws.’

Daily Caller speculates that Iran could use a commercial vessel sailing under the flag of another country to approach the American shoreline to strike. The website notes that Iran possesses the capability to launch ballistic missiles from a ship.” Read more.

‘US deploys F-22 Raptor fighter jets near Iran’ – “The US has deployed several F-22 Raptor fighter jets to an allied base less than 320 kilometers (200 miles) from Iran, FOX news reported Friday. The F-22, produced by Lockheed Martin, is the US’ premier fighter jet, boasting stealth technology and specializing in air-to-air combat. It has not yet seen combat. The US Air Force has strongly denied that this deployment represents a show of force against Iran or is in anyway related to a potential strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the report stated. Instead, the move is part of a route deployment and ‘security cooperation with regional partners.'” Read more.

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Uses ‘Fatwa’ To Disguise Nuclear Intentions

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By Bob Maginnis – “New evidence indicates Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wants nuclear weapons and he created a religious-based ruse to deceive the world into joining new talks. The leader intends to use those talks to buy more time to harden his weapons program, prevent an attack, and persuade world powers to lift sanctions.

Six world powers—the U.S., U.K., France, China, Russia and Germany—fell for the ayatollah’s ruse at exploratory talks held in Istanbul, Turkey April 16. Saeed Jalili, the ayatollah’s ‘personal representative’ at the talks, cited the supreme leader’s fatwa—an Islamic order declaring possession of a nuclear weapon to be ‘a sin’—to deceive the ‘six’ into believing Iran is serious about resolving its disputed nuclear program. The ‘six’ took the bait and new talks begin May 23 in Baghdad.

But the supreme leader seeks nuclear weapons in spite of his false fatwa. A just unveiled 2009 internal International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) document summarizes a conversation with then Iran’s president, Ayatollah Khamenei. The ayatollah explained ‘During a [1984] meeting …the spiritual leader Iman Khomeini had decided to reactivate the nuclear program.’ Khamenei served as president 1981-89 before becoming Iran’s current supreme leader.

President Khamenei explained ‘This [possessing nuclear weapons] was the only way to secure the very essence of the Islamic revolution from the schemes of its enemies … and to prepare it for the emergence of Imam Mehdi [messiah],’ who would bring the world under Islamic rule. Khamenei also said ‘that a nuclear arsenal would serve Iran as a deterrent in the hands of God’s soldiers.’

The ayatollah’s words, other than the false fatwa, and actions support his 1984 view that a nuclear arsenal is needed to Read more…

Nigeria: Suspected Islamists Gun Down At Least 16 Christians During Worship Service

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The Globe and Mail – “Gunmen attacked church services on a university campus Sunday in northern Nigeria, using small explosives to draw out and gun down panicking worshippers in an assault that killed at least 16 people, officials said.

The attackers targeted an old section of Bayero University’s campus where religious groups use a theatre and other areas to hold worship services, Kano state police spokesman Ibrahim Idris said. The assault left many others seriously wounded, Mr. Idris said.

‘By the time we responded, they entered (their) motorcycles and disappeared into the neighborhood,’ the commissioner said.

After the attack, police and soldiers cordoned off the campus as gunfire echoed in the surrounding streets. Abubakar Jibril, a spokesman for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency, said security forces refused to allow rescuers to enter the campus. Soldiers also turned away journalists from the university.

Andronicus Adeyemo, an official with the Nigerian Red Cross, said a canvas of local hospitals and morgues showed the attack killed at least 16 people. A number of people suffered injuries, though the aid agency did not immediately have an exact figure, Mr. Adeyemo said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility. However, Mr. Idris said the attackers used small explosives packed inside of aluminum soda cans for the assault, a method previously used by a radical Islamist sect known as Boko Haram.” Read more.

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